42 in. Deck 19.5hp Lawn Tractor

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Discharge chute assembly

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A discharge chute is the piece of plastic or metal that deflects grass to be discharged out and away from the mower.
Lawn mower deck pitch, or sometimes referred to as, “rake,” is the tilt of the mower deck from front to back. Forward deck pitch creates an air seal at the front of the deck when the blades are rotating.
So the goal is to cause that cut grass to exit the deck space promptly. The baffles convert the air movement “up” into air movement to a chosen side direction (usually to the right, but it`s not a rule), and the deck has an opening for those clippings to exit the deck promptly.
A mower deck spindle is a component of a lawnmower that connects the blade to the deck of the mower. The spindle has two bearings that allow the blade to spin, and a pulley that drives the blade via a belt.
The Masport Chipperchute is an innovative development in lawn mowing that means your mower can do more than cut grass. The Chipperchute actually chips branches up to 35mm in diameter using the additional chipper blade and turns them into useful mulch.
APC PowerChute™ is a UPS management software enabling graceful system shutdowns and providing energy management capabilities.
The mandrel assembly attaches to the deck and spins the blade. The bearings in the mandrel assembly wear down through normal use. An unbalanced blade speeds the wear on the bearings, as does hitting rocks while mowing. The mandrel assembly in this repair guide includes the blade shaft and bearings.
A mulching mower is a machine where the blade and mowing deck are designed to chop the grass multiple times before the cut grass goes back into the lawn. Side discharge mowers direct the grass to the side, and using a bag attachment directs the grass clippings into the bag.
What is a Topper Mower? Topper mowers, as the name suggests, take the tops off long grasses, small saplings, and scrubland. Topper mowers have two blades attached to a carrier which rotates. As it spins, the blades rotate at high speeds cutting the top of the grass, brambles, etc.
The breather tube includes a reed that collects oil that lubricates the piston, and the breather tube directs the collected oil back to the crankcase. The breather tube usually has fibers that filter and cool air, preventing the engine from overheating and improving its performance.
Side discharge basically works by splattering grass clippings several feet away from the mower. Because of how the blades work, these clippings are strewn in all directions, making your lawn look messy.

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Grass cutting blowing out from in front of mower deck.
ANSWER : Dull or bent blades can cause this. Make sure that the grass is not built up under the mowing deck. You can purchase new blades at a Toro dealer like www.arcolawn.com.

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What is the cover called that goes over the deck where the grass blows out?
ANSWER : Discharge chute assembly

What is the part called on the mower deck that keeps the grass from blowing out in your face. it covers the opening on the side of the deck
ANSWER : Side discharge chute, Side chute, Discharge chute…just to name a few.

How long does Roundup take to kill weeds – Roundup "" Weed & Grass Killer
ANSWER : 5-7 days

I had hit a somewhat hidden stump on the lawn..bending the blade. Took the deck off and replaced the bent blade. Put the deck back on and now the cut seems uneven. It appears that the deck is now uneven. I attempted to follow the directions for a side-to-side leveling. Started with trying to measure the blade height and am struggling with getting to a spot where I can measure the blade on the left side. By looking at the deck, it appears to be uneven. I am struggling with being able to raise the left side of the deck.
ANSWER : I’ve only had luck removeing the deck, turn it upside down. Measure blade, mark, remove blade, insert large pipe over spindle, bend in direction. Re-install blade, and do it all over and over till straight. Measure in several locations.

How do i adjust deck belt tension – Poulan 38-Inch Steel Deck 15.5 HP Briggs & Stratton I/C Engine With 5 Speed
ANSWER : Most cases there is no adjustment to the belt if it is mounted correctly it tensions itself, if you need more adjustment you might need to just change belt because your other one is most likely stretched.

How to respool the line on grasshog electric grass trimmer
ANSWER : The empty spool can be refilled with 30′ of size .065″ nylon line. Make sure you run the line in the direction of the arrow embossed on the spool.

Need diagram of deck belt installation – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : May I get the make and model # to get you the right belt diagram