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Bottom of float bowl solenoid

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They are used to start/stop the flow of gas/liquid and are most commonly normally closed, so that if power fails the valve will close.
Solenoid valves are control units which, when electrically energized or de-energized, either shut off or allow fluid flow. The actuator takes the form of an electromagnet. When energized, a magnetic field builds up which pulls a plunger or pivoted armature against the action of a spring.

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What wires go where?
ANSWER : You should have a big black wire that has a red stripe going through it. This wire will go on the picture as shown to the top left terminal and travel down to the starter. You will have a big red wire and there may be a smaller red attached with it. This or these wires will go to the top right terminal. The white wire should be a small gage wire and will go on the front left terminal. There should only be one more single black wire with a female terminal on the end of it where it will plug into the front right terminal on the solenoid. The remaining black and blue should have male ends on them and discard them, they do not plug into anything.

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Hi there, quick question, there is a black and grey wire on the 13.5hp briggs and stratton, i am unsure which is the earth and which is the power?
ANSWER : The grey one should get power when the key is turned on. This opens the solenoid valve on the carb and lets fuel in. The black one should get earthed when the key is turned off, this shorts out the coil and stops the spark. Aussie Steve.

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I need the wiring diagram for the solenoid/1999 16hp hydronamic Simplicity
ANSWER : The two big terminals are one fom the battery and the other to the starter.
The two smaller ones one comes from the ignition switch and the other might just be a ground.
Test becareful is hook the battery and starter wires up; take a wire and stick one on the battery terminal and tap each of the smaller terminals; when you get a click that will and should fire the stater; make sure it is out of gear or it will start. remember that terminal and hook the ignition key to it. check the other smaller terminal is or isn’t a ground one.

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I have had an electrical problem with this mower since ive had it. I have just changed the solenoid and switch and have looked at the wiring and switches all day and still nothing im getting power to the switch and to the solenoid but nothing happens when you turn the key no clicking or nothing power is not transferring to starter side of solenoid I can jump it off with a wire from the ignition to starter or from crossing poles of solenoid I went and bought another solenoid and that is not it, model is a1991 18.5hp briggs with 42 inch deck do ineed to replace wiring harness or how can i check that
ANSWER : Soliniod should have two small terminals one should get power when turn key to start position the other runs through ground curcuit which runs through break and pto switch most tractors wont start with out break switch working properly i would start with that first the i would go to pto switch. hope this helps

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Looking for a wiring diagram for a ford 9n tractor, Messed up wiring on old tractor when trying to tune it up. Now may have the wiring messed up at the fuse link on the back of the dash
ANSWER : Try this website if you do not get help here:mytractorforum.comYou will have to register to ask questions, but there is a good chance that you will be able to find what you need already posted there. Good Luck.

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I have just installed this engine as a replacement. it has two wires coming from what appears to be a solenoid on the bottom of the fuel bowl on the carby. can you please advise where the two wires are run to as my old engine did not have a solenoid ??? on the bottom of the carb. what i need is a wiring diagram for this new engine to see where these wires go.

thanks regards wayne

ANSWER : The wires should be black and gray. The black wire is a ground and mounts to the engine, usually on the cooling shield screw. The gray wire needs to have a 12v source when the key is in the “START” and “RUN” position. Not knowing what the mower is, it would be difficult to tell you which terminals on the key switch you need to hook it to. If you have a volt meter this should be easy to detect by checking voltage on the “backside” of the connector while you are turning the key. It’s very important to make sure that when the key is in the “OFF” position, there is no voltage going to the solenoid.

If you have a Walbro carburetor you could always remove the solenoid and replace it with a regular bowl nut. If it is a Nikki carburetor, you would have to replace the bowl with a non-solenoid type.

The purpose of the solenoid is to minimize “backfire” that can sometimes occur when turning the engine off. Hope this helps.

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How do I wire the starter solenoid for my 2005 Cub Cadet RZT 50…?

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Where can I get a wiring diagram for cub cadet 2550?
ANSWER : Go to mtd cub cadet . com and they will have a schematic

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