Engine runs perfectly but will pull all the oil out of block
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I f your engine smokes constantly while running then chances are your rings are gone. do a compression test. compression should be between 60 and 80 psi for healthy engine. If not this good replace engine or machine

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Briggs And Stratton Blowing Oil Out Exhaust

It could mean that the oil level is too high, the piston rings are worn, the valves are leaking, or the breather tube is blocked. If left unaddressed, these issues can cause further damage to your engine.

Oil can come out of the exhaust of your lawn mower when it is tilted to the extreme, especially when the crankcase is overfilled with oil. A clogged air-filter can cause the oil to spill out of the exhaust vent, so simply replace it if this is the case.
Blue or white smoke coming from your engine usually indicates burning oil, which can be caused by: Overfilling the crankcase with oil. Incorrect oil grades. Operating engine at greater than a 15 degree angle.
Why is oil dripping from the muffler on my two stroke equipment? Dripping oil from the exhaust is an indication of several things that could be going on. Most commonly either the fuel is stale or mixed incorrectly or incorrect oil.
there are many downsides to an engine that burns oil. letting the oil level get too low can lead directly to engine failure. too much oil in the exhaust can destroy your catalytic converter, an expensive item to replace if it`s not under warranty. you can lose power and fuel economy.
Blue or Grey Smoke

If the smoke from the exhaust pipe is either grey or bluish-tinged, it generally means that your engine is burning oil inside the combustion chamber. Burning oil could be due to a number of causes, from leaky valve seals to bad piston rings.

Internal problems that cause oil to leak through a lawnmower`s air filter typically require repair by a small-engine specialist. A blown head gasket is one such issue, and it requires tear down, repair and reassembly of the lawnmower`s engine.

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ANSWER : Take the old plug out, any auto store should be able to match it up.


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Oil leaking too much from the oil filter and blowing out smoke
ANSWER : Kathy there is too much oil in the mower. Drain some out and try again.

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I have had a poulan pro 550 series push mower for almost 1 year at the end of the season last year the mower would start briefly and then stop. i have cleaned out the air filter and that did not help.the mower started, i made one revolution around the yard 3/4th of the way the mower quit. I then primed the mower it started then quit and now it will not start at all. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do. Thanks
ANSWER : There is a little spring that works the carburetor arm. If that popped off then the mower will not run.

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Have a 10.5 briggs that is pushing gas and oil out the blow by pipe.what can i do
ANSWER : The oil level is to high or air filter pluged.

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What type of oil do I use , in my Bolens 414A 5.5 torque, 21′ cut push mower ?
ANSWER : Hi,Any good quality 30 weight motor oil…heatman101

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Have a poulan pro 6.5 hp i tilted it up to take off blade some gas ran out of the front now when i start it it just sputters and coughs and then goes off and won’t start back. i replaced spark plug but still does it what have i done to it. help!!
ANSWER : You have a clogged airfilter, All Paper elements are not usable once they have gotten wet, with either water or oil or gasoline. Remove the ait filter, start the mower and let it clear out, then install a new paper element, It should work fine.

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How do I change the oil on my poulan push mower?
ANSWER : First: Disconnect the plug wire from the spark plug. Safety first. Second, look under the mower deck where the crankshaft comes out of the mower (where blade attaches). Right next to the crank shaft should be a drain plug. Remove the plug, drain oil in a pan, replace plug, put mower back on level surface, and refill in the fill plug on the topside of the engine/deck. Don’t forget to reattach the plug wire when you are done.

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Poulan push mower question
ANSWER : Check the engine manufacturers web site. You will need your engine number. …..You will find an on line diagram and part numbers for your engine. Also, Most Mower Parts stores have the same thing !

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