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Determine the rotation of the knife arbor, and install the knives with the cutting edge pointing in the direction of rotation. The height of each knife from one end to the other should be identical for best cut and finish–use a dial micrometer to set these heights. Hope this helps!

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Like the jointer, the planer cuts the wood surface with knives mounted in a cutterhead. But unlike the jointer, the planer cutterhead is mounted above the table and cuts the upper surface parallel to the surface rest on the table.
DEWALT Planer Blades, Heat Treated, Double Sided, 13-Inch, 2-Pack (DW7352-2)
Safety glasses and hearing protection are required.

Remove tie, rings, watch, other loose clothing and jewelry, and roll up sleeves. Never wear gloves when operating planer. Don`t raise or lower table while stock is in planer. Always run dust collection with planer.

Lay a straightedge on the rollers, and use a feeler gauge to check how far they stick above the table. This distance should measure . 002″ for most planing work.
The angle of the grinding bevel is about 25 degrees for a plane blade and as low as 15 degrees for a chisel – there is no standard angle. Use a slow speed bench grinder with a cool-cutting wheel.
Higher degrees are best for durable knives that will be used for tougher applications while lower degrees are used for softer applications (like cutting soft foods or slicing meat). No matter how experienced you are with blade maintenance, you`re going to have questions about the best angle for knife sharpening.
Pressure is higher at the front because of the kinetic pressure of the fluid, and lower at the back for the reverse reason. By putting the prop of a boat in the back you reduce the pressure difference that the seals have to deal with.
Counter-rotating propellers generally turn clockwise on the left engine and counterclockwise on the right. The advantage of such designs is that counter-rotating propellers balance the effects of torque and P-factor, meaning that such aircraft do not have a critical engine in the case of engine failure.
Great quality blades, with the added bonus of being reversible, which if your unlucky enough to strike a hidden nail like I did, you don`t have to lose precious time on the job by having to rush off and buy some more. Instead you can simply turn them around, and your back to work in no time.
We recommend sharpening to roughly 600 grit. Any finer and the resulting edge gained will only last a short time. Use a diamond hone to refine the edge and remove any burr from the back and bevel of the jointer or planer knife.
Woodworking jointers and planers are used to mill wood so they can be used to build furniture and other projects to correct dimensions. If your workshop doesn`t have a jointer to square up an edge or your wood piece is too large to fit through, you can use your planer to flatten both pieces of wood.
Limitations Of A Planer

Thickness planers are only designed to do one task, flatten a board`s top and bottom. A planer will not give you square edges or help you clean up the sides of a board, for this you will need either a jointer or table saw.

This takes large sections of rough timber and either planes or produces profiles with its four cutting heads so all four sides can be worked in one pass.
What`s the difference between a single and double bevel knife? The difference is straight-forward: Single bevel knife: the angle is formed on one side only. Double-bevel knife: the angle is formed on both sides.
Most planers remove a maximum of 3 mm per pass. If a narrow piece of lumber is being planed, the maximum amount may be removed. A piece that it at the maximum width of the planer may cause the motor to overheat and the cutter to stall.
It is often necessary to take multiple passes through the planer to achieve the desired depth of cut. Typically, a stationary planer can remove about 2 mm (1/16″) to 4 mm (1/8″) in a single pass. Large industrial planers can usually remove more. Small portable planers should not remove more that 2 mm (1/16″) per pass.
You can plane a panel down to about 1/8 of an inch thick using a sled like this. That`s all it takes to make thin panel safely at your power planer.
Working principle of Planer Machine

A single point cutting tool held properly in the tool post mounted on the reciprocating ram. The reciprocating motion of the ram is obtained by a quick return motion mechanism. As the ram reciprocates, the tool cuts the material during its forward stroke.

Trying to put “wet” lumber through a planer, a jointer, a sander or even cutting it with a saw can cause both damages to the tools and danger to you.
Many stationary planers use a handwheel to engage a lead screw that adjusts the depth of cut. Small portable planers may use a knob or hand crank.
This can happen when the stock twists and binds against the side of the blades or is caught in the teeth. A blade that is not shvarpened, or that is set at an incorrect height, can cause kickbacks.
Planers won`t cut angles, but you can use them to shave angles into a piece of wood. A planer works to create a uniform finish on any surface to which you apply it.
A low-angle block plane has a 12° bed angle and a 25° bevel angle, which makes the effective cutting angle 37°. That design works better on end grain and cross grain.

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How to change mower blades – Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Garden Tractor 25hp Kohler 50"
ANSWER : Fine a way to stop blade from turning, put a socket with long handle and turn countercock wise, some will need a wench on nut at top of shaft to stop blade from turning, torque to 60 # on most 50″ or lower width mowers

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The edger is not cutting very well. Any tips to make it work better?
ANSWER : You said cutting, not running, so I suggest removing the blade and sharpening on a grinder or buying a replacement blade.I hope you find this very helpful.

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I need to get the blade of the lawn mower sharpened.Any tips on how to disconnect the blade fropm the lawn mower?
ANSWER : There is a jig that you can buy that makes this job SO much eaiser. It is a universal jig that clamps onto the deck and keeps the blade from spinning so you can use a ratchet to remove the nut holding the blade on. One name brand is called a “Blade Hog”. You should be able to find one of these at one of the bog box hardware stores.

Hope this helps,

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Put new belt on riding lawn mower now blade wont engage
ANSWER : How many belt on a columbia lawn tractor
Lost traction when cutting grass
do they have a cluth?

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I would like to replace the mulching blades on my Sears Craftsman riding mower with regular cutting blades. I can find plenty of sources for new mulching blades, but not cutting blades. My mower is a model 917.259541 tractor and the blades currently on it are part #134149. I want to make sure I get the right size to replace them. Also, is there a source for a bagging system for this mower, that won’t cost as much as one from Sears?
ANSWER : The straight blade for the 42 inch mower is 138971.They cut better and are easier to sharpen and you will need them if you use a gass catcher. If you do not want to use sears for parts you may be able to find good deals on ebay.

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How to change blade assembly on hedge hog 22 – Black & Decker 22 In Dual Action Hedge Trimmer
ANSWER : Are your blades dull, they can be sharpened. There is a good video on youtube by ereplacementparts where he shows you how to do it with a file and with a grinder.

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Blades wont move when power connected. Stripped it down. Motor is fine. I think it must be the gears attached to the blade unit
ANSWER : Either the gears, OR SOME machines have a “CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH” [a safety feature] between the engine and the blades.

IF your machine has this feature, then it’s possible that the clutch has worn out and is slipping so badly that the blade won’t move.

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I have the Toro edger/trimmer combo – which way does the edger blade bolt turn – I tried counter-clock-wise it won’t budge. Also how to the LOCK the blade from turning??
ANSWER : On blad removal the nut goes opposite to tighten, lefty tighty, righty loosen. Put a metal wrench or rod in between the blade and the guard to keep the blade from moving.

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