Will go forward in all gear 1-6 but no revers
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Hi. It would be best to know the manufactures model of your tractor or the transmission model number to best help. Typically issues with riding mower transmissions is in the shift keys inside the transmission. I would also ask if the transmission gear is moving far enough to actually put the transmission in reverse. Be sure nothing is binding or that the shift arm is not bent. That is the first thing to try. With more information I may be of more assistance.

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The reasons why mower is not moving forward or reverse is that the battery is dead, or due to clogged fuel line. Additionally, malfunctioning transmission, or a broken drive belt, also a faulty spark plug, even when friction wheel isn`t in contact with the friction plate, or damaged Tires.
Failure of any mechanical component, a broken hose, or clogged filter will cause tractor hydrostatic transmission problems. But the most common issue will be the oil itself. In the transmission section of your operator`s manual, you`ll find a section that covers oil viscosity.
If the blades are engaged and you shift to reverse the mower is designed to either shut off the blades or the engine. Some units have ROS, this is an additional position on the key switch that can be activated if the operator feels the need to mow in reverse.
If your lawn mower turns on but won`t move, there could be a number of potential causes. The most common issues include a broken or damaged belt, a clogged discharge chute, a broken or damaged drive cable, or a damaged or clogged transmission.
Check your grass bag isn`t clogged

If the lining of your grass bag is clogged with old grass you should clean it using a jet wash, air line or simply a brush and water. Once clean the air should flow through the grass bag more efficiently and improve the grass collection.

Over time, dirt, debris and other tiny particles can accumulate in the transmission fluid, affecting its fluid properties. This can cause the vehicle to die when you shift into drive or reverse, allow a loss of power, transmission slip, rough shifts or even prevent the vehicle from shifting into gear at all.
A change to the mower safety standard, set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is in effect that prohibits a riding mower, manufactured after September 1, 2004, from mowing continually while the operator is shifting into reverse.
Safety concerns with mowing backwards

The dominant safety concern that results when you mow backwards is that visibility is greatly compromised. When mowing backwards, you have to alter your line of vision, and it is easy to step into a pothole, or worse, collide into a young child.

Set the cutting height to the correct position

One of the reasons for the lawn mower being hard to push is a low cutting height. In this case, the housing or the cutting blade is dragged through heavy grass.

Grinding gears, starting and stopping during operation, and the wheels not rotating with the pulley are common signs that your mower`s transmission is breaking down.
Can you pull a self-propelled lawn mower backwards? Yes, you won`t cause any damage to the mower by pulling it backwards.
Low tire air pressure on the slow side. A worn drive belt that is too loose on the trans. farthest from the tensioner.
Low tire air pressure on the slow side. A worn drive belt that is too loose on the trans. farthest from the tensioner.
Pulling a lawn mower backwards is generally not recommended, especially if it`s a self-propelled model, as it can damage the drive mechanism. However, if you`re dealing with a manual push mower and need to maneuver it in a tight space, pulling it backwards briefly should not cause harm.

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I have taken the lug nuts off back tire of my mower and it won’t move to slip off and it is in the air off ground.
ANSWER : Get a good size rubber mallet and hit it on the back side, or you can use a two pound hammer and a block if wood. Don’t hit directly in the metal rim with a metal hammer

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Wont stay running – Mtd 22" Yard Machine Push Mower
ANSWER : Under neath the carby is a single brass bolt, undo it

that one bolt is a multi jet, find four holes use a fine pin and carby cleaner ,hint one is at the top were the thread starts , one is in the inside center and two in the sides
put it back in and prim and start, hope it helps

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ANSWER : Your machine has a warranty on it and in many cases if you attempt any unauthorized repairs, it will void your warranty. My best advice it to first contact your dealer or an authorized service center regarding the problem and what you can do yourself without voiding the warranty

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Engine runs but wont idle!
ANSWER : Set you carb adjustments at 1 1/4 and try that

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Why my blade wont engage on my toro 74370 zeroturn mower
ANSWER : It has an electromagnetic clutch switch on it,that is more than likely bad. Try this,pull the pto switch out and start the engine,then disconnect the 2 wires coming from the switch and just tap them together and see if they will come on. If they do then you need to replace that switch.

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Wont stay running
ANSWER : Bad fuel or check for water in your fuel! Clean your carb and float bowl. Empty gas
into a clear container, if there is two levels of liquid one of them is
water. Of course make sure you have good spark plug.

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Poulan pro chain wont stay running – Poulan Pro Chain Saw 46cc 20"
ANSWER : Keep “poulan” ha ha

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Blade wont start
ANSWER : Check the linkage on your hydro drive.Follow shift lever from handle to trans axle and see if linkage is ok. 🙂

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