Hayward Tiger Shark QC Pool Cleaner RC9990GR

I have cleaned the impeller and brush rollers/tracks, but unit runs momentarily and then stops! How do I fix this problem?
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If TigerShark starts working momentarily but then stops working: Impeller may be clogged or jammed with debris. Check and clean if necessary following the instructions in the maintenance section on page 7. Brush rollers or drive tracks are stuck.
There is an obstruction in the cleaner. Remove the consumer inspection plate at the bottom of the cleaner (one self contained screw needs to be loosened) and see if a rock, twig or large piece of debris has stuck between the bearings and turbine. Shake the head of the cleaner to dislodge any internal debris.
If your robotic pool cleaner stops moving, check the power cord. It may not be plugged in properly or there may be a problem with the power supply. Check the power supply to make sure the indicator light is on. If it is and the pool cleaner is still not moving, then the problem lies with the cleaner.
If your Hayward pool vacuum becomes too slow to clean your pool effectively, the vacuum likely has a blockage or the shoes and wings need to be replaced. Shoes and wings have wear indicators for determining when they require replacement.
By far the most common cause for an automatic pool cleaner to be slow or stop altogether is a congested pool filter, luckily this is easy to diagnose, simply turn off your pump and set the multiport to the “bypass” or circulate position and turn the pump on again.
To reset depress the small black button located above the flotation cord connection on the power supply. The Turning Foot may be lodged with debris. Turn cleaner off and remove from the pool. Manually work foot in and out to clear any debris, foot should slide easily.
If your Dolphin moves a little, then stops (anywhere from a few feet to a few minutes) there could be an obstruction somewhere in the drive train or around the impeller. > Unplug the cleaner. Visually inspect the cleaner especially around the impeller and around the tracks/ brushes.
The filter sand gets clogged

The most common cause for a Kreepy to stop working is clogged filter sand. This is easy to diagnose because whenever you backwash the pool filter, you`ll find that the Kreepy works like a bomb for 10 minutes. Then it gets sluggish and slows down or stops again.

If your Shark ION Robot R75 vacuum stops moving unexpectedly after a few minutes of normal movement, it may simply have low battery power. Check that the device is powered on and that the battery has a significant charge.
Robotic cleaners require more effort from the user. These cleaners absolutely need to be removed from the pool, rinsed off, and stored in a shaded cool area out of the elements – ideally after every use.
Only while the pool pump is active and circulating water can the filter effectively remove dirt. Therefore, you should ideally run your pool pump for as long as possible to ensure your swimming pool stays clean throughout periods of use.
Every pool should cycle through all of its water at least once a day, so most pool owners will want to run their pumps for at least 4-8 hours daily.
You should allow the vacuum to run until it has cleaned the entire pool, including the bottom and the sides, advises Intex Corp. This averages between two and six hours. The better your pool has been maintained – for example, if you vacuum every week – the less time it takes.
How Long to Run a Pool Vacuum. If you have a manual vacuum, you`ll run it as long as it takes for your to vacuum your pool. If you have an automated vacuum, it will run anywhere between two and six hours depending on your pool size.
How often should I vacuum my swimming pool? In general, it`s a good idea to vacuum your pool once a week. You should also vacuum your swimming pool any time you notice large amounts of debris, dirt, or leaves on the floor of the pool (for example, your pool may need vacuuming after a heavy storm).
If the water supply pipes become clogged, the pump will short cycle. A clog in the water supply creates high water pressure very quickly. The best way to check for this is to check the water filter. If it`s dirty or blocked, replace it, and you may restore function.
If your pool pump motor starts but shuts down unexpectedly it is probably overloaded and the thermal overload protection device has tripped.
Air Leaks. The number one cause of pump surge or pulsing is your classic air leak. The more pressure your pump creates, the easier it is for air to get sucked through even the smallest leaks. And since air poses less resistance than water, it will get sucked by the pump instead of water, causing the pump to pulse.
While the unit can remain in the pool during use of the weekly timer function (if available on your model), we do not recommend leaving the cleaner in the pool for long extended periods of time.
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

This robotic cleaner is designed for in-ground pools up to 50 feet long, and it cleans your pool end-to-end in around two hours. It requires no pumps or hoses, and it features dual scrubbing brushes to help remove dirt, algae, and other debris.

