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Too much fuel.

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Black smoke is usually a sign that your mower`s engine is `running rich`, i.e. getting too much fuel and not enough air. The most common cause of black smoke is a clogged air filter. Replace your mower`s air filter and this should resolve the problem.
What causes lawn mower smoke (and what to do about it) In the majority of cases, a lawnmower engine suddenly bellows out blue or white smoke because oil has spilled onto the engine. The spillage can happen if you added or changed oil and slopped some or overfilled.
If it`s clogged, the combustion chamber may not be getting enough oxygen, resulting in a too-rich fuel mixture that will cause the engine to run poorly and even spew smoke. The solution is to change the air filter, a relatively easy task. Blue and white smoke is the result of oil on the engine.
Blue or white smoke coming from your engine usually indicates burning oil, which can be caused by: Overfilling the crankcase with oil. Incorrect oil grades. Operating engine at greater than a 15 degree angle.
The symptoms that your lawn mower has low oil include making knocking and spluttering sounds while running, quickly becoming overheated, thick black smoke coming out of the mower, an engine that flat-out refuses to start, and damage to internal parts.
Crankcase air leak. Blown head gasket. Worn cylinder and/or rings. Turning/tilting the engine on its side for storage, oil change or any other reason.
When a mower is tipped over the oil has a chance to leak past the piston rings and coat the piston and valves. This will cause the motor to smoke until all the oil is burnt off, taking 5 minutes or more to stop smoking.
What Type Of Oil For a Lawn Mower? While automotive engine oil, such as 10W-30 or 10W-40, can be used in a lawn mower engine, it is generally recommended that SAE 30 motor oil be used.
Here are a few signs that your lawn mower`s engine or head gasket is blown: There`s an oil leak. There`s smoke coming from the exhaust. The mower has low power and pressure.
A faulty or dirty spark plug could be the reason your lawn mower won`t stay running. It might produce the initial spark, but the spark won`t be enough to keep the engine running if the plug is clogged with dirt and oil. Spark plugs are usually located on the front of a push lawn mower and connected to a black cable.
Here are a few signs that your lawn mower`s engine or head gasket is blown: There`s an oil leak. There`s smoke coming from the exhaust. The mower has low power and pressure.
Overfilling a lawn mower oil tank will negatively affect engine performance and possibly prevent the mower from starting. Too much oil in a lawn mower can easily clog the air filter, foul spark plugs, and potentially cause a hydro-lock, which could bend the connection rods in a multi-cylinder mower.
Black smoke almost always means too much fuel is being used. Either the fuel setting on the pump is too high, you are not getting enough air or the timing is wrong. You might also be overloading the engine.

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Lawn mower cranck but wont start…
ANSWER : Since you already checked for spark and air I would drain all the fuel out of it and check that fuel for water. Over time some lawn mowers end up with contaminated fuel. You can see the water sitting on the bottom of the fuel if you let it stand for a bit in a small plastic bowl.

Be sure to empty and dry out you fuel can as well. Especially if the mower stopped running right after a refuel. Which is a good sign your gas can is contaminated too.

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How do i add transmission oil – Ariens Lawn Tractor 46"" Riding Lawn Mower 936053"
ANSWER : Should a plug or cap on top of transaxle.

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Have a toro recycler white smoke continuous after starting
ANSWER : This is not a good sign!! You have blown a head gasket, the rings around the piston have gone bad, or you have blown a hole in the piston.The head gasket isn’t so serious, and it may be worth fixing. However, the other two scenarios are serious and wouldn’t be worth fixing if the mower is old.Good Luck!Jim

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I have a black and decker lawn mower which is electric and it suddenly stopped working. I checked the power cord and it seems to be fine. When I try to start the lawn mower, I hear the click sound but the mower does not start

Any ideas or suggestions is highly appreciated.



ANSWER : Took the mower to the Black and Decker warehouse where they replaced the switch in the handle. It cost $53.73 total.

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I have trouble starting a toro walk behind mower
ANSWER : All, I thought my carb was shot, so I replaced it. Still, start but no run (and had to use starting fluid). THEN!!! I noticed the spring to the “rev limiter” (just below and towards rear of carb) was not “tight”. The stupid bracket that holds the end of that spring had been bent down ~1/16″ and that caused all this heartache. CHECK YOUR REV LIMITER!!!

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Bosch electric lawn mower wont start, how do I fix it?
ANSWER : Cable damaged …renew cable . ..if does not work try condenser.

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Lawn mower motor runs good, the drive wheels run good but the blade won’t stay enguaged. Thanks
ANSWER : Check your cable that controls the blade engagement.

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Black decker 36v won’t start
ANSWER : Sounds like its burnt out. Or shorting out.

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