Pro Series Side Mount Sand Filter 30″ S310s

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Filter and clean at back wash once a month

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The Recirculate setting allows water to move through the filter without going through the filter media. Note: You can also use the Waste setting for this if you`d rather completely remove the dirty water rather than recirculate it back into the pool.
WASTE/DRAIN: Another filter bypass setting, but this setting sends the water out of the waste pipe (hose), instead of returning it to the pool. This setting is used to lower pool water level or to vacuum to waste, which is best when vacuuming algae or heavy amounts of dusty, silty debris.
Heavy debris, like leaves and algae, can quickly plug up the sand in the filter, requiring a backwash within a very short amount of time. By using recirculate, you can keep the water moving, circulate the chemicals you are using, and keep the debris inside the pool, where it can be vacuumed to waste.
Your filter may be clean and normal at 9-10 psi, but your neighbor`s filter gauge could run higher, and be clean at 15-16 psi. Some systems with very low resistance can run very low pressures, barely registering, while other filter systems can run quite high, pushing 30 psi when the filter becomes dirty.
Most of the time, you will want to keep the unit set to “Filter,” which will pull water out of the pool, filter it and send the filtered water back into the pool. Many filters also have a “Recirculation” or “Auxiliary Circulation” setting.
Recirculate is great to use when there are large amounts of debris or algae that could clog your filter quickly if they are passed through. Recirculate will allow the shock to mix quickly and start working.
We recommend that the filtration rate through the sand be less than than 0.4 m3/m2/hr (or 400 liters per square meter of sand surface area per hour).
The effective size of the sand used in slow sand filters is about 0.2 mm, and may range between 0.15 mm and 0.35 mm, with a coefficient of uniformity of between 1.5 and 3.0.
Recirculate is a setting that allows you to move the pool water around without filtering it. It`s typically used when the filter itself is malfunctioning, or there is a severe algal bloom in the water that would likely overwhelm the filter.
You find the right flow rate for your pool by calculating its capacity in gallons. Then, divide that number by your desired turnover rate, ideally six to eight hours. Divide that answer by 60 to find the minimum gallons per minute, or GPM, flow rate required to achieve the desired turnover rate.
The more the filter has to work to clean your water, the more the pressure builds. If your backwash and your pressure quickly return to a high rating, it is a good indication that your sand needs to be changed out completely. It is normal for your pressure to be between 3-5 pounds per square inch (psi).
Ideally, you should run your pump for 24 hours a day, but we know that`s unrealistic (and pricey), so let`s look for an answer that keeps your pool clean and your wallet full. Generally running your pool pump for 12-hours a day is a good option.
All pool filters are labeled with an information tag on their tank. This tag includes the name of the manufacturer, model name, the various sizes of the filter in that line of models. The size of your specific unit should be marked or highlighted on this tag.
The water flows through the pump to the filter, which removes dirt, debris, and (if the filter is good) bacteria. After the water is filtered, it flows through the plumbing to the heater (if you have one) and then the salt chlorine generator (if you have a saltwater pool).
Filter Settings

Rinse: This cleans the water filled inside the filter tank. Circulate/Bypass/Recirculate: This setting is used when you need to return the water back into the pool without making it go through the filter.

Do You Run a Pool Pump While Swimming? While you can run your pump while taking a dip, it is not necessary so long as it has been running recently enough to ensure the water is clean and debris-free.
Run your pool pump and filter for at least 8 hours after. you shock your swimming pool. This provides. adequate time for the filter to clean the water and for.
Another benefit to using the air recirculation feature is the money you could save on gas. “Cars are usually more fuel-efficient when the air conditioner is set to recirculate interior air. This is because keeping the same air cool takes less energy than continuously cooling hot air from outside,” said Ruhl.
While the recirculation button is great for the summer months, it may be best to avoid it in the winter. That`s because the button (by design) traps moisture inside your car, and in the winter that could add up to foggy windows and a foggy windshield.
A good rule of thumb is to select a filter with a flow rate at least six times the volume of the tank—so for a 30-gallon tank you want a flow rate of about 200 gph (gallons per hour).
Generally, an ideal flow rate is four times the size of your tank. For example, if you have a 30-gallon tank, the recommended water flow for adequate filtration would be 120 gallons per hour (GPH). Presumably and hypothetically, the entire volume of the tank would “turn over” four times in one hour.
But many of us are unsure when to use it. Well, the easy answer is to use it in the summer and turn it off in the winter. The recirculation button simply takes the air from inside the car and recirculates it in the cabin instead of pulling fresh air from outside.
To calculate the diameter of fiberglass filter sand: For every 0.93 square meters (10 square feet) of filter sand surface, we consider a flow rate of 15 to 20 gallons (60 to 75 liters) per minute. Also, the height of the sand filter is 1.2 times the diameter of the same filter.
Oversized filter

It is always advisable to buy large filters as they are easy to maintain and have better filtering capacity. They can filter even small particles and offer more time between cleaning and backwashing.

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What should i have my filter on …..filter or recirculate
ANSWER : Filter and clean at back wash once a month

Filter problem with hayward pool system – Hayward Pro Series Side Mount Sand Filter 30" S310s
ANSWER : You didn’t say what your exact problem was so troubleshooting with you might be difficult. Below is a link to the owners manual for these pool filters. You should be able to get your filter running properly using this.

How to prime a sand filter pump – INTEX Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : It depends on the pump but most pumps have a filter bowl with a screw on cover – you need to fill this with water and start the pump. if the pipework connected to the pump and the filter are empty you will usually have to repeat this process a few times, but once the pump is primed it should start up without repriming in future – Hope this helps – Nigel

Intex sand filter is noisy – INTEX Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : These pumps on these things do make a lot noise (so much i found it’s scare’s deer from my yard thats eating my apple trees)air trapped inside sand filter makes noise as well this will work it’s way out after time

Pump making growling noise – INTEX Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : This could be serious , ck that pump is full of fresh water , and theres no sign of sand in there , if theres sand you have a oring leaking or your aration fingers require replacment , use old nylon stocking or coffee filter on pump dish to see if any sand is getting out of filter

Replaced the top gasket of the filter, turned the filter on and the water was coming out of both the pool and the backwash at the same time and the motor began to smoke. Any clue what is wrong?
ANSWER : Try consulting the owners manual for these pool filters. They have a troubleshooting guide and set up guide. It should help you know how to correct your problem.

My intex sand filter will not move water when I put the lever to filter? It will move water when I put the lever to recirc but wont move water with filter…why?
ANSWER : Im gonna guess that you stored the filter improperly off season and now the sand charge is hard as cement inside not alowing water to get thru , left alone for a week or so it might loosen up , but the best thing is to dissasemble filter and remove all sand and ck “fingers” inside this is fastest way
i allways use RV antifreeze 30/1 to store any pumps or filters off season , RV type because its nontoxic

Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : Sounds as if you either have a clogged skimmer or a colasped hose , for this type stuff to happen

i have used coils of thick copper wire (dont rust) to keep hoses from sucking closed