17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model

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Most of the time, you can find the Craftsman model and serial number on the top of the mower. If you were standing behind it and using it, the identification tag would be on the top rear portion of the deck, between the wheels.
So what is a lawn mower transaxle? A mower trans-axle is a single mechanical assembly that combines the functions of transmission, differential, and axle. The word trans-axle describes both the type of transmission and the axle set up in a vehicle.
In addition, Stanley Black & Decker had the option to acquire the remaining 80% of MTD starting July 1, 2021, which it did on August 17, 2021. Furthermore, with the acquisition of Craftsman by Stanley Black & Decker, the brand`s products are now produced by MTD through this partnership.
Craftsman LT1000 – the older ones from 2000-2005 and some from 2006-2007 are very sturdy and have the wide body now reserved for higher-end YTs (“Yard Tractors”), mostly heavy-duty decks, solid controls, and basically last forever with either a Briggs and Stratton single or twin cylinder or a Kohler single cylinder.
The model number is printed on the left side of the Product Identification Label, attached to the metal bracket that supports the seat, and begins with the letters, “CM”.
Locating the Kohler Model and Spec Numbers on a Craftsman LTX1000. This is a Craftsman LTX1000 with a Kohler Engine. After you lift the hood, you`ll see a sticker on the right side of the engine with the spec and serial numbers on it.
Transaxle Definition & Meaning

A Transaxle combines the transmission, differential, and ancillary systems around the axle into one integrated assembly. You will usually find transaxle configurations in cars where the engine is placed at the same end of the car as the drive wheels.

Transaxles are usually found on vehicles with a front engine and FWD or a rear engine and RWD. But the transaxle can also be integrated into the rear axle on cars with a front engine and rear-wheel drive. The transaxle is in the rear where the differential would be rather than beside the engine.
Transmissions are also only found in rear-wheel-drive cars. On front-wheel-drive cars, you find a transaxle. The transaxle serves the purpose of the transmission but also adopts the job of the differential, which is an entirely separate component on rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

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What size belt is required for my 19.5 hp craftsman LT1000 42″ mower deck
ANSWER : Deck Belt Part #144959. Thet belt is 1/2 wide by 11/32 thick by 95.25 long. Sears Parts Direct lists it for $34.99 + Shipping..

Looking for a side discharge cover for the craftsman lt1000 model 971271813
ANSWER : Searspartsdirect.com

How do i set the gov. on a craftsman LT1000 riding mower the motor model is 917-271652 ?
ANSWER : If there is a governor, it is most likely part of the engine. You will need the engine model number to look that up.

Replacing belt on lt1000 lawn tractor looking to fing where to hook spring to engage belt it popped off and cannot figure where wher to reattch it .
is there a diagram on the layout

Thank you

Bernard Kirchoff

ANSWER : I do not have a diagram,but I do know where it goes.Look at the tension pulley.The arm it is mounted on move.That arm is where the spring belongs.First move the arm with your hand.pull it so that the blades are not engaged.Now the side of the arm away from the pulley and closest to the rear of the mower,is where the spring goes.There may be several holes,do not pull the spring too much,just get it in one of those holes.Then try the blades.If they do not engage,move the spring,to another hole.

I need replacement blades for a Craftsman LT1000
ANSWER : Get part # or model# from owners manual and go to sears.com and order or stop into a local sears with the numbers and theyll set you up!

Do they make a wheel kit for the deck on a LT1000?
ANSWER : These mowers are all made by just one or two companies. If you go to Lowe’s, and root around in the mower area; you will find they have two sets of generic wheel kits which seem to fit most all decks. You can pay more at a dealer or small engine shop.

Belt diagram for craftsman 46″ model#917258691

I am replacing the secondary belt

ANSWER : Belt routing diagrams are sometimes on the underside of the running board [so when you are laying on your back, you can look up and see it, left side usually]. on a 46 inch deck, it’s probable that the diagram is on the rear, center of the deck, you can see it by going behind the tractor, kneeling down and looking forward at the deck

Wiring diagram for craftsman lawn tractor model 944.601140, 14 hp, 38 inch deck
ANSWER : 944.601140 Sure this is right number?