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Most work fine by using a normal business car to set gap. Main thing is that it does not touch the flywheel or magnets.

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This chainsaw model requires a 25 thousandths of an inch gap. Now thread the plug into the cylinder. Be careful not to over tighten.
An air-gapped computer is physically segregated and incapable of connecting wirelessly or physically with other computers or network devices. Air gaps protect critical computer systems or data from potential attacks ranging from malware and ransomware to keyloggers or other attacks from malicious actors.
Replacing Ignition Coils or Armatures

Common armature gap ranges are . 006 – . 010″ and . 010 – .

Homelite recommends replacing the spark plug with an exact replacement after each 50 hours of use and setting the gap at . 025 inch.
5. Insert a spark plug gap tool in between the thin metal protrusion at the top of the spark plug and the round section below it. Homelite string trimmers require a gap between these two parts of 0.025 inches.
Plumbing codes require a minimum air gap spacing or air gap opening of 1 inch (or 25.4 mm), measured vertically.
By considering all the above studies, the optimal or typical size of the average air gap has been standardized at 6.35 mm [29,291,574].
What should the spark plugs be gapped at? When running a magneto ignition it is not necessary to run a wide spark plug gap due to the longer duration of spark. We recommend that you set your plugs anywhere from 0.018” to 0.025” with the closer gaps being used for higher RPM applications.
As long as it is not less than 0.30mm, it will be OK. If the gap is too great, the engine may not start as easily. If the gap is too small (< 0.30mm), there is the risk that the coil and flywheel might touch as the flywheel heats up and expands when the engine is run.
Clean the spark plug. Check that the electrode gap is 0.020 inch (0.5 mm). The bar should be turned daily for more even wear.
What is the correct spark plug gap for my STIHL trimmer, chainsaw, or blower? The correct gap setting is 0.020″.
Good Tension-

A properly-tensioned chainsaw chain should still be just a little loose on the chainsaw guide bar, but the chain needs to be tight enough that you can`t pull the drive links out of the bar nose.

Generally speaking, the chain should be a little loose on the chain saw guide bar, but not loose enough that the drive links come out of the bar nose. The bar links should feel like they are raising up, but not actually come out of the guide bar. Testing the tension of the chain is a fairly easy task.
This oil is a 50:1 gas-to-oil ratio. Use the whole bottle for up to 6 gallons of gas, or squeeze the bottle and let the top fill to a desired level.
Chainsaw Guide Bar, Fits Echo, Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan, Makita, Dolmar, Husqvarna and more (160SDEA041)

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Spark plug gap – Homelite Mighty Lite Blowervac
ANSWER : Usually about .020

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No spark – Homelite 'Yard Broom' Leaf Blower
ANSWER : Try a new spark plug. If you have done that and still no spark, check the flywheel coil leg gap (.012) thousand, should do it. Also, disconnect the kill switch and run a spark test again. If the unit still doesn’t have any spark, then in all probability you need a new coil or as they call them today, a new module.

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Need the spark plug gap for homelite yard broom II UT08514
ANSWER : .025

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The sparkplug RCJ6Y can you tell what the gap is Thanks
ANSWER : The gap for a similar Homelite is .025″. I didn’t find your exact model. I think you have the 26cc engine. Here is a user manual from similar models. Spark plug information is on page 16.
You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view this manual.

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What is the plug gap for a Homelite with a dj7y plug?
ANSWER : The normal gap is .020

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What is the spark plug gap on a homelite blower #08010
ANSWER : .030

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My Homelite brushcutter wants to staret but stalls
ANSWER : Ckeck for cracks in the fuel line sometimes they will crack and **** air, also the carb could need to be cleaned

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My homelite seems to running right until i cut into wood then the engine just dies for some reason
ANSWER : Not right ideal settings!

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