Manual,,.also can I connect welder to 60 amp subpanel using a 50 amp breaker ,, welder uses primary amps 48,, 230 volt

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If you want to run this welder in 110-volt mode only, you`ll need a generator that puts out 6,000 watts (6 KW), PLUS 30 percent for starting and demand spikes (another 2 KW), meaning you need a welder generator rated for 6,000 watts running and 8,000 peak watts.
When running on 110v MIG, you can weld from 25 to 140 amps output. That`s enough to get you from 24 gauge sheet metal up to 1/8-inch steel. On 240-volt power, the Weldpro MIG200GDsv 110v Multi Process Welder can get you up to 3/8-inch thick steel.
However, A 110v welder has more than enough power for most DIY welding tasks, and they`re the best welder for beginners looking for a flexible machine. They`re also handy for experienced welders who want a compact, lightweight machine they can easily take with them for light-duty work.
The circuit breaker that is most often used on welder installations is a double pole 60 amp size (in which case the feeder conductors must be sized accordingly) although the 50 amp size is usually more than adequate to serve the light-duty work for which most workshop units are used.
Myth: “Plugging in device designed for higher voltages (i.e. 240V) uses more electricity than a device designed for lower voltage (i.e. 120V).” Fact: The voltage does not impact how much electricity is used or your energy savings.
The most basic is the 110 volt 15 amp outlet. This is suitable for the majority of your electronic needs, such as TVs, microwaves, and small air conditioners.
For example, a 140 amp, 110V welder will be fine for metal up to 1/8″, but you should pay attention to the lower end of welding output. With MIG welders, that`s most commonly 20-30 amps, so you want to go as low as possible with thin metals.
While many welding machines can be plugged into 120 volts or 240 volts, you generally won`t be able to access the machine`s full potential (power output) unless you`re using a 240-volt plug.
There is a cheaper way to weld your aluminum together.

It`s a 220 volt machine but a 110 volt machine will work just as well.

In the United States, a common con- figuration would be a welding power source that can operate on either 208 volt primary, 230 volt primary, or 460 volt primary.
If you look at the specification information on most 120V welders, it will show that they operate off 120V power and have a max amp draw of 20 Amps. This means that you need a dedicated 120V circuit to run a typical 120V welder.
A welder such as a Millermatic 211 or Multimatic 215 welder is typically able to handle most household projects, but some welders prefer to use a 220V welder at home so that they can weld thicker steel on heavy-duty projects and achieve sufficient heat to create a strong weld.
220v is less wasteful since it uses less current power. In other words, it utilizes fewer amps to generate power, while 110v needs more amps to produce the same power. However, the high voltage level in 220v entails a greater risk of electrical shock.
For the same amount of energy 110V requires more current, hence thicker wires. 230V requires better isolation. In some rare situations 220V might be more dangerous to touch.
Cost was the main reason Europe went with 220 volts (now 230). Counterintuitively, higher voltages allow the use of thinner wire, meaning less copper in the early days of power lines. Power companies could save money on wire by using 220 volts rather than 110. Berlin is one example.
240-volt circuits run to a single outlet, typically carry 30 or 50 amps of power, and are protected by a double-pole breaker at the panel.
A 110-VOLT supply is less likely to electrocute you. A 220-volt supply can transmit the power more cheaply because a smaller current is needed, and so you can use thinner cables and/or lose less energy through heat generated in the cables.
A 90-amp welder should use about 3,000 watts.

Much smaller than industrial-sized welders, a machine with an output of 90 to 100 amp should operate sufficiently on a 3,000-watt generator.

Re: Stick 110 vs. 220. The advantage to a 220v stick machine is that it has a much higher available amperage, i.e., you can use larger diameter rods and weld thicker materials. It will also tend to have a higher duty cycle in the range your 110v machine tops out at.
I would say go with a 3/32 6011 rod. Cheap 110v welders really tend to max out at about 85-90 amps, so with a 3/32 6011, you can comfortably run it at 60-75 amps, which should be an OK range for that welder without tripping the breaker.
Can you MIG weld stainless steel? Again, yes you can. Firstly, as with any welding process, make sure your MIG welding machine is set up correctly for welding stainless steel. We recommend that you always fit a Teflon wire liner; this will ensure good wire feed as well as preventing wire contamination.
For example, a typical 100-amp stick welding machine may consume between 1,500 and 6,000 watts. However, the power consumption may increase for higher-rated machines. Stick welding machines have a relatively low duty cycle and are generally not suitable for continuous welding applications.
But not so fast if using an extension cord with a welder. Welders draw large amounts of current. Use a cord made with a thin wire, and you risk fire, tripped circuit breakers, damage to your welder, and even damage to the wires, circuit breakers, and outlet supplying the current.
If you look at the specification information on most 120V welders, it will show that they operate off 120V power and have a max amp draw of 20 Amps.

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How do you remove the ignition coil? I can remove the bolt quite easily, but how do you remove the post which secures the other end of the coil?
ANSWER : Would of been very helpful if you would of mentioned the engine you are working on… model/serial numbers would of been even better !!!

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I need a new engine for my lawn mower (MTD)
The model “no” is 124802,,
type =0610-01
code =94062259
Where can I buy one from ? ,,I live WA PERTH
ANSWER : Call 1-800-873-6722 and give them the model and type number. I can tell you, this is going to be a lot more expensive than just buying a new mower.

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Drive belt 42″ craftsman tractor model #917.270810
ANSWER : You need to post the 917.xxxxxx model number for some one to help you. There are about 10 different belts that fit different 42″ Craftsman mowers.
You could also go to www3, and put in the same 917.xxxxxx model number and look up the part number. You do not want to buy a belt just by the size alone but must use one that is made for the machine application. The cheaper ones that you pick up in the local hardware store etc. like a 3Lxxx or 4Lxxx are made for low horsepower electric motors and will not last on your lawnmower.

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Hi I have a Cigweld 170 hf I am the second owner of it and a good friend brought it new,its done very little work around 20-30 hrs from new, we currently live on a rural dairy farm and has developed a problem where we turn the welder on goes to start up for around 3-4 seconds then shuts down and we might have to do that conscequectivly three or four times then the welder will run and have no problems on mmaw but if on gtaw on hf setting and we push the hf button ready to weld the welder sometimes might stop and shut down,so we have sent the welder away twice and they can’t find anything wrong with the welder,we spoke to a electrcian today because the 240 volt power supply socket has had the earth pin filled down to go in a 10 amp wall socket and he thought it shouldn’t make a difference this welder has the same problem at the cowshed and we have many engineers with welders running all the time with no problems. Its so frustrating because a five minute job tig welding stainless sheet takes me maybe 30-40 minutes by the time this welder throws a wobbly all the time can you help in any way. Thanks Reece

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ANSWER : Take or call the saw shop and give them your serial # they should be able to tell you the model or take your saw down to the saw shop that sells your brand of saw and ask them. Good luck .

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I need an owners mannual for poulan chain saw model #p3314
ANSWER : Try this site … You may have to sign up with e-mail address.

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Valve clearances for jd la valve adjustment only John Deere Tractor Model L A doesn’t cut it with this web site so that is the reason for this approach
ANSWER : 0.08mm-0.13 mm- intake top
0.13mm-0.18mm- exhaust bottom

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I am serching for my older brother. he has a troy built tiller, model# 21A-643_B711-188399, serial # 1D253K60002. Tecumseh engine model # 0H195EA, model # 618-04360, Serial# 1D20601 0067 ,6.0 HP 195cc. We need a dpagram to hookup wires and /or spings of thi tiller can you help. I sincerely thank you, Dallas

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