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Clean the carburator and check L and H skrew adjustments.Clean the air filter,check the fuel line for air leaks.I also recomend a fuel filter change.

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When the spark arrestor is clogged, the engine can`t get rid of its exhaust gases, and it won`t keep running. The spark arrestor is a screen located just behind the muffler. Pull it out and clean or replace it.
If your trimmer engine idles, but stalls on throttle, check the following parts: the gasket, primer bulb, fuel filter, air filter, fuel vent, fuel line, and carburetor. The repair and symptom guide will help you better identify the part needed to be replaced and how.
They are typically labeled L (low speed jet), H (high speed jet), and I (idler jet). Your saw may be labeled differently (in the photos in the Gallery below, the idler jet is labeled ā€œSā€), but you`ll have three screws that correspond to these descriptions.
When your trimmer starts and runs on choke, it could be because the check valve in the gas cap is clogged. Start the trimmer and gently unscrew the gas cap halfway off. Turn the choke off and assess. If the engine is still running, that means the gas cap may be the culprit.
The most common problem with a strimmer not starting is that there`s a problem with the fuel mix. Double check that you`ve used 40 parts fresh unleaded petrol to 1 part 2-stroke oil (40:1). Check the petrol you`ve used isn`t stale.
The most likely culprit is a dirty or clogged air filter. Issues with your fuel pump or fuel filter can also cause your engine to idle then die with any throttle. If you have an older car, it could also be a bad carburetor.

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Wont stay running – Mtd 22" Yard Machine Push Mower
ANSWER : Under neath the carby is a single brass bolt, undo it

that one bolt is a multi jet, find four holes use a fine pin and carby cleaner ,hint one is at the top were the thread starts , one is in the inside center and two in the sides
put it back in and prim and start, hope it helps

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Poulan pro chain wont stay running – Poulan Pro Chain Saw 46cc 20"
ANSWER : Keep “poulan” ha ha

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Wont stay running
ANSWER : Bad fuel or check for water in your fuel! Clean your carb and float bowl. Empty gas
into a clear container, if there is two levels of liquid one of them is
water. Of course make sure you have good spark plug.

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My weed wacker wont stay running .It starts and runs in choke and the next setting up ,but only 30 seconds to about 2 min.Does anyone have an idea why
ANSWER : You will need to disassemble the carburetor and spray
with carb.cleaner. Make sure the small screen in the carb. is free of
debris. Use a Den Tek Brush, (http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=165357&catid=1152), to clean the small portals in carb. These portals can become blocked. Reassemble and start.If you need further assistance, just let me know.Jim

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Carb problems wont stay running unless i unplug and plug in the anti diesel switch the plug on the fuel bowl
ANSWER : Check and see if all your carb jets or clean sound like some dirt got into one

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Where is the primer ball
ANSWER : It may not have a primer ball. If it does, it would be attached to the carberator. If it starts, but won’t stay running, that could mean your carberator needs to be cleaned/serviced.

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Does not run, will start with starting fluid – Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller
ANSWER : You should never use starting fluid on this model.

Add a couple of ounces of 100% acetone (available at Walmart) to some fresh fuel. Attempt to start for several pulls. Let sit for several minutes and repeat until it sounds like it wants to run.

Then watch this video and do it:


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Wont keep running – Homelite 'Yard Broom' Leaf Blower
ANSWER : Remove air filter and clean carb with carb cleaner. spray start spray .If that don’t do it check the pickup tube filter inside the gas tank and see if it is clogged. Sometimes there is enough slack in the line you can snag it with a piece of wire. Spray it with the cleaned or if needed get a new one and replace it.

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