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Jeff there is a place called Central Spares that specialise in all tool spares. You may find them online.

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From Our Factory in Virginia Beach

STIHL Inc. is located on over 180 acres in Virginia Beach, with over one million square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and office space. STIHL Inc. employs almost 3,000 people nationwide, with over 2,700 employed at its manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach.

Basic Trimmer Line

Most trimmers operate with an industry-standard cutting line. This line is most often made from a hardened, monofilament nylon line. These cutting lines range in diameter, which tells you how durable the lines are; the thicker the line, the less it will break.

Stihl (/stiːl/ ( listen), German: [ʃtiːl]) is a German manufacturer of chainsaws and other handheld power equipment including trimmers and blowers. Their headquarters are in Waiblingen, Baden-Württemberg, near Stuttgart, Germany.
Since 1971 STIHL has been the world`s top-selling chain saw brand. The company was founded in 1926 and is based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, Germany.
With gas string trimmers, it`s important to check and add oil if the levels are low. Make sure to only add oil to the fill line. Overfilling the tank can damage the internal parts. You should also change the oil regularly.
Light: 0.065- to 0.080-inch line is best for trimming grass around the house and whacking down common lawn weeds from around driveways, walkways and fences. Medium: 0.080 to 0.110-inch line is best for homes with larger lawns, or gardens overgrown with weeds that have tough, heavy stems. Heavy: 0.110-inch and above.
1 Remove the cap on the trimmer. 2 Take out the spool. 3 Remove the previous string. 4 Insert the new wire into the spool.
Two of the most popular chainsaw brands are Stihl and Husqvarna, so if you are looking for a new chainsaw to buy to help manage the yard or cut down trees, then it`s likely that you will settle on one of these two brands.
Hydropower was required in the manufacturing process, so in 1689, a drilling works was established beside the water falls in Huskvarna, southern Sweden (at that time spelled Husqvarna), where many products are still produced today.
From our factory in Virginia Beach to thousands of dealers across the nation, many of our battery- and gas-powered tools are made and sold right here in America. *A majority of STIHL products sold in America are made in America of U.S. and global materials.
They are an in house manufacturer.
While Stihl Chainsaws were solely made in Germany for many decades, today they are produced all around the world. The most powerful Stihl Chainsaws – the pro-level saws like the 880, 881, 660, 661, and so on – are all still made in Germany. However, parts and materials are sourced from around the world.
STIHL Qingdao employs 660 men and women and manufactures chain saws, trimmers, clearing saws and hedge trimmers for the world market.
STIHL – 96 years old Germany based company – is one of the leading global companies in the field of outdoor power tools that include chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, blowers, vacuum shredders, telescopic pruners, earth Augers, rescue saw and cut –off Saws.

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Replacing the bump head on homelite string trimmer
ANSWER : Undo the 2 screws on top of the carb. The bulb is part of a 2 piece cap undo that and it fall out.

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Auto feed doesn’t work
ANSWER : Take the end apart and make sure the line is not getting bound up or is not over filled to where it can not move freely

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I cant seem to remove the screw part of the string part of my weedwacker i dont know if its crossthreaded or what?
ANSWER : It is a left handed thread.

You have probably been tightening it instead of loosening.

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Unit dies at full throttle – Troy Bilt Tb20cs 2 Cycle 31cc Gas String Trimmer 17" Cs
ANSWER : Try one of my Tips Luck!Jim

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ANSWER : You can easily get a new primer bulb for it…most small engine repair shops will have what you need, and if you want, you can most likely snag one on Ebay….DON’T THROW IT AWAY, ok?

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Was told to replace carburator and gas tank on ryobi string trimmer, which no doubt
it needs. where can U buy these?
ANSWER : Well if anyone is going to have that parts then its gonna be Ryobi the best solution I have to this is to contact them directly and even order the parts from their website

The above link is to the ryobi outdoor parts replacement store.

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I cannot get the line to feed as it is used up. bumping does no good. the spring is in place. thanks for your help
ANSWER : Did you wind in the new string in the correct direction? The string should be wound in the SAME direction that the head spins.

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Do you know what the proper Champion part number is for a Toro 51972 weed trimmer is? This was purchased used and it had a RCJ4 Champion plug in it and I just need to verify that this is the correct plug. The trimmer won’t start and I want to start there with trying to solve the problem.
ANSWER : That is the correct spark plug for the unit. i work at a power equipment store where we work on homelites. 90% of the time it wont start or run right is usually carb issues . need to get it rebuild or replaced

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