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The operation of the primer bulb is quite simple. When the filled bulb is squeezed, the pressure closes the inlet valve and opens the outlet valve which then sends the fuel supply to the engine.
Location. The Lawn-Boy Silver Series primer bulb is on the left side of the lawn mower engine as you are standing behind the mower. It is above the deck and in front of the air filter that points to the rear, which is just below the fuel tank cap. It is a dark, rubber bulb and about the size of your thumb.
ANSWER: The primer bulb, which is located in the fuel line between the gas tank and the engine, is used to fill the carburetor with fuel when the engine is started cold. The rubber bulb resembles an oblong ball. Inside the bulb are two valves that open and close.
Gas models that start will a pull rope include a primer bulb to deliver a gas and air mixture to the carburetor to start the engine. Primer bulbs that have cracks or tears in them need replacing to start a gas leaf blower.
A primer bulb is important because it helps to fill the carburetor with the correct amount of fuel. You may need to fix or replace your primer bulb if: It is not creating proper suction/pressure. It has a crack in it.
Ignition comes from a special high-output coil that translates your muscle-power into a bigger, stronger charge for the effort. To begin, simply push the primer bulb slowly three times to deliver the proper amount of fuel to the carburetor. Then, pull to start.
A lawnmower primer bulb is located on the side of the carburetor, close to or on the air filter. The air filter is positioned on the opposite side of the engine muffler.

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How do you replace primer bulb on ryobi chainsaw
ANSWER : Https://

Ryobi 18 Chain Saw primer replacement YouTube

Why won’t the Prime bulb fill on blower and how to fix?

What else should i try
ANSWER : Make sure lines are connected correctly. On the back of primer it is stamped In & out

Need to replace primer bulb and fuel lines, is there a digram that shows the connections?
ANSWER : Http://

Troybilt trimmer primer bulb collapses. it will start occasionally but will only run a few minutes.i have replaced the primer bulb and gas lines and still have the same problems.
ANSWER : It should have a small vent in the fule tank cap if its blocked the primer bulb will be sucked in as the fule pump can **** any fule from the tank
check the tank cap first,,,,,

How to prime my yard machine – Mtd 22" Yard Machine Push Mower
ANSWER : Does it have a primer bulb? If so, push it 3X.

Would like to know what year this tiller would be.
ANSWER : Replace primer bulb. If that’s not the problem check the float in the carb for pin holes . check fuel lines and intake line

I have a yard machine mower model number 11A-549R729 that will not stay running. Have replace plug,drain fuel tank and clean carb. If you push the primer bulb it will continue to run. But once you stop pushing the bulb mower will quit.
ANSWER : Your carbs main jet is blocked. Using the primer supplements the fuel input and keeps the engine from becoming fuel starved.

You need to remove the main jet and run a strand of fine wire through the jet to clear it.