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Q: What grade of gas should be used? A: Our units run on 87 octane regular unleaded gasoline. You can use gasoline which is blended with a maximum 10% alcohol. Never use E85 or diesel fuels.
Poulan Pro is a part of Sweden-based Husqvarna Group`s global portfolio of brands. For more information, visit www.poulanpro.com.
Air Filter

To thoroughly clean the filter, wash the reusable parts: Remove any sponges or felt pieces that are part of it. Soak them briefly in warm, soapy water. Rinse them with clean water.

For more than seven decades, Poulan Pro has been making outdoor power equipment homeowners can rely on year after year. Our products are built with pride in our factories in McRae, Georgia, Nashville, Arkansas and Orangeburg, SC.
Poulan is a brand name of the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna AB.
For most engines like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, and generators, experts recommend that you use unleaded gas with an 87-octane rating and a max of 10% ethanol. This is typically the regular gas you find at the pump. DO NOT use 15% ethanol or higher.
Most leaf blower manufacturers recommend you clean and/or replace the filter after approximately 20 hours of usage. This is more applicable to landscape professionals and lawn care and garden service providers than it is to the average user.

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Poulan leaf blower no start
ANSWER : Switch is a continuous open switchSwitch is a continuous open switch No not the switch (has been disconnected)

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What is the compression on a poulan leaf blower?
ANSWER : 60 to 70 psi it will start fine. I fix Poulan blowers every day for a living
they are very easy to fix. A common problem is stuck piston ring.

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Poulan gas blower 30 c back pack blower ran fine stoped will not start no spark
ANSWER : Check switch is bad if not coil bad if not getting spark

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How do I replace the fuel line for a Poulan ppbp30?
ANSWER : Open the top of the machine to access the carb, Normally it is easily done with needle nose pliers.

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How come no spark?
ANSWER : I would change the plug first and check to see if the coil is firing by grounding out the plug and see if there is fire. If not the ignition coil or unit maybe bad. Hope this helps.

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What is the air gap for Poulan pro BVM 200 blower. I am not getting any spark with a new coil.

Thank you

ANSWER : .010 make sure its not on backwards some have an arrow molded on them to show wich way flywheel turns and make sure grounw wire is not pinched against metal that will shot the coil hope this helps

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Poulan pro sm400 will not start new plug new gas clean filter no fire to plug what next

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Poulan blower was running – ran out of gas – put gas in – won’t start- primed – won’t start – let sit – won’t start-took cover off – sprayed starter fluid in carb – won’t start- -(very little stutter) won’t start-set overnight – repea -twon’t start-wits end !!!
ANSWER : Hello
Does it use a fuel and oil mixture?You probably did that.

Try removing the spark plug and cleaning it with a wire brush or some emery cloth.Make sure you have spark by connecting the plug wire and resting the plug on the metal motor block.

Do not hold the plug in your hand ,if you have no spark you may have a bad magneto.

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