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Dit it get overturned? Sit it upright, pull out the plug, spray carb cleaner inside, pull repeatedly to clear oil. Ground the coil wire while pulling or you will ignite the carb cleaner- POOF!

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Oil can come out of the exhaust of your lawn mower when it is tilted to the extreme, especially when the crankcase is overfilled with oil. A clogged air-filter can cause the oil to spill out of the exhaust vent, so simply replace it if this is the case.
Most commonly either the fuel is stale or mixed incorrectly or incorrect oil.
Oil burning happens when older engine parts allow oil to seep into the combustion chamber. A telltale sign is the bluish smoke coming from your exhaust. But even if you don`t see any signs of blue smoke, you can still be burning oil in trace amounts.
When the engine cools down completely and exhaust gasses exit the combustion chamber, condensation of water and carbon dioxide can be noticed much more, and in a moment like this, you notice water dripping from your car`s exhaust pipe. This is completely normal and you don`t have to take your car to a professional.
Blue or Grey Smoke

If the smoke from the exhaust pipe is either grey or bluish-tinged, it generally means that your engine is burning oil inside the combustion chamber. Burning oil could be due to a number of causes, from leaky valve seals to bad piston rings.

So if you see anything that looks like smoke, it could be a sign that the oil is old (if it`s not a sign of a major mechanical fault like a cracked head gasket). Ditto for if you can smell any hint of burning oil in your exhaust.
there are many downsides to an engine that burns oil. letting the oil level get too low can lead directly to engine failure. too much oil in the exhaust can destroy your catalytic converter, an expensive item to replace if it`s not under warranty. you can lose power and fuel economy.

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What type of oil does it use? – Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Curve Shaft Gas String Trimmer #41ADT41C966
ANSWER : I think all of these 4-stroke trimmers use SAE 30HD oil. I recommend synthetic. If you use synthetic, you can get away with using a multi-viscosity like 10W-30 if you can’t find straight SAE30 synthetic, but don’t use muti-viscosity conventional oil in these machines.

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How do I change the oil on my Troy – Bilt squall 5521 ? Which oli weight do I use ?
ANSWER : There should be a plug at the end of the oil fill tube or its under the mower by the blade.clean the bottom of the motor and you will find a plug with a square head that a 3/8 drive rachet and extension will fit into.summer time use sae-30.

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What kind of oil is used – Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Curve Shaft Gas String Trimmer #41ADT41C966
ANSWER : An owners manual for a machine like yours states straight SAE 30 oil. I recommend synthetic. The advantages are numerous and engine problems are greatly reduced. See page 3 of manual here:

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What oil gas ratio do i need – Troy Bilt Tb70ss Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Hello rvan. the ratio is 50:1. the easiest way to achieve this is to buy a 2 gallon plastic gas can and a few of the 2 cycle engine oil bottles that are made especially to add to either one or two gallons of gas. Joe

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Where is the oil drain plug – Troy Bilt 5.5hp Self Propelled Mower
ANSWER : You probably dont have one!

The best way to drain is to warm up the engine *(to suspend the dirt and metal and get the oil flowing) Then tip the mower to the side with the oil filler with the dipstick removed. The oil just pours out!
Get a dog dish sized bowl and catch the waste oil for disposal.

Good luck and be careful!

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Starts then dies – Troy Bilt 5.5hp Self Propelled Mower
ANSWER : Check oil level. all mowers have oil level cutoff. 30w oil. Remove air cleaner, try to start. Replace filter if dirty.

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Won’t start after 3 seconds it stops
ANSWER : Try changing or cleaning the spark plug and scoket

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Tb415cs,not getting spark? Cleaned the plug and filter, new gas & oil.
ANSWER : It may just be the switch playing up on you give it a good swilling with WD40 if that dont work look at the spark plug coile

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