Yard-Man 31AH65LG701 357cc Gas 2-Stage Self Propelled Snow…

My snowblower won’t self-propel. I’ve replaced the drive belt and all the pulleys and discs move but the wheels won’t turn.
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Do not start to do this but put the blower in gear like you would run to drive its self and try to turn the wheels by hand and if they turn easily then you may have a shear pin that is broken or missing in the drive pulley.
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A misadjusted or broken control cable will prevent the wheels from turning. Replace the traction control cable if necessary but be sure to properly adjust the cable`s tension so the drive disk properly engages with the friction wheel when the handle lever is depressed.
If the V-belt is worn out, misadjusted, or broken, the snowblower wheels won`t turn. Inspect the belt to determine if it is broken or worn out, and make sure that the belt is properly adjusted. If the V-belt is broken or worn out, replace it.
Check the drive belt for excessive wear and replace it if necessary. Reinstall the drive belt if it slipped off a pulley. A worn friction disc won`t propel the snowblower so check the friction disc and replace it if it`s worn. The snowblower also won`t move with the auger housing or scraper blade scraping the ground.
A clogged carburetor is usually the result of leaving fuel in your snow blower for an extended period of time. Old fuel resting in your snow blower can also result in fuel evaporation, which may leave behind a thick, sticky substance. That sticky fuel can clog the carburetor and prevent the engine from starting.
If your snowblower won`t turn on or start, you can insert the key in the starter switch. There could be a problem with your starter switch or motor. To test the starter switch, you can use a multimeter. If the starter switch is not working properly, replace it.
A common issue is a clogged carburetor from stale gas. Using a fuel stabilizer keeps fuel fresh and the carburetor from gumming and varnishing. Third step, check the ignition system with a spark tester. Step four, replace the spark plug and reconnect the spark plug wire.
The higher the impeller rpm, the farther the snow gets tossed. There are impeller kits that can be added to your snowblower. Keep in mind, however, that any modifications to the machine might impact its warrantee.
Use a broom handle or other long, stiff object to clear the blockage. Most snow blowers come with a tool for unclogging the machine as needed, and some even have a clip to attach it to the machine so it is with you at all times. This is the best way to clear a clog.
The higher the impeller rpm, the farther the snow gets tossed. There are impeller kits that can be added to your snowblower. Keep in mind, however, that any modifications to the machine might impact its warrantee.
A snowblower auger should not spin freely when the auger control lever is off. A free-spinning auger is a symptom of broken shear pins. Shear pins are a fail-safe feature designed to break when the auger hits a solid object.

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Toro 826oxe – when the snow shoot is pointed to the left-it slowly rotates to the right. Can the shoot be tighten?
ANSWER : You may have sheared the shear pin under the fly wheel

Where is fuel filter on yardman lawn mower
ANSWER : They only have a screen inside the tank and don’t use a regular filter

How do you start a Yardman Beetle. We do not have operating manual and engine is not turning over.

Will not through snow more than 3 feet
ANSWER : Never knew any that would have to do it in stages when it’s too deep .

I have a craftsman snowblower model# 536886122..The drive doesn’t work. everything else works. went through deep snow in a high gear and it stalled when I started it back up it wouldn’t move
ANSWER : It has a sher pin that has sheard off look in the owners manual it will show you were its at when you got it it should have came with some

I want to change the spark plug in my 1988 yardman riding lawn mower but don’t know what size socket needed to remove it?
ANSWER : Most common size is 19mm

Yardman hydro — no drive
ANSWER : Check the belt tensioner

<!– from fixya rte –>Where do i get a replacment bagger – Mtd Arnold Corp RearMounted Bagger for MTD and YardMan Riding Mowers For 20
ANSWER : G to Amazon.com on line mtd replacement bag for bagger