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While not all brands of lawn mowers will have the same type of universal key, most of them have a universal model for their own models. In addition to that, several brands of ride-on lawnmowers still share a similar key that can start almost all of their models.
The lawn mower key is an important safety device on a battery-powered lawn mower. The motor and blades of the lawn mower can only be started when the safety key is inserted and rotated to the “On” position. Only insert the safety key when you intend to start the machine and turn the blades.
Key fobs, like the car keys themselves, can be replaced by a dealership or with aftermarket parts. It all comes down to the type of key fob you have. Some newer car models may have more complicated security features, which requires equipment purchase and programming to be done by the dealership.
If the key cannot be found, it may be necessary to have a locksmith make a replacement key. Make sure to have the serial number of the lawn mower handy, as the locksmith will need this information in order to create the new key.
Every lawnmower, engine and appliance has a specific model number and serial number. This is like the VIN on your car. It is the secret number to discover all the parts and accessories that are unique to your product.
The gasoline button is the soft button (usually red or black) on the casing of the lawn mower. This pumps gasoline to the engine. Don`t press the button to often, or you`ll pump too much gasoline to the engine.
Connect the positive terminal of the battery to the positive side of the ignition coil. Also, identify the starter solenoid and connect it to the positive terminal of the battery. Next, unplug the ignition switch wire from the solenoid and then short the solenoid`s terminal to reach where the ignition switch connects.
The ignition switch is party of an assembly, or system, that includes the ignition lock cylinder. The entire mechanism is responsible for starting your car as well as providing power to specific areas of the vehicle, such as the electronic accessories, the ignition, and the engine.
Leaving the key in the “on” position is an error that can drain a battery in a short time. The same occurs when shutting down the mower with the head lamps still on. The battery supplies power to any of the mower`s electrical components that are left on while the engine is turned off.
Several factors affect the key replacement cost, ranging from $50 to $500. The final sum depends on the key type because each has a different replacement procedure.
You can replace your lost car key at a locksmith, even if you don`t have the original key. Going straight to a locksmith may be more cost-effective than going to your car dealer, but you`ll need some information to make the process easier.
Here`s a breakup of the average replacement cost estimate: Part cost: $60 to $100. Labor charges: $75 to $150. Total replacement cost: $135 to $250.
Can a broken key be copied? Yes, a broken key can be cut & copied, a locksmith will be able to cut you a brand new key. Making a new key from a broken or snapped key is a simple job for any locksmith experienced in key cutting.
Yes, a qualified lock expert should be able to help you get a fob reprogrammed. There are actually several reasons why you might need a lock expert to help you with a fob. Here`s a look at the common reasons why people visit locksmiths for help with car fobs: They`ve lost a fob.
A locksmith can use your bike`s ignition cylinder code or the entire ignition cylinder to make a new key. You also have the option of reordering a key from a local dealer, using your bike`s VIN. A traditional motorcycle key is the easiest key to replace.
Cory – there is no single key that is universal to all brands of electric start mowers. This particular key will work on all Toro brand mowers with an electric start, but not on any other brands. Each brand of mower would have it`s own key or keys.

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Bosch electric lawn mower wont start, how do I fix it?
ANSWER : Cable damaged …renew cable . ..if does not work try condenser.

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The rope broke on my lawn mower and I am trying to rewind the spring, but was advised to buy a complete starter assembly, I need to know how much one is and where can I get one. I bought my lawn mower from Home Depot. Can I get one there?
ANSWER : If your rope broke, there was no reason to take the spring out. The rope can be replaced just by taking the rewind housing off, turning pulley to get rest of old rope out, wind the pulley (and spring) the direction the rope would be pull it when starting. Then , when it’s wound tight, back off to align the holes in pulley and cover. Hold it there, stick about an 8′ piece of rope from the outside through the pulley and tie a knot. Hold the rope and let the spring pull the rope back into the starter. an tie handle back. Take your housing, and spring to a shop. They can re-install the spring and put on a rope a heck of a lot cheaper that buying that whole assembly.

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I have a black and decker lawn mower which is electric and it suddenly stopped working. I checked the power cord and it seems to be fine. When I try to start the lawn mower, I hear the click sound but the mower does not start

Any ideas or suggestions is highly appreciated.



ANSWER : Took the mower to the Black and Decker warehouse where they replaced the switch in the handle. It cost $53.73 total.

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Corded electric mower loses power then comes back on during use
ANSWER : Same likely answer from several possibilities. Likely to be a poor electrical contact. Check *the supply had good contact for plug and an adequate fuse. *possible loose contact in the handle switch *if several years old, possible worn carbon brushes in motor. Easy to replace. *You should be using an RCD cut out switch. Check if mower works without it. Replace if dodgy
NB Only try to fix last two if you know what you are doing!

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My husband just bought at Toro Snow Thrower #38588. Now hw wishes it had an electric starter. Can he purchase an electric starter and add it to this model, or is he out of luck?
ANSWER : I don’t recall seeing a kit to upgrade for this model. He may just have to live with it.

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I have a problem with a Black and Decker electric lawn mower model MM525. While cutting some high grass today, the mower slowed down, then quit and would not restart. I checked the electrical outlet and there was no power–the fuse was burned out in the switch box. I replaced it, tried again, and again it would not start or even give any response at all, but again it blew out the fuse in the box. The fuse is 25A and the mower is only 12A so that’s not an issue, besides, I’ve used this mower from that outlet for about 4 years since I first got the mower and never had any problem before. My question is: is whatever is causing the mower not to start and to blow out my fuse something that can be repaired or should be? Thanks.
ANSWER : Hello blumph,
I can think of only one or two things that are causing your problems. It could either be approx. a $14.00 switch in the handle that has shorted out, or 2 bad brushes $1.75/ea.on the armature (motor). Both are fairly simple fixes with just a screwdriver and maybe pliers. You might also check and see if the power cord has been chafed or damaged and is shorting out. See below for parts:http://www.ereplacementparts.com/black-and-decker-mm575-electric-lawnhogtrade-mulching-mower-parts-c-4167_9514_9550.htmlyurcarguyken@yahoo.com

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TORO 20074A Starter not working. Battery is fully charged. Nothing happens when you turn key, I’ve had it more than a year so I know what it should do.
ANSWER : OK seems to me you have a connection problem. This doesn’t always mean that a connection where two wires plug together is bad. It could be a problem as simple as a mouse chewing thru a wire. Take your time and check the wire or wires that go from your battery down to the starter.You may very quickly find your problem. A bad contact, a broken wire, a disconnected wire, or that bad little mouse, which will lead you to the purchase of a mouse trap before he causes you any additional headaches. GOOD LUCK.

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Lawn mower cranck but wont start…
ANSWER : Since you already checked for spark and air I would drain all the fuel out of it and check that fuel for water. Over time some lawn mowers end up with contaminated fuel. You can see the water sitting on the bottom of the fuel if you let it stand for a bit in a small plastic bowl.

Be sure to empty and dry out you fuel can as well. Especially if the mower stopped running right after a refuel. Which is a good sign your gas can is contaminated too.

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