t where do i hook the other side too?
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Place the jack under the front cast iron axle or under the rear axle housing nearest the wheel that is to be removed. DO NOT place jack or block the tractor at the center point of the front or rear axles, as the tractor may become unstable on the jack stand or block once the wheel to be repaired is removed.
Tension springs resist the pulling force that is placed upon them and this creates a sling back effect when the force is removed, causing it to return to its original shape. This function makes them ideal for lifting heavy objects and assisting in the lifting or dispersing of certain loads.
Aside from a deck adjustment gear, your mower may have a linkage that helps adjust the deck height. The linkage has a nut that you can tighten to raise the deck and loosen to lower the deck. If the metal linkage becomes damaged or seized, and you can`t make these adjustments, a new linkage is required.
Jack stands must be placed directly under the lifting point. There should be enough room at every jack point to accommodate the stand`s grip. When releasing hydraulic pressure from the floor jack, a properly rated jack stand will hold the weight of the car as long as the stand is flat.

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L110 bagger installation
ANSWER : I can’t help you on the bagger hole location. But you will need quality hi-lift blades. “Gator-Blades” are some of the best. At www.mowpart.com or Amazon.com

My john deere z425 start fine but does not move
ANSWER : Check drive pulleys and belts.

Where is the battery located on a john deere RX73 riding lawn mower?
ANSWER : These mowers did not have electric start, therefore no battery

Engine runs great with no load, but when you throttle quickly or put the deck in gear, it starts missing and lots of black smoke. we have new plugs, new carburator, ignition coils have been changed also. I have 130psi compression on one cylinder and 155 on the other. You can turn off the fuel by pinching the hose or return to idle it will clear up. Barely has enough power to pull inself. Help?
ANSWER : It sounds like to me it’s a timing issue. Try setting the timing to specks

What size – Length belt fits L110 – John Deere L100 Series
ANSWER : Model # GX20072 is for a 42 inch deck . It fits a variety of John deere mowers

V-belt route installed on 48″ deck of John Deere LA130
ANSWER : Http://jdpc.deere.com/pimages/PU00/PU00859________UN28APR08.gifCopy and paste this in your address bar and it should take you to a picture of how to route the belt

I have vibration in the deck and have checked for a warped deck, busted spindles, and bent blades
ANSWER : Depending on the machine?? check or replace the cutter belt and also check the v pulleys for alignment

Mowerdeck will not engage… – John Deere 195HP Hydrostatic 42" Cut Riding Mower
ANSWER : I own a similiar John Deere model (L130, 23HP with a 48″ deck). I would check the electric clutch (called a PTO). To do this check the wires to this clutch and look for something disconnected. These wires (to this PTO clutch) should have twelve volts with the key on and the blades engaged.