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Clean the spark plug. Check that the electrode gap is 0.020 inch (0.5 mm). The bar should be turned daily for more even wear.

Set spark plug gap at 0,6 mm.

015 inches, and the Eager Beaver gas chainsaw has 26 BTDC timing and a . 025 spark plug gap.
The gap setting is different for each vehicle but most are somewhere between 0.028″ and . 060″. Consult the owner`s manual or Champion ┬« catalog to find the recommended setting for the vehicle you`re working on.
Set spark plug gap at 0.6 mm. Ignition timing is fixed, nonadjustable.
As a rule, the gap is between 0.6 and 0.8 mm, depending on the motorcycle model. Gaps of up to 1.1 mm are less common.
Today, Champion®spark plugs come pre gapped, eliminating the need for this step most times. You should double check that the gap is correctly set; check your owner`s manual to find the distance for the spark plug gap and use a gap gauge or feeler gauge to check the distance.
The gap specification for the BR8ES spark plug is . 020″.
Why Is The Spark Plug Gap Important? The spark plug gap influences the heat range of the spark produced to ignite the air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This makes it critical to engine performance.
A: This spark plug should have a gap set to 0.02 inches.
Set gap between electrodes at 0.6 to 0.7mm. Spark-plug is defective. Install new, correctly gapped plug.

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<!– from fixya rte –>Spark plug gap setting poulan pro 033. – Poulan Pro Prod/Poulan Weedeater Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20" Gas Chain Saw
ANSWER : .025″ plug gap

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I need the spark plug gap for an Ariens ST624E. the spark plug = 21533500
ANSWER : The recommended setting is .030″

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Plug gapping geo tracker – Champion International Champion& Small Engine Spark Plug 8 Pack
ANSWER : Normally is .030″ however Due to the variety of engine and equipment configurations, your best source for spark plug information is your engine or equipment operator manual. download from
God bless you

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What is the proper gap for a Champion Spark plug CJ7Y used on a Poulan Wood Shark Model 1950
ANSWER : .025

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I want to know what the gap is on my sparkplugs for my vauxhall corsa 1400 year 2001
ANSWER : .040

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What does a spark plug gap at – Craftsman sears 18" Chain Saw Chain ( Model 35084 )
ANSWER : Hi, your spark plug gap should be the thickness of a hacksaw blade. use a hacksaw blade. sheers

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What type of spark plug and gap? – Makita DCS6401 20 20",64cc Chainsaw 2 Cycle
ANSWER : Autolite XST2974
Autolite 2974
Beru Z260
Beru 14SR-5F
Brisk PR15Y
Champion RCJ6Y
Champion stk 852
Denso W22MPR-U
Denso W20MP-U
Denso 6043
Denso W22MPRU
Denso stk 6023
General Motors 5613726
Iskra FSC75CPR
Motorcraft A22NX
Motorcraft stk 107
NGK stk 4626
Torch L7RTC
autolite 2984
Take the fresh cover of cigarette rolling papers for lack of a feeler gauge that helps good enough.

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What is the proper spark plug gap – Poulan 14" Chainsaw
ANSWER : Hi there grumpoldvet

proper gap is 0.024 to 0.028 thou

NGK plug type bpmr4a or Champion cj7y

cheers pauly46

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