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STIHL 63 PM3-56 chainsaw chain made in Switzerland with high quality steel. This chain fits Homelite, Poulan, Echo, Craftsman, Remington and others with the same specs.
Who Manufactures Craftsman Chainsaws? The majority of Craftsman saws are manufactured by Husqvarna, a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. This same company also handles various manufacturers in the power tool industry like DeWalt, Porter-Cable, and more.
It`s hard work, but you`ve got an edge with the CRAFTSMAN® lineup of gas chainsaws, cordless chainsaws, and corded chainsaws. They`re designed to perform, helping saw through your challenges and cut your workload down to size.
Oregon 16 in. Chainsaw Bar & S56 Chain, Fits Craftsman, Echo, Poulan, Homelite, Makita, Husqvarna, Ryobi and more (27857) | Oregon Products.
They are typically labeled L (low speed jet), H (high speed jet), and I (idler jet). Your saw may be labeled differently (in the photos in the Gallery below, the idler jet is labeled “S”), but you`ll have three screws that correspond to these descriptions.
The main thing to remember is that the pitch of your chain will be the biggest determinant of what size of a file to use. The pitch is the distance between any three drive links, divided by two. The larger the pitch, the higher the cutting teeth rise and the larger the file you will need.
FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA WITH GLOBAL MATERIALS. We`re proud to continue expanding our U.S. manufacturing footprint with our factory in Fort Mill, South Carolina. There, our workers make select V20* power tools with global materials and take pride knowing they`re part of the CRAFTSMAN family.

Proudly Manufacturing Select CRAFTSMAN® V20* Drills/Drivers, Impact Drivers and Hammerdrills using global materials.

Back in 2008, when still a Sears brand, Craftsman`s catalog boasted that all of their sockets and wrenches were made in the USA. All Craftsman sockets and wrenches are proudly made in the USA.
Low-vibration saw chain by STIHL. For users who value a high level of convenience and reduced kickback tendency along with good cutting performance. This low-profile saw chain for use on lightweight chain saws is for universal use.
Several manufacturers produce chainsaw chains, and the different brands are not interchangeable with all models. If you replace your chain with another brand, you must know the exact gauge, length, and pitch of the old chain. Installing the wrong chain can result in bodily injury or damage to the machine.
Mixing brands of chains is no problem, provided you use compatible chains. I`m no longer able to buy “original” chains for my old Homelite so I buy it off the roll at the local mower/chainsaw dealer, who also joins it up for me.

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What does a spark plug gap at – Craftsman sears 18" Chain Saw Chain ( Model 35084 )
ANSWER : Hi, your spark plug gap should be the thickness of a hacksaw blade. use a hacksaw blade. sheers

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Chain keeps slipping off when in use. – Craftsman sears 18" Chain Saw Chain ( Model 35084 )
ANSWER : Make sure the chain has not been damaged from past slipping by removing it from the machine and laying the chain out in a large circle on a flat surface. No part of the chain should be standing free of the surface–replace the chain if it does. The chain should be adjusted so that the chain just comes up to the lower bar edge, but not so tight that the chain cannot be turned by hand. Make sure the teeth are quite sharp for maximum cutting effect and minimum heat. Check the chain lubrication by running the bar tip at speed for a moment or two near some cardboard–it should throw off a thin line of oil. Don’t continue to run the saw if the chain starts to droop from the bar. If it is quite hot, allow it to cool which should re-tighten the chain. Hope this helps!

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Chain keeps falling off – Poulan 18" Chain Saw Replbar (small Saws)
ANSWER : Your chain is too loose. If you’re using an old chain, you might need to have a link taken out of it. You can find replacement chains for your saw at Use the application lookup link at the top of the page with your model # to make sure you order the right chain.

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Chain saw has no spark – Craftsman sears 18" Chain Saw Chain ( Model 35084 )
ANSWER : If it has no spark there are only a few that will cause this, firstly dissconnect the wire from the ignition switch, try again for a spark, if no spark, remove the starter cover, now remove the cut out wire from the ignition unit terminal, try again for spark, if no spark, the ignition unit is bad and will require replacment.

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Would like a drawing or parts listing for a model 197 258492 craftsman riding lawn mower
ANSWER : Go to Put in your model number in and it will come up with diagrams and parts list.

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ANSWER : Parts list diagram

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Where can I find parts for my remmington chain saw?
ANSWER : Take saw to good farm supply store they will order for you.

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Dont know what type off oil to put in the bar and chain tank on the chainsaw
ANSWER : Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly

All Bar oils are SAE 30W non-detergent oil. Go down to the local auto parts supply and buy the cheapest SAE 30W you can find…. SAE 30W is SAE 30W regardless of what brand is on it and for bar oil it is not an issue.

Thanks for choosing FixYa,

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