ECHO, Inc. 20 In. Double Sided Hedge Clipper

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If blades are bent or damaged, they can cause an excessive vibration. To fix this symptom, the blades will either need to be bent back into shape, or replaced with new ones. One common blade issue that typically results in this issue are bent blade teeth. This will cause vibration as they oscillate.
The Echo HCS-2810 is our top pick for single-sided hedge trimmers. It has 28-inch double-reciprocating blades with a 21.2 cc 2-stroke engine. Echo`s RazorEdge blades quickly cut like butter through branches up to a three-quarter-inch thick.
Most string trimmers use a flexible drive shaft inside the shaft housing even if the shaft is straight. These flex shafts can start to vibrate when they wear out, or when they aren`t properly lubricated. Vibration can also occur when the connection between the flex shaft and the trimmer head is loose or worn.
If your string trimmer is producing vibration, one of the most common causes is that your shaft needs to be lubricated. In order to do this, use a wrench to remove the centering screw holding the shaft into place. You also want to loosen the two clamp screws, thereby removing the head.
A 50:1 ratio with 89 through 93 Octane fuel can be used in all ECHO 2-stroke equipment, provided the oil is ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FD certified.
2 Cycle – ECHO – Gas String Trimmers – String Trimmers – The Home Depot.
There`s a lot to like about the ECHO HC-165, but first and foremost it`s just easy to start and easy to use. The balance is perfect, and the rotating handle makes cutting just about any bush, shrub, or hedge a simple process. If you want a pro-quality hedge trimmer, this is definitely a contender. It`s priced right.
Stop using your edger if it begins to vibrate excessively. This usually means that the blade is damaged or out of balance, and it could be dangerous or damaging to the edger to keep using it. The blade is most likely either damaged or worn down, causing it to spin unevenly.

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What would cause excess vibration in an Echo double sided hedge trimmer model HC-1500
ANSWER : Check for loose blade to case mounting bolts or cracked support bar.

Why does the echo start but die when i move from cold start to run?
ANSWER : Fuel issue, carb adjustment, fuel lines, carb rebuild.

What is the gas–oil mix for the echo hc-1500

How do you load the trimmer head… Lost the user manuel
ANSWER : Check out the manual (available under the technical documents section of the Echo webpage, or at )and it will tell you how to change it.

Echo manuals hard starting hedge trimmer 1500
ANSWER : All echo manuals are available on line at for free

Need Help Installing U-Turn Trimmer Head on Echo SRM-210
ANSWER : It is ridiculous, there are a bunch of bolts, and then a multi-fit brochure showing a grid of nonsense.There are instructions on the inside of the package, however that is how to string the line.

Have a royobi starved for gas
ANSWER : I have always had great luck with echo and stihl trimmers. If you keep up maintenance on them, they always seemed very reliable to me. I have a couple of each and have had them a long while and they still do a good job. Hope this helped and best wishes.

On your current weedwhacker; clean or replace the in-tank fuel filter, clean the spark plug, and clean out the screen at the exhaust port and see if that helps.

How do you properly load the spool on an Echo GT-2000 trimmer?
My brother gave me one and told me what to do, but I find that it
coils so tight that it kind of fuses itself. I have to pry it apart, thread
it through the two outlets, put the spring a=back, load the entire unit
only to have the same problem happen over and over again. I’m frustrated. Can this spool be replaced with something newer?
Help…thank you, Rob