Earthwise Corded Lawn Mower 20in. Deck

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There could only be a few things that would not let the clippings be picked up. One is that the pickup area could be block with clippings. Two your cut setting is to high not allowing for vacuum to be formed to **** up grass. Third you have the wrong blade on machine that doesnt allow mower to push grass into bagger. Forth you are using an extension cord that is to long or to small in gauge. If you cord is long then the mower will not run at full capacity, causing motor to run slower than is needed to bag clippings. Try a heavier cord, or a shorter cord.

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Check your grass bag isn`t clogged

If the lining of your grass bag is clogged with old grass you should clean it using a jet wash, air line or simply a brush and water. Once clean the air should flow through the grass bag more efficiently and improve the grass collection.

Debris can get caught up in the bagger chute, causing clippings to back up in the chute behind it. Also, snags from parts of the bagger system being out of alignment, such as burrs where the different sections of the chute connect or dents in the chute, can cause grass to get hung up and gradually develop into a clog.
The pull cord mechanism on a lawn mower isn`t complicated, and the reason your cord isn`t catching is that one of the components of the flywheel starter assembly has failed under the stress of regular use. Typically it`s either worn or broken pawls, or a damaged pulley system.
Firstly, check for blockages – blockages usually occur in the chute between the mower deck and the catcher, which block airflow and prevent grass from being thrown to the back of the catcher. Mowing in wet or unruly conditions are often the cause of this. Double check that the catcher is attached properly to the chute.
You may not realize it, but using a grass catcher on your lawn mower is an extra step that adds time to your mowing and is completely unnecessary. Furthermore, you might actually be harming your grass unintentionally!
Using a catcher on the back of your mower will collect all of the grass clippings. The catcher will have a fill indicator to let you know when it`s full.
Using walk-behind mowers to clean up leaves

Most walk-behinds are capable of mulching and bagging. To bag leaves, make sure the rear-discharge plug is removed and attach the bag. Close the side discharge chute and you`re good to go. To mulch, remove the bag and plug the port, leaving the side discharge chute closed.

Electric start (also known as key start or push button start) is a lawnmower feature found on petrol lawnmowers, which allows you to start the engine at the push of a button or the turn of a key instead of pulling a recoil starter rope.
The possible causes of a lawn mower blade spinning but not cutting grass include a damaged or wrongly installed blade, a dull blade, or damaged lawnmower tires. Other possible reasons can be improper tire pressure, a clogged deck, or a broken mower belt.
The Pull Cord Handle

Pull cord handle often breaks as the handle can sometimes fly loose during the starting procedure. The problem is, the cord may retract back inside the mower. This will require removing the pull start housing to re-tension the spring and fit the new handle.

Worn or broken blade drive belt – If the riding mower blades are not spinning, the blade drive belt may be worn or broken and unable to engage the blades. If the belt is intact, inspect it to see if it`s loose or slipping on the pulleys then replace it with a new one if necessary.
Belt-the number one cause for your blades not to engage is that your belt is either stretched or loose causing it to slip or fall off completely. Belt could have snapped also. When you are trying to process too much grass/leaves they could pack up under your deck and push off your belt.
Some common issues that can lead to a cord being harder to pull are hydro locking, which usually occurs because of oil spilling into the exhaust area, and a misshapen crankshaft. The misshapen shaft can generally be detected due to the noise it makes. The off-ness of the shape causes the cord to be hard to pull.

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Bosch electric lawn mower wont start, how do I fix it?
ANSWER : Cable damaged …renew cable . ..if does not work try condenser.

Left the electric lawn mower in the rain this winter thinking it was like the gas one. Will not hold a charge. How do we fix?
ANSWER : If you are not mechanically inclined, You may want to seek the help of your local mower shop. However, If you can take the top off. Make sure you make a diagram of the wiring or a picture before you take any thing apart. Take the batteries out and get them load tested. If you have a Battery Plus in your area, You may be able to get new batteries from them.


I have a black and decker lawn mower which is electric and it suddenly stopped working. I checked the power cord and it seems to be fine. When I try to start the lawn mower, I hear the click sound but the mower does not start

Any ideas or suggestions is highly appreciated.



ANSWER : Took the mower to the Black and Decker warehouse where they replaced the switch in the handle. It cost $53.73 total.

Lawn mower cranck but wont start…
ANSWER : Since you already checked for spark and air I would drain all the fuel out of it and check that fuel for water. Over time some lawn mowers end up with contaminated fuel. You can see the water sitting on the bottom of the fuel if you let it stand for a bit in a small plastic bowl.

Be sure to empty and dry out you fuel can as well. Especially if the mower stopped running right after a refuel. Which is a good sign your gas can is contaminated too.

I have trouble starting a toro walk behind mower
ANSWER : All, I thought my carb was shot, so I replaced it. Still, start but no run (and had to use starting fluid). THEN!!! I noticed the spring to the “rev limiter” (just below and towards rear of carb) was not “tight”. The stupid bracket that holds the end of that spring had been bent down ~1/16″ and that caused all this heartache. CHECK YOUR REV LIMITER!!!

My electric Yard machine lawn mower don’t start
ANSWER : Turn it over and clean the caked grass off, thentry it.

My Wolf electric lawn mower will start but cuts out after 30 seconds then after some minutes will start aagin. Have checked power is getting to motor and is fine. Also put multimeter across motor & that is fine. Have you any suggestions
ANSWER : There may be a fault contact due to vibration check all the electrical wires and contacts if they are very well connected check corrosion point at contacts, use wd40 spray oil in the motor and contacts, there may be a fault in the carbon contacts to the rotor.Hope it help

How do i add transmission oil – Ariens Lawn Tractor 46"" Riding Lawn Mower 936053"
ANSWER : Should a plug or cap on top of transaxle.