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A small land that you can plant some vegetable.

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plural gardens. Britannica Dictionary definition of GARDEN. 1. [count] US : an area of ground where plants (such as flowers or vegetables) are grown. We planted a small garden in our backyard.
A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the cultivation, display, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. The single feature identifying even the wildest wild garden is control. The garden can incorporate both natural and artificial materials.
garden gate. In British English, a garden is a piece of land next to a house , with flowers, vegetables , other plants, and often grass . In American English, the usual word is → yard , and a garden refers only to land which is used for growing flowers and vegetables. […]
a piece of land next to and belonging to a house, where flowers and other plants are grown, and often containing an area of grass: garden tools/furniture. a garden shed. The house has a large back garden, and a small front garden. The children were playing in the garden.
In literature, gardens represent spaces of great potential which can promote healing and learning, create romantic bonds, and even send characters into magical realms.
Their name The Garden is intended as a metaphor for their music “growing” and evolving. They began playing shows and soon, still signed to their previous band`s label Burger Records, released their debut self titled EP in May, 2012 on cassette, followed by Everything Is Perfect in December.
Etymology. From Middle English gardyn, garden, from Anglo-Norman gardin, from Frankish *gardō (“fenced-in yard, garden”), from Proto-Germanic *gardô, *gardaz, whence also inherited English yard.
It`s usually called the New American Garden. This is a garden style that draws from both the European heritage and our very own prairies, with their unique plants and look.
1. A piece of ground appropriates to the cultivation of herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables. garden is often used adjectively or in self-explaining compounds; as, garden flowers, garden tools, garden walk, garden wall, garden house or gardenhouse.
synonyms for gardening

On this page you`ll find 13 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to gardening, such as: cultivation, landscaping, planting, floriculture, growing, and tillage.

Life, beauty, death, decay, and renewal are just a few examples. As an extension of nature, gardens are perhaps a perfect metaphor for much of what makes us human. We care for our gardens much in the same way that we care for each other.
Gardening in Britain has many varied, and deep, roots. The first explanation is perhaps that these isles on Europe`s north Atlantic shore are a very good place to grow things. With a mild climate and rainfall distributed year round, the growing season is long.
“The garden is one of the two great metaphors for humanity. The garden is about life and beauty and the impermanence of all living things. The garden is about feeding your children, providing food for the tribe.
In Mark Twain`s 1885 masterpiece, the garden is the raft, and the machine is the steamboat that smashes it apart—and along with it, the (impossible) dream of a free and independent existence for Huck and Jim.
The first literary evidence of gardening comes from Sumer in Lower Mesopotamia. Gilgamesh mentions that his city (Uruk) was `one third gardens` – but the gardens were were palm orchards. Some flowers may have been grown but the main purpose was growing food and the gardens are unlikely to have been beside houses.
“Country Gardens” is an old English folk tune traditionally used for Morris dancing. It was introduced by traditional folk musician William Kimber to Cecil Sharp near the beginning of the twentieth century, then popularised by a diverse range of musicians from Percy Grainger to Jimmie Rodgers.
Beautiful gardens appeal to our senses.

The colours and immense diversity of design combinations, fragrance, flavours, sounds from birds and insects attracted to the plants and variety of textures.

Informal gardens are laid out with open large lawns, bordered by clumps of shady trees or shrubs. The shape of the garden may not be square, rectangular or circular.
A plantsman is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardener (amateur or professional), nurseryman or nurserywoman.
flowerbed. noun. an area in a garden or park where flowers are grown.
There was a beautiful garden full of flowers, birds, trees, and plants. There was a huge tree with a beehive in the centre of the garden. Two birds were sitting on the tree and were admiring the beauty of the garden. In the meantime, the queen bee came and said,” There is very less honey.

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How to get owner's manual – Troy-Bilt Pony Garden Tiller
ANSWER : Most of the time u can go to the place of sale and get one or just call
the company and get or go one line with tyap code and modal number a
and see if that helps.

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Won't seal and hold pressure – Ace Hardware Acer Spray and Go Sprayer
ANSWER : Try smearing some Vaseline on the gasket that goes around the pump shaft at the top.

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Sprayer hose split after 2 uses – Garden Brand Outdoor Garden Utility Sink – Gb4000
ANSWER : Manufacture defect–operator abuse–

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Where is the primer – Yard Machines 21A240M000 Garden Tiller
ANSWER : The manual is available here: starting procedure is on page 11.The primer should be a rubber button above the fuel tank under the filter.

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I have a 2 cycle Garden Way Garden Hoe model 352 and need a manual
ANSWER : Hello,The truth is that the user manual/instruction for your machine is not available anywhere online. The manufacturers of this unit did not make it available. I went further searching and couldn’t find any. The manual for this machine is a very scarce commodity.I would suggest you contact the manufacturer of this machine via phone or e-mail and request for the instruction/user manual from them. They might give it to you or direct you to a dealer where you can get the instruction/user manual.This is the best you can do to get the instruction/ manual you are requesting for.Go to Garden Way’s website, check “Contact Us” and you would see their e-mail and phone number.Good luck.

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John deere 300 garden tractor hydrostatic drive will not work
ANSWER : Check two things, make sure the by-pass rod is pushed all the way in and the drive belt from the engine to the rear end (tranaxle). If both check out ok do not attempt to service the tranaxle at home. have thet serviced by a dealer.

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How do you get the top off? – Roundup 2 Gallon Pro Garden Poly Tank Pump Sprayer (Roundup)
ANSWER : Howdy chloebuckski,This is a question that I get quite often. Here is the answer; with some pressure push the handle inward while turning counterclockwise. When you feel the handle sink in, keep turning and you’ve got it.Hope this helps,Coach

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What oil used in transmission – Troy-Bilt Pony Garden Tiller
ANSWER : Troy-Bilt says that if adding a few ounces only, use GL-4 or GL-5 gear oil. If refilling an empty transmission, use GL-4, with a viscosity of SAE 85W-140 or SAE 140.Best regards, –W/D–

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