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There are two potential belts for the model you posted.

The Tractor V-Belt can be found here.
Lawn Tractor belt 144959

The Ground Drive Belt.
Ground Drive Belt 140294

I hope this helps.

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The Craftsman primary drive belt is compatible with many 42″ deck tractors. Lightweight, this replacement drive belt is designed to fit on riding mowers and serves as the engine to deck primary drive belt. Make your mower run like new with a quick belt replacement.
42 In. Deck Drive Belt | CRAFTSMAN.
Start the tape measure at the hole you use and measure to the end of the belt, where it meets the buckle. Belts are measured in inches and you should round to the nearest inch. If you measure 36 inches, you will want to purchase a size 36 belt.
An easy way to determine belt size is to simply “add 2″ to your off-the-rack trouser size. For example, if you wear a 36” waist trouser, then a 38-belt size will be a safe bet. Most will find this simple formula works best for pants worn at a traditional height–close to the natural waistline.
CRAFTSMAN 42-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors.
Riding mower model numbers are found by flipping the seat forward. The model number is printed on the left side of the Product Identification Label, attached to the underside of the seat, and starts with the letters, “CM”.
To determine your belt size, measure your waist through your belt loops using a tape measure. The resulting number of inches or centimeters is your belt size. From the middle hole of your new belt, measure out the number of inches of your belt size. This is the point where you will cut the belt.
Continue to measure around the inside of the lawnmower deck until you record the distance between the last spindle pulley and Spindle Pulley 1. Add up the measurements to determine the total distance around the spindle pulleys. This is the size of the mower deck belt you need.

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Need routing guide for main drive belt
ANSWER : Hopefully this will help

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LT2000 has no fire. Starter engages, fuel on plug but not firing
ANSWER : Check all the wires for ground even a small nick in the wires will keep the engine from firing up, then check the ignition switch for wear..good luck

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I have a Craftsman LT2000 tractor and I’ve had a problem engaging and disengaging the cutting blades. For awhile the blades wouldn’t engage and now they will not disengage. I’ve replaced the mower deck belt recently. Does anyone have any ideas on how to adjust or repair this problem.
ANSWER : The pulley that the disingage spring is hooked to sounds like its freezing up it may need some oil put on it to make it slide easier

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Need a diagram for craftsman 44″ riding mower drive belt. Mine threw belt and cannot locate original manual.
ANSWER : If you can find the model number of your mower, you should be able to find your manual here. I hope this helps.

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I have an LT2000 Craftsman Riding Mower that starts fine but once it has been mowing for 10-15 minutes, cuts out and dies. Immediately able to smell that the engine is hot and a little smoke comes from the top. I have changed the gas, fuel line filter, spark plugs, both air filters and even have taken the float from the carburator and blown it out. Once cooled, starts up again immediately. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : Check the oil level might have low oil sensor on it. Also make sure the engine is clean (no built up oil and dirt on the motor itself or the fins on the motor)

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Spark Plug location LT2000 – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : Look near the valve cover

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Craftsman riding mower loose belts need tighting
ANSWER : Http://

Here ya go.

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Belt diagram for craftsman 46″ model#917258691

I am replacing the secondary belt

ANSWER : Belt routing diagrams are sometimes on the underside of the running board [so when you are laying on your back, you can look up and see it, left side usually]. on a 46 inch deck, it’s probable that the diagram is on the rear, center of the deck, you can see it by going behind the tractor, kneeling down and looking forward at the deck

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