4010 Gas & Diesel Tractor Radiator

Where is the fuse box for a 4010 John Deere tractor

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As was typical for this era, the 4010 offered a choice of gasoline, LP-gas, or diesel engines and a choice of single front wheel, dual front wheels, or a wide adjustable front axle.
It replaced the nearly identical 4010 that had been introduced with Deere`s New Generation series in 1960 and offered a number of improvements over the previous model including more horsepower, heavier rear axles, and a differential lock. The 4020 was produced with three engine options: diesel, petrol, and LPG.
The John Deere 4010 was only in production from 1960 to 1963, but during this short timespan, it managed to leave a lasting mark on the company and customers alike.
All in all, the sales were very brisk, and total production for the John Deere 4010 was between 57,000-58,000 (I`ve seen multiple different numbers). Deere didn`t build many 4010 Industrials — I believe the number was 170 diesels and 10 gassers.
Using the digital fuel injection, the Mule 4010 4×4 simply sips at the fuel tank that holds a generous 6.3 gallons of fuel.
Manufactured between the years of 1963 and 1972, the John Deere 4020 may be one of the most talked-about John Deere machines ever!
Weighing in at 56,981 lbs (base weight) and 691 max engine horsepower, the 9RX 640 is John Deere`s biggest and most powerful 4-track tractor. To highlight the 9RX 640, Matt Aeschleman Jr, Prairie State Tractor Sales Consultant, reviewed the tractor and new updates coming to it for Model Year 2023.
1931. Deere introduces its first tractor built exclusively for industrial use, the Model “DI”.
Where Are John Deere Engines Manufactured? John Deere engines are produced in different factories worldwide: Saran (France), Waterloo (USA), Torreon (Mexico), Pune (India), and Rosario (Argentina).
The John Deere 18L maximum power is 650 kilowatts (870 HP)
A tank will need approximately 300 gallons every eight hours; this will vary depending on mission, terrain, and weather. A single tank takes 10 minutes to refuel. Refueling and rearming of a tank platoon–four tanks–is approximately 30 minutes under ideal conditions. 0.6 miles per gallon.
While most John Deere riding mowers use diesel or unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher, some have been converted to use propane. If you use biodiesel, purchase a John Deere fuel conditioner to keep your parts working properly.
Most models will rely on diesel fuel, but you can find some skid steers that run off of gasoline. Diesel engines offer more impressive power and efficiency, but cost more in upkeep. Gasoline engines are easier to start and more environmentally-friendly, but won`t offer the same output.
All John Deere engines can use renewable diesel fuel:

Renewable diesel fuel (paraffinic diesel fuel) can be blended with petroleum diesel or used at 100% (RD100).

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How do i replace a clutch on a JD 3020 tractor
ANSWER : Break it in half, then get with it.

Which way do i install thermatate in john deere 4020
ANSWER : Looking at stat top part looks like a handle around it

Looking for information on a John Deere tractor S/N CH0850S017329 and the current estimated value of this tractor with approximately 2,700 hours on it.
ANSWER : Can you please post the model number of the tractor? Thanks

John deere 2140 had gas put in it instead of diesal what going to happen
ANSWER : Don’t run it until you’ve completely drained and flushed and refilled the fuel system, tank, lines, pump…Don’t run it! Diesel fuel is more of an oil whereas gas is more volitile… Avoid starting or running to prevent any damage to your engine!

Turned pto off when finished mowing then turned it back on and it does not come on
ANSWER : Check the wiring to the PTO first. if it is good either the PTO or its inline fuse has failed. try the fuse first as it is much cheaper. if it just blows again you are back to replacing the PTO.

Our john deere 400 is eating the belts for the front pto drive
ANSWER : Flat idler to left of belts is most likely seizing up during use.

Free belt diagram john deere freedom 42 – John Deere 42 in. EZ Trak Bagger

My john deere z425 start fine but does not move
ANSWER : Check drive pulleys and belts.