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Bad rings, or fuel pump (air powered) use a good stop leak oil treatment like RISLONE, to stave off a costly repair. If it is sucking petrol into the crankcase, you have a bad fuel pump. If so, drain oil right away, make necessary repairs and refill with a straight 30w oil run for about 1 minute, drain, repeat, drain repeat and you should have vanquished the petrol from your engine.

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Perhaps the cylinder head itself is cracked. Maybe the engine has a split bore. Perhaps the light skimming the head received was not enough and it`s still warped. Either way, the oil and coolant are mixing and that`s bad.
The Causes of Fuel Dilution in Engine Oil

This often happens in the region between the piston rings and the cylinder bore. Other factors include leaking of the fuel injectors, incomplete combustion of the fuel, low engine temperatures, long periods of idle time and frequent short-distance driving.

In short, when fuel mixes with the lubricant, it reduces the viscosity of the oil, meaning that the viscosity may be too low to create an oil film capable of withstanding heavy loads and speeds in some parts of the engine. This results in friction between the metal surfaces and wear of the parts.
You will want to clean the reservoir thoroughly and flush the radiator with water. Similarly, you will want to check your oil dipstick and see if it shows an oil-coolant mixture in your oil tank. If so, you will want to change out your oil as well.
Coolant and oil mixing is a bad sign. This is because it usually points towards the failure of an important part in your engine/cooling system. An oil/coolant mixture will quickly travel around your engine, resulting in overheating and increased engine wear over time.
A Blown Head Gasket is Usually the Reason

This is a common cause of oil mixing with coolant. This thin sheet of metal sits between the engine block and cylinder head. It creates an air-tight and liquid-tight seal. If it fails, oil and coolant may mix together.

The causes of a rich mixture within your internal combustion engine include: Everyday causes: extremely cold weather, high load on the engine, acceleration. A dirty air filter. Bad airflow sensor.
WHAT ABOUT MIXING ENGINE OIL BRANDS? Yes. It won`t harm your engine to mix, for example, Quaker State® motor oil with Pennzoil, as long as the oil you use is the weight (or viscosity) recommended in your vehicle owner`s manual.
Motor oil reduces the friction in your engine and can make up to a 12% difference in your gas mileage. For your best fuel performance, use a synthetic friction-reducing option.
In general, there are really only two ways for water to get into your oil sump naturally—condensation or a coolant leak: Condensation: water in your engine oil can be caused by the condensation of combustion gasses or cold air, but this is an extremely rare phenomenon that only occurs at specific temperatures.
One of the easiest ways to remove hydrocarbons from water or coolant is by using a belt oil skimmer. It is a low maintenance, easy to use tool for removing oil from water or coolant. Why Belt Oil Skimmer? Belt oil skimmers work because of the differences in specific gravity between oil and water.
Condensation, coolant leaks, and human error are common causes for water contamination of engine oil.
Common causes of oil leaks include degraded engine gaskets, leaks from the oil pan, or improper or worn out seals. An oil leak also can be caused by a loose or missing oil pan drain plug or deteriorated valve cover gaskets.

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How do I mix two stroke engine fuel
ANSWER : Put oil in your petrol can add the exact amount of petrol put the cap on shake well use and store out of sunlight

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What is ment by 50 to 1 mix
ANSWER : 50 to one is a ratio of fuel to lubricating oil. Typically 50 parts petrol/gasoline to one part two stroke oil.

Oil typically comes in a special plastic bottle that incoporates a measure. Simply squeeze the right ammount of oil into the little chamber and add to 5 litres of gas.

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What oil and petrol mix does a Husqvarna 141 chainsaw use
ANSWER : ONE GALON OF GAS ON 7 ONZ OF 2CYCLE OIL.If you need more help post back!
Thumbs and testimonial are welcome!

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Do I need gas and oil mix – Poulan Super 250a Chainsaw Plate
ANSWER : I think Poulan uses a 40:1 ratio to one gallon of gas, however I have always used 50:1 the same as my sthl saws with no issue. I would rather have more oil mix that to little.

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What oil ratio to petrol do I use?
ANSWER : 40:1 is the recommended ratio for this type of engine.

If you cannot measure accurately you should tend towards more oil rather than less. That will protect your engine and the only downside will be a slightly smokier exhaust and possible oiling of the plug over time.

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ANSWER : 40 to one is a good mix

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Is it straight gas or mixed? – Poulan Pro 14" Gas Chainsaw 33CC P3314
ANSWER : It uses a gas/oil mix. 40:1Hope this helps.

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What is the mix for oil to petrol – Homelite Mighty Lite Lawn Trimmer
ANSWER : 40:1 = 3.2 Oz. 2-Stroke Oil to 1 U.S Gallon of Gas

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