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Recommended Oil type. 5W-30.

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Important: Before starting the engine, fill the engine with oil. Max fill: 12 oz.
Older oil loses the ability to coat and protect vital engine parts. That`s why Toro recommends changing the engine oil at least once a year, and after the first two hours on new snow blowers.
The correct fuel mixture ratio is 32:1. Note: Gasoline and oil must be premixed in a clean gasoline container. Never mix gasoline and oil indoors or in the snowthrower fuel tank.
Yes. Snow blowers, like cars, are 4-cycle engines, so they use the same type of motor oil. Make sure to use a motor oil weight with a low-temperature viscosity rating, such as 5W-30.

Formulated with fully synthetic base stocks and high levels of antioxidants to help prevent deposits and sludge build-up which enables long engine life.

The main differences between SAE 30 and 5W30 are that the SAE 30 is a single-grade type, that can be used for small engines, and would generate in warm weather. On the other hand, 5W30 is a multiple-grade type, that can be used for larger engines, tolerating extreme weather.
Conventional motor oil contains wax, which can freeze or congeal at low temperatures. A synthetic oil is best since you will be using your snowblower exclusively in cold weather.
The Best Oil for Snowblower Engines—Summary

Our pick of the best oil for a snowblower is Mobil 1`s high mileage 5W-30 (US$27.47, Amazon) 4-cycle weight version which offers more than just regular car oil and works well on small engines.

Unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 87 ((R+M)/2 rating method) is the recommended fuel grade for all gasoline engines in Toro products.
Generally, Toro lawn mowers require 20 ounces of oil for each cylinder, which is usually 12 to 15 ounces for the engine and 5 to 8 ounces for the transmission. It is important to check your mower`s owner manual for the exact oil capacity for your mower.
Can it be use in any brand of snowblower? Answer: Dave, this Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 oil is a non-synthetic oil. It can be used in all air-cooled 4-cycle engines, including snowblowers.
You can use 10w30 instead of 5w30 oil since both meet the SAE standard for viscosity at operating temperatures. Generally, the viscosity difference between the two is neglectable. However, it`s important to note that a 10w30 oil will move slower than a 5w30 oil in cold environments.
Can I Use Motor Oil in My Lawn Mower? If the engine manufacturer`s operator manual recommends 10W-30 or 10W-40, the same motor oil types used in vehicles, then these can also be used in your lawn mower.
Motorcraft® SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is manufactured with high-viscosity index, premium-quality, synthetic base oils that provide good high temperature and low temperature performance.
5W-30 oil is available as conventional oil (mineral oil), high mileage oil, and synthetic motor oil.
Engines on most outdoor power equipment operate well with 5W30 Synthetic oil. For equipment operated in hot temperatures, Vanguard 15W50 Synthetic oil provides the best protection.
5W 30 Multigrade Engine Oil – Which Oil is Good for Lawnmower Engines. SAE 30 and 5W 30 have the same viscosity but serve different functions. This means that although they have the same viscosity rating of 30, their cold ratings differ.
Can Mobil 1™ be used in lawn mowers, snow blowers and other small cylinder engines? Yes, if the small engines are four‐cycle engines that call for detergent‐type motor oil. This type of engine has a separate crankcase for motor oil – it`s not mixed with gasoline.
Because synthetic oil works better in all temperature variations, your equipment should last longer. This goes hand-in-hand with regular upkeep on your snowblower, including swapping out the spark plug every 100 hours of usage and changing the air filter as needed.
You can but if 5w30 is recommended that`s what you should use,a 30 wt oil will make The snowblower harder to start and work harder thus using More fuel to overcome the additional thickness of the single grade oil.
Change The Oil

Check your manual for the details but it is generally recommended about once a year.

The easiest way to tell a 2-cycle engine from a 4-cycle engine is the number of fuel tank and/or oil sump fill ports. A 2-cycle engine has one fill port with a cap that has fuel pump and oil can icon. The cap will usually state the oil to fuel mix ratio.
Two-cycle oils are chemically altered to combust or burn. They`re very different than 4-cycle lubricants and cannot be used interchangeably. Also, keep in mind is that not all 2-cycle lubricants are created equally. Different oils meet different quality ratings and you need to use the right rating for your equipment.
Modern snowblowers are made with 4-stroke engines, but if you have a cherished snowblower from years ago, you`ve dealt with trying to get the perfect fuel mixture for a 2-stroke engine.

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How do I start my Toro 418ZR snow bloser
ANSWER : Good fresh fuel?

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Dont know what type of oil to use – Toro Power Lawn Mower
ANSWER : Put straight 30 weight motor oil in it. Not 10W30 or any multi-viscosity oil. Straight 30 weight motor oil. If you’re doing a complete oil change, then you may want to use Synthetic 30 weight, which will last longer between oil changes and also make your engine last longer (but it costs more too). Best of luck to you.James

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ANSWER : Look for leaks, make sure its clean motor and cooling fins, i would suggest to take it in to a shop, check you oil level too make sure your not dumpimg fuel into your crankcase. your breather valve my be bad to

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What type of oil does it use? – Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Curve Shaft Gas String Trimmer #41ADT41C966
ANSWER : I think all of these 4-stroke trimmers use SAE 30HD oil. I recommend synthetic. If you use synthetic, you can get away with using a multi-viscosity like 10W-30 if you can’t find straight SAE30 synthetic, but don’t use muti-viscosity conventional oil in these machines.

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Pouring out oil.
ANSWER : Where is it pouring out from? Might you be over filling the mower? Is your drain plug tight? the right thread? (meteric vs non-metric?) if the casting is cracked, you are done. The other items are probably correctable.

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Oil is leaking from the front of the engine of my 22 self proppelled machine . The deck is just oilly no signs of leaking but there is a puddle under the machine
ANSWER : Check the oil level, it could be just oil excess. Also check the air filter, replace or clean if necessary.

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What type of gas should be used in a toro lawnmower?
ANSWER : I would recommend a Mid-Grade gas and if it stored in anything bigger then 2 gal. then some Sta-bul should be added to to the gas can.

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Toro recycler lv195xa engine oil leaking from topside of engine onto deck.
ANSWER : Cracked head, replace engine. $119 at Harbor Freight.

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