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Saw looses power when cutting
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Could be a couple of things. your carb is out of adjustment or your clutch springs are no good

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The reason for that may be you`re using the saw at altitude or the carburetor adjustment has simply slipped. The saw also won`t operate well at speed if the air filter or spark arrestor or carburetor are dirty.
1. Dull chain and or improper lubrication to the bar and chain, sharpen and or clean the bars oil holes. 2. Air filter and fuel filter for restrictions and contamination, clean or replace as needed.
To fix the problem, start by draining the gas tank.

Replace the old gas with a fresh mix of gas, being sure to add a stabilizer to keep the ethanol from gelling. Often, just getting fresh gas and stabilizer through the chainsaw`s fuel system may correct the saw and it should stay running.

The fuel line may be clogged from stale fuel deposits, more reasons to cause your chainsaw to cut out when applying throttle. If a fuel line is cracked, it will leak gasoline and draw air from outside into the fuel line. If the line is leaking fuel, it needs to be replaced.
If the filter becomes clogged, not enough fuel will reach the engine for it to run properly. Because your chainsaw will idle, but dies when it is revved up to full power, it means that the filter is only partially clogged; it will allow enough fuel to the engine to run on idle, but not enough to sustain full throttle.
If your saw idles fine, and then bogs down when pressing the throttle, then adjust your `H` screw by unscrewing. This will increase the amount of fuel to the carburetor under load. If your saw idles fine, then runs lumpy with a lot of smoke when pressing the throttle, then adjust your `H` screw by screwing in.
This could be a number of things and is most likely fuel or storage related. Over a short period of time, fuel will become stale. If the unit is stored with stale gasoline, the system will become clogged or restricted. Fuel related failures are not warranty.
If your chainsaw still starts and then stops working, check the air filter. Clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or damaged. Another reason that your chainsaw starts and then stops working could be that the spark arrestor is dirty or clogged. If this is the case, clean it with a wire brush.
Those cutting close to the ground, muddy logs or roots of a tree (although not recommended with a chainsaw) will find their chain will blunt very quickly, those who are cutting planed softwood will find their chain will last much longer.
An engine stalls when it`s getting too much or not enough fuel from the carburetor. Stihl chainsaw carburetors usually have three adjustment screws: one each for idle, low speed and high speed. If the saw stalls while it`s idling, adjusting the idle screw, which usually is marked LA, should help.
Generally, two-stroke chainsaw engines are built to conveniently run at full throttle without an engine breakdown. Therefore, running at any throttle speed below the full throttle is not advised. Cutting a thick wood or timber while running at a low speed or throttle can cause the blades of the chainsaw to become dull.
Fuel: Make sure it is fresh and correctly mixed (see `Starting Issues`). Air filter: Make sure it is clean and unclogged. Fuel cap: Make sure it`s hand-tight. Please ensure when you are attempting to use the chainsaw that the chain brake is disengaged.
Press it up against the side of the bar and an outside tooth on your chain. When you press, is there still a gap between the bar and the straight edge? If so, you`re still in pretty good shape. With a worn chainsaw bar, pressing your straight edge against that outside tooth causes the tooth to shift over.
Over time, the spark arrestor can become clogged with soot. If the spark arrestor is clogged, the chainsaw may run stall or run rough. To unclog the spark arrestor, remove it and clean it with a wire brush. You can also replace the spark arrestor.
If the mixture of oil to fuel is too rich, too much oil is in the fuel and it leads to the engine losing power and dying. Open the fuel cap and pour the old fuel out of the tank into a disposable container. Mix new fuel in a gas can with a ratio of 50 to 1.
The throttle and lock safety feature prevents accidental throttle engagement. Both the throttle and and lock must be pressed in order for the chain to move.

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The mower starts easily but loses power and stalls out
ANSWER : You may need to adjust the fuel mixture screw on the carb to allow more fuel under load. And check to see if air cleaner is clean.

Bad Clutch?? 455 rancher 20″ bar) I have owned it for two years and cut tons of fire wood with it. I recently replaced the oil pump. Yesterday I’m cutting oak like butter. Chain saw is cutting fine.. For no apparent reason it starts struggling to cut. I figure I hit something with the chain. I go to sharpen and notice that the clutch it’s red hot. I take it apart clean it up sharpen it up put it back together fire it up and start to cut. It starts to cut on angle and has no power?? runs fine revving it but will not cut?? What do you think?
ANSWER : Hi Before other checking change the spring of the clutch(2). best regards savumihai71

I was using the saw as a chain saw last weekend to cut up an old tree stump when the chain came off. I don’t know how to access it to put it back on and don’t have a user manual. The saw belonged to my late father and I don’t know if he even kept the manual.
ANSWER : You will have to remove the cover on the side the chain bar goes into. There should be one or two nuts holding the cover on the side. The is also a chain tension adjuster you may have to loosen to put it back on. Make note of the direction of the teeth on the chain. It is an directional chain. The tension adjuster is usually a flat head screw on the front side right beside the chain bar.Unless it is a really old saw, manuals are available from most manufacturers for free download. See if you can locate a brand name and model number.

Chain saw starts fine, idles fine, and powers up fine when not cutting a long how when starting to cut a log it bogs down and dies. Does anyone know how to fix this problem or what’s wrong with the chain saw?
ANSWER : Two things that can cause this problem. 1. Your carburetor is not set properly and is not letting the engine get enough fuel under a load. 2. Your chain is binding when you put the chain bar down on the log. Make sure your front chain sproket is turning free and is not too sloppy.

Power loss, fires up fine, new gas, new filters, stalls and shuts down when throttle is on
ANSWER : Probably the screen in the carburetor needs to be cleaned.

Saw just stop working doesn’t come on check switch looks good. have move then one saw and 2 have just stop running after a while of cutting. Neither where over heated. I have 3 saws 16″ 14″ and pole is the switch the same in all three brfore I take the working one apart. Help.
ANSWER : Did you try them directly in the outlet or with a different extension cord? Have you checked the outlet for the correct power? Did you try a different outlet? Provide model numbers for the bad saws and I will provide an IPL with switch part numbers. Reply below.
Are you aware RemingtonPower is no longer in production?

My Karcher Power washer keeps cutting out and when it does come back on after about 10mins the motor is humming but no power & then gives spurts of full power before cutting out again?

Why my poulan saw excelerates on its own and stalls when I squeeze the trigger
ANSWER : Needs low speed needle on carb turned counter clockwise half turn.