21″ Lawn Mower with Honda GCV160 Engine HVL 7021RH

Following my initial question I have looked at the manual and it tells me nothing. The linkages are working freely but it has been running fast since someone messed with the choke settings. The choke is stiff when you engage it on start up where it wasn’t before. In fact the transition was smooth and it isn’t now. The engine is running far too fast and using far too much petrol.
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The throttle cable has been adjusted to far foward making choke engagement hard and the govenor speed needs to be adjusted down it set to fast

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Honda GCV engines offer a quiet, yet powerful and lightweight combination for a variety of demanding applications. Ideal for residential mowers and pressure washers, these engines pack a punch.
If it still won`t start, make sure the spark plug is clean and in good working order and there is fresh fuel in the fuel tank. If that doesn`t fix it, have the engine looked at by an authorized dealer. If the engine is low on power, check the air filter for dirt and damage, and make sure the fuel is fresh.
A clogged carburetor is most commonly caused by leaving fuel in the lawn mower for a long period of time. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the engine to stall.
Fuel. This engine is designed to use standard automotive unleaded with an octane rating of 86 or higher and no more than 10% ethanol (E10) or 5% methanol.
The Honda K20 and K24 are some of the most reliable engines ever built. They come in vehicles from 2000 to around 2015, like the Civic, Acord, Acura, and more. The K20 (i-VTEC) is an inline 4-cylinder, 2L engine making – depending on other components – making 150-221 HP/131-151 lb-ft.
Kings Sprayers has manufactured our P5 and P15 sprayer models for the past 40 years using the Honda GC160 Series engine. Honda has informed us they are discontinuing the model.
The gap is 0.028″– 0.030″ and the socket size is 13/16″ (21mm). Data for this page is based on official manuals from Honda. We will show you the type of spark plug for specific models of Honda engines, the gap size, alternatives, cross reference charts and links to manuals.
A truly innovative combination of a compact combustion chamber, overhead cam configuration and uniblock construction significantly reduces fuel and oil consumption as compared to conventional side-valve engines. Honda`s simple design has made the GC and GS Series lighter and more compact than any engine in their class.
As the fuel level drops, a vacuum begins to form in the fuel tank because air can get in to fill the space the consumed fuel occupied. After about 10 or 15 minutes, the vacuum will become strong enough that fuel will stop flowing to the carburetor and the lawnmower will die.
Honda GC Engines provide an ideal source of reliable, lightweight power for a variety of consumer products including pressure washers, pumps, compressors and portable generators.
Honda worked its way up from a `paltry` 943bhp in 2018 to a whopping 1014bho in 2021. In doing so, it loses out to Mercedes by one point.

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I have an Echo PB-500T blower that won’t throttle up. I bought this blower new about 3 months ago. Before this blower I had an exact same blower that gave me the same problem. I returned that blower for a replacement and now this blower is doing the same thing. Is there something wrong with the Echo PB-500T blowers? I hate to return this one just to get another that will give me the same problem. Two new Echo blowers in less than six months having the same problem is curious. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
ANSWER : Remove the in tank fuel filter and take it apart, the felt Echo uses on the filter clogs quickly. There is still a mesh screen filter in the assembly so make sure you put it all back together and reinstall the fuel filter into the tank.

My aerogarden won’t circulate water after only one season. What is wrong? It is a bigger version than the newer models and I have cleaned it out but still no luck. I really love this thing but am frustrated that for the money one season of herbs is not a bargain. Thanks for any suggestions.
ANSWER : Call AeroGrow customer service, they will help right away.

My orbit tractor lawn sprinkler goes backwards instead of forward. So, it won’t track on the water hose. What’s wrong?
ANSWER : Try turning the nozzles the other way – they should turn counter clockwise when looking from the top, not clockwise.

I have acquired a troy bilt tb310qs leaf blower. I ran once. The on off switch will not stay in the on position. Is this a safety feature or am I doing something wrong?
ANSWER : No this can’t be a safety feature, the switch would have to have some kind of mechanical property to make it turn off, ie servo, actuator etc etc, they just don’t put that stuff on lawn and garden equipment. The switch has failed. Simply get a SPST rocker switch and put it in. You can get them for a steeper price from the manufacturer however if you look on digikey you can find them really cheep. Hope it helps.

I got a husqavarna 36 chainsaw and i just recently rebuilt it ,putting a new piston and ring in it.the problem is i cant get it to start by pulling it. it wants to start but doesnt on choke neither, could i have put the piston in wrong or the ring on wrong the ring was pinned and i thought i put it in right but couldnt see if ring moved as i put it in the cylinder.i did turn the piston/ring assembly a bit while in cylinder. can you help me.

Wrong kind of gas
ANSWER : It sounds like you used gasoline without oil in a two cycle engine. If so, the repair costs for damage to the engine, caused by running it without lubrication, may very well exceed the $250 to replace the leaf blower. However, I think it is worthwhile to have the repair shop take a look, anyway, before jumping to conclusions. Bring the leaf blower to the shop, explain what you think happened, and they should be able to check out the blower and advise you, without charging for a complete diagnosis.

Hey i just rewired my ignition switch because the connector from the wire harness to the key switch was melted i rewired everything the way it was before but now the switch doesnt make the starter spin it only clicks took the starter and tested it and it was fine i can touch the 2 bolts on the cylanoid with a screwdriver and it will turn the motor once or twice but the swtch doesnt make it do nuttin but click what could be wrong the fuse is good really need help
ANSWER : You were in the right area, it is a bad solenoid.

What is wrong with a Toro GTS5 that starts well but dies 5-10 seconds later. I have changed the spark plug, air filter and oil. New gas too. Any suggestions? Thanks.
ANSWER : I had a similar problem. I’ll bet I took off the carb. 5 – 6 times and cleaned it with no success. Very fustrating! One time while checking the fuel level I accidently left off the gas cap, I started it and while running I put the gas cap back on and started to mow and about 10 seconds it died. I thought could’nt be! So I loosened the cap, restarted and it kept running. Any way the small vent hole was plugged. Thats my story!. Good luck.