Northstar Dual Speed Max Rate 2 Hp Pump

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The motor is likely failing. It may be a small part such as the capacitor or the starting switch, but could also be more severe such as the winding itself. You will also want to examine the shaft where it passes thru the pump and motor and look for signs of rust from a pump seal leak.

If you are not familiar with testing these parts your best bet would be a local electric motor repair shop to see if the motor can be repaired or if it would need to be replaced. They should also be able to ensure there is no pump damage.

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If your pump doesn`t turn on and instead makes a humming sound, it could be a problem with your capacitor or a jammed motor. But if it makes a humming sound that continues until your circuit breaker trips, you can be fairly certain it`s a flawed capacitor.
This could be an indication that the motor is overloaded. If the pump is buzzing you should turn it off straight away before the motor burns out. Usually, the capacitor has failed to result in the buzzing sound. The capacitor is what serves the motor power.
Bad Pump Motor – If your water pump has a bad motor or low voltage, it may begin humming as it struggles to try to turn on and pump water. In this case, you`ll likely need to replace the motor.
Humming: Pump motor humming and trouble starting: if the pump motor hums but does not start, the motor may be seizing, may need replacement, or a start/run capacitor may need replacement. Note that some pump motor noise including an unpleasant whine or hum is perfectly normal.
Clogged Intake Filters

Without enough air, compressors will stall, and yours may hum when you try to restart it. To check and see if your air filter is the cause of your air compressor humming, unscrew and remove it, then restart your machine. If it works, you need to clean your filter.

Clicking controls – the pump`s pressure control switch normally clicks when it turns on and off. Humming accompanying the clicks might mean a stuck relay switch. That burns out the controls. A rapid, repeated clicking means the well pump is short cycling.
Finally, if you hear a high-pitched whining noise that comes from the front of your vehicle`s engine, it could be a sign that the water pump is dying. The water pump uses a pulley or belt in its operation, and if this pulley is too loose, it will make a whining sound that some describe as harmonic buzzing.
Motor won`t start, hums

Often the problem is a bad start capacitor. Also check the motor temperature and current draw.

If the pump starts to make a loud banging noise or is vibrating excessively, then you likely have an airlock. The air is making the pump work harder and the banging is caused by the pump stopping and starting repetitively. If you`ve noticed a sudden drop in your water pressure, this is again probably an airlock.
A faulty pool pump capacitor can cause the pump circuit breaker to trip. A bad capacitor can mean the motor won`t start. If the motor doesn`t turn, then it can draw a high amount of current which can overload the circuit. As a result of an overloaded circuit, the pump circuit breaker will trip.
The chattering you hear on a pump start relay is usually caused by insufficient amperage arriving at the relay from the controller.
For example, if your AC is making a clicking noise and won`t start, it may be due to faulty or worn electrical connections to the system. These connections are aptly known as contactors. In order for your AC system to function properly it needs a signal from the contactor.
Your compressor works to pressurize and cool the refrigerant found in your unit. If your unit is making a buzzing noise then this means that it`s not doing it properly and you need to have it looked at. It could also mean that the electric voltage that`s running through your outdoor unit isn`t at the right amperage.
bad bearing or accessory

in some cases, a front engine accessory, pulley or bearing can cause a ticking noise. this can happen with air conditioning compressors, water pumps, belt tensioners or pulleys.

Pump and Flow System Damage

Repeated water hammer may also cause significant damage to pumps, existing valves, and instruments, lead to the catastrophic failure of gasketed joints and expansion joints, and affect the integrity of pipe walls and welded joints.

If your pump is vibrating against the mounting surface, placing a mouse pad between the pump and the surface can decrease the noise.
The sources of mechanical noise in a motor include a loose stator core; worn, damaged or poorly lubricated bearings; and rubbing of internal components. Additionally, any structural part of the motor that is excited at its natural frequency can become the source of airborne noise.
Electric Motor Starting Capacitor or Run Capacitor FAQs. If either or both start and run capacitors are defective the motor may try to start but will hum and won`t keep running.
If a run capacitor fails, the motor can display a variety of problems including not starting, overheating, and vibrating. A bad run capacitor deprives the motor of the full voltage it needs to operate correctly.
If your cold tap is working but your hot tap is not, then you may have an airlock in your internal plumbing.
To check if your pump is operating efficiently, measure the power consumed by the pump and check it against the pumps performance curve. The pump curve will specify how much power you should be using at the flow and pressure your pump is generating. This helps you to identify which pumps are not operating efficiently.
Pumping power is calculated as the volume of the fluid per unit time (flow capacity) times the density of the fluid times the gravitational constant times the pumping head (vertical distance to be pumped). Pumping energy is simply power multiplied across time.
And much like car batteries, a busted capacitor won`t allow your pool pump to start. So if your pool pump turns on but won`t “start” then we recommend testing your capacitor before rushing out to buy a new motor or pump to see if it can still be patched up.

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My Z5426 won’t start. When I pull out the choke and turn the key, gas starts leaking out of the exhaust system just before it gets to the muffler. Last time it did start, it ran really rough. So, I turn off the engine and then tried to restart and that’s when I noticed the fuel leak.
ANSWER : Maybe bad fuel, fuel line leaking, flooding of the carburetor, since it did start and ran rough I am assuming that the gas was left set and more then likely this gummed up the carburetor, you will have to clean/rebuild it. If you have a can of carburetor clean you may be able to spray that into there and clean it up, I would not choke it to start it as it sounds like it got/is flooded/ing. Good Luck Tim

When turning key to start, it will only make a click. Seems to have voltage to starter,could the battery be to weak to start? Voltage from battery is 11.4
ANSWER : Yes, it could be the battery…the voltage may be at 11.4, but may not have enough amps to turn the engine over…try putting it on a battery charger, see if this makes a difference

My p.t.o. wont start my blades the engine runs but the blades wont start when i pull up the p.t.o on
ANSWER : Belt needs tightening or its brocken.Check first.

My 300z riding lawn mower zero turn starts but stalls when mowing the grass, please tell me what it could be?
ANSWER : Dirty carb possibly or the governor has failed

I started my Husqvarna and pulled it onto the trailer, took it to My mowing job and it would not turn over. All you hear when you turn the key is clicking. What do I look for?

Toro ccr 2450 snow blower. — starts ok but won't move forward. — blades turn ok — just won't go forward. — what can be wrong ???
ANSWER : Is there a breaking system that was left on?

I have a husqvarna zero turn rz4623 that will not start.
ANSWER : Give me an idea of what goes on when you turn the Key I have the same mower

My riding cub cadet won’t start. key clicks, nothing else. Was running fine when I turned the thing off. Help…
ANSWER : Jump start it from your car, the battery is dead