To determine the proper time, start by running the pool 24 hours per day. Reduce the run time by two hours every two days until the pool ceases to be as clean as preferred. Six hours per day is our recommended minimum run time.
If your vacuum cleaner keeps turning off, this could be due to the following reasons: Blockages – check the hose and head for any obstructions. Filter – always check your filters, if these are clogged this could be causing the vacuum cleaner to work harder and lose suction power.
Check for a clogged hose or filter; unclog the hose and replace the filter. Wait 45 minutes for the vacuum to cool; then plug in the vacuum. Turn the power switch to the “I-On” position to start the vacuum. If the vacuum still does not start, contact Customer Service at 1-800-798-7398.
If your RoboVac has been used for more than one year, it may be time to replace the battery. Replacing the battery usually fixes this specific issue. You can purchase a new battery to replace the existing battery.

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I used my brand new Husqvarna chain saw for about 30 minutes then when I pinched the blade a little bit and it kicked back out at me, the chain stopped moving. I can’t even turn it by hand. The engine runs but you can tell it run wide open. and the gear that runs the chain doesn’t move either. Please help.
ANSWER : The chainbrake has actuated, you need to pull the hand gurd fully toward the rear of the machine until you hear the click of the brake unloading.

Can get it to start, but runs about three seconds and stops. the choke is pushed in. But seems to want to run longer with the choke out. 4 seconds…
ANSWER : Its the old problem,,,,,,,short of fule, or no fule getting to the carb,,,,, clean out the tank filters and then clean out the carb and all the jets in it as well put in fresh fule and then it will run all day and with out the choke being on,,, thats a lot longer than 4 seconds!

Blower stops running after 10 to15 minutes of running
ANSWER : This could be caused by several things but the most logical is vapor lock. The unit should have a vented gas cap, try running with about 1/2 tank or so with gas cap off or just barely on, if this affects it causing it to run proper your problem is just a clogged vent in the fuel cap.

Seems to start easily run for a few minutes and then slow and stop–bulb remains full –gas is good–have tried half choke in case too lean–did not solve–also seems possibly related to the angle I hold it at–seems to cut out quicker if blower tube angled more downward.
ANSWER : Your filter may be hanging up in the tank. you also my be losing compression

Have to run on half choke,just stops if i turn it off.fuel is 25 to 1. thanks alan.
ANSWER : More than likely a small passage way in the carb is clogged. You can try some carb cleaner, but you may need to disassemble the carb and clean it out. Be advised that these passageways are sometimes as fine as a human hair, and almost impossible to clear sometimes. A new carb may be required if it is worth it to you. Sorry.

Self propelled mower will start but want stay running long? it runs about 3 or 4 min. then stop and when i restart it, it will start back up.
ANSWER : The fuel bowl has a float and needle, if the float isn’t floating to open the needle for gas to flow into the carb, it will cut off. A kit can be purchased for about $5 or take yours out and soak and clean then replace. Usually when these go bad its best to replace them.

My Husqvarna 128cd weedeater would run with choke on but not in the run position. Sometimes it would run in the run position but would not stay running. I had it running and then it cut off. I now cannot get it to crank at all. Any ideas
ANSWER : More than likely a fueling issue, wrong fuel air mix or air leak somewhere

Rct3100 edge trimmer, how many turns of the mixture screws for normal running ?
ANSWER : Gently turn the needel valves all the way in and the back them out 1 and 1/2 turns each. Then you you make adjust ments depending on how the saw runs. If it runs fine at idel the low jet is fine. If it does not run at high speed adjust the hi jet.