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Check your oil level. If it is way over full, smell it to see if it smells like gasoline. If it does, you have a carburetor leaking gas into the engine crankcase. If you recently had the mower over on its side for blade changing or inspection, you have gotten oil up on top of the piston and it should burn off in a few minutes of running. Check your air filter to see if it is soaked with oil, replace it if it is.

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Blue or white smoke coming from your engine usually indicates burning oil, which can be caused by: Overfilling the crankcase with oil. Incorrect oil grades. Operating engine at greater than a 15 degree angle.
White smoke most likely would indicate that water or coolant is getting into the combustion chamber or exhaust port. This can occur if coolant is leaking into the head. It could also be as simple as water entering the exhaust or carburetor after the engine was pressure-washed.
White exhaust smoke is normally a sign of unburned diesel and is more likely caused by injector problems (timing or damaged), it can also be some of the issues for blue smoke causing low compression and hence incomplete fuel burn, water in the cylinders can also cause it (blown head gasket, cracked block or head).
Broken Seals on a Troy-Bilt Mower

Broken seals and gaskets also cause mowers to smoke. A broken diaphragm gasket in the carburetor allows too much fuel into the combustion chamber. Broken piston parts like cylinders, rings and gaskets will leak fuel into the exhaust or muffler, causing smoking.

An overfull oil reservoir may also cause white or blue smoke. Ensure you didn`t overfill the mower by checking the oil level with the dipstick located on the reservoir. To do this, remove the dipstick cap, wipe off the stick with a rag, and reinsert it into the reservoir.
White smoke from the exhaust can spell big problems with your engine, and the smoke`s white color tells us that it`s water vapor (blue = burning oil, gray or black = fuel). Specifically, coolant is escaping from the cooling system into the combustion chamber.
White Exhaust Smoke

White smoke billowing out of your exhaust means that coolant is likely leaking into the cylinders. This usually happens when there has been a breach in the head gasket, which makes the coolant create this white steam.

However, if it`s not condensation, white exhaust smoke is typically caused by an engine coolant leak. This could mean a coolant leakage — going from the coolant system into the combustion chamber. Coolant leaks commonly occur due to a cracked engine block or a breach in the head gasket.
white smoke ​Definitions and Synonyms

​noun. DEFINITIONS1. 1. a sign that something has been agreed; from the process of a choosing a new Pope when white smoke coming from a chimney on the Vatican roof shows that one has been chosen. We have finally seen white smoke in the leadership election.

In such cases, your first step should be to check the air filter, after the mower cools down. If it`s clogged, that means the combustion chamber may not be getting enough oxygen, resulting in a too-rich fuel mixture that will cause the engine to run poorly and even spew smoke.
If you`ve noticed your lawn mower smoking and leaking oil, it`s most likely due to a dirty air filter. The air filter in an engine keeps debris and dirt out of it, while the grass and dust accumulate over time. When the air filters are clogged, oil can leak into the engine and out of the exhaust system.

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My Troy Built Self propelled lawn mower has a oil leak which results in white smoke coming from it. What is causing it? I had it for 3 months.
ANSWER : Hi smithjazzy8…
Check your oil level, it sounds like it has got too much oil in the crankcase.
The oil level should be to the last two threads on the fill plug threads of the engine.
This is the main cause of white smoke coming from the exaust of the engine.
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What kind of oil does this machine take? – Briggs & Stratton Lawn-Boy Insight Series 21-Inch 190cc 650 Series Gas Powered Engine Variable Speed Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
ANSWER : Hi, sae 30 mineral oil. Regards Phil.

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Drain sump oil
ANSWER : What kind of oil did they put in? The drain is on the lowest part of the engine, a small plug either in the block or at the end of a pipe, just find a container to fit under there and pull the plug, then fill it back up with the fresh oil. Don’t forget the plug!

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How much oil to put in a 6.25 briggs and stratten
ANSWER : They hold APPROXIMATELY 20 ounces. Put in around 18 oz and start checking the dipstick and adding a little until it gets to the full or MAX or whatever it says on your particular engines stick. Each time you ad a little, give it a chance to drain down or you will get a false reading

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How do I change the oil on my Troy – Bilt squall 5521 ? Which oli weight do I use ?
ANSWER : There should be a plug at the end of the oil fill tube or its under the mower by the blade.clean the bottom of the motor and you will find a plug with a square head that a 3/8 drive rachet and extension will fit into.summer time use sae-30.

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TROY BUILT RIDING MOWER MODEL13AX60KH011 – Troy Bilt 175HP Manual 42" Riding Mower
ANSWER : OK question

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My lawn mower briggs & stratton engine 650 series will not start
ANSWER : Check the fly wheel and coil it may have rust on it if so sand it off

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Bolt size I have a new 650 B&S engine and it did not have a bolt in the bottom of the shaft and I cannot figure out what size it is? Help. thanks.
ANSWER : It is a 9/16 head so it should be a 7/16 bolt

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