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If it’s adjustable, you need to adjust it to .011
if not suspect it but always test the safety system as well

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If the PTO clutch is not getting power, if the clutch solenoid is defective, or if the clutch is worn out, the lawn mower blades will not engage. The PTO clutch is not repairable—if the clutch is defective, you must replace it. Need help finding your model number? The PTO switch provides power to the PTO clutch.
The PTO switch is a critical safety device developed to prevent unintentional blade actuation of lawn equipment. This switch is part of a series of controls that comprise a mower`s safety interlock system, requiring riders to use proper procedure when operating machinery.
Check that all the safety switches are working correctly, it is possible the seat switch is bad or loose plug/ bad wire. Also if battery weak or charging system weak/faulty the clutch will stall out engine, charge battery up with charger and try.
If the PTO clutch is not receiving power, the clutch solenoid is defective, or the clutch itself is worn out, the blades will not engage. Since a PTO clutch is not repairable, you will need to replace a broken or worn out clutch with a new one.
Powershift PTO engagement problems could be from blocked hoses or fittings, bad connections or ground or the solenoid. Mechanical PTO engagement problems could originate from low air pressure, improper cable installation or back lash too tight.
The tractor`s stub shaft, often called the PTO, transfers power from the tractor to the PTO-driven machine or implement. Power transfer is accomplished by connecting a drive shaft from the machinery to the tractor`s PTO stub shaft.
Power Take-Off (PTO): Indicates that auxiliary equipment is being powered by the vehicle`s engine. This is used to power equipment like a boom on a utility truck. Idle: When the engine is running but the vehicle is not moving.
Powershift PTO engagement problems could be from blocked hoses or fittings, bad connections or ground or the solenoid. Mechanical PTO engagement problems could originate from low air pressure, improper cable installation or back lash too tight.

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While cutting grass the pto clutch cuts off, i have to push switch in and back out to restart blades. I have replaced the switch and pto clutch
ANSWER : Pto kicks in and out while mowing was wondering if its electrical or something else i have a jd 420

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I have a electric pto that come off a cub cadet and the part number of the pto is 5219-25 its a warner. My question is one of the wires have pulled loose in side the magnet are there any way to remove the magnet or take the pto apart? the wire is broke off inside the magnet. Thank you
ANSWER : Most likely you cannot repair this as the wire ususally breaks off inside. If you remove the assembly, you can see where the wires go into the potted coil. If there is no excess wire to reconnect to then your only choice is to replace.

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MOWER blades WILL NOT SHUTOFF – Oregon Scientific Electric PTO Clutch for Cub Cadet, MTD and Warner
ANSWER : Sounds like a electro clutch engage type system

maybe your electro-clutch engage switch is faulty or a wire is connected the wrong way

was the clutch replaced recenlty and was is compatiable ?

or maybe you have a faulty clutch to test try

remove plug lead from plug

disconnect wires @pto clutch and apply 12 volt directly to clutch then remove voltage – if clutch engages then disengages the clutch is good it should click on then off if it does then its a switch fault
replace pto switch

cheers paul

hope its helps

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How do i wire a toggle switch tomy electric clutch orignal switch doesn’t work.
ANSWER : Ther are two wires,one power one ground.The ground wire should be grounded already[confirm with an ohm meter.You need to put a power sorce to the switch and one from it to the pto this will make it work but will make all the safety switches in-operable so it is not a safe thing to do.Your best bet is to replace the swich or the safety switch that is keeping it from working[seat switch or brake switch usually].

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Where is the fuse located on a LT1554 cub cadet
ANSWER : Check the connector and wires at the pto clutch. Sometime the movement will create a cut in the wiring you may be able to see. If so if the wire touches ground it will blow the fuse and if the wires touch each other it will short.
if the short is not there then the clutch is bad?BMW PARTS

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While mowing , I loose RPM and it quits cutting, then engages blades and rpm goes up and everything is fine. I just changed the belt. Could that have any bearing
ANSWER : I would look for a loose wire connection first

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I have a Craftsman FS5500 48″ lawn mower. The PTO makes a noise (squeak) for a second when I pull up on the red blade engage knob. The blades do not engage. PTO does not turn. When I push the red button down to disengage there is a brief squeak from the PTO.

It worked well the past month then a little problem 2 weeks ago. It seemed to disengage after mowing a while. Then after sitting for 15 minutes the blades would engage. I used it earlier this week and the PTO won’t turn at all.

Just purchased from the last and original owner a month ago. He said the oil would need to be changed this summer. Could that be part of the problem? Engine runs great!

Also, I need an owners manual, not able to find from the previous owner.


ANSWER : Hi,The problem is probably in the button that you pull and push to engaged and disengage the PTO… If you wiggle the button or try to pull it slowly, you may find a spot where it will work. But the button has gone bad and will need to be replaced.If you are comfortable with wiring, you could jumper the wires and getting it working, but it would be a very temporary and possibly dangerous fix…

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When hit switch pto won,t come on
ANSWER : Check the 2 wire conection under the frame near the pto clutch, motor off of course. Make um tight.

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