I have a weedeater featherlight plus…the engine quit running.. ..hard to start like of I pulled the plate to the pump off.. pump was very stiff so I replaced it..weed eater will idel..but will only contune to run if held wide open..engine surges medium,,to .. light notice more when the weedeater. tilted up or down,,when held evenly it gangs power..ive been through the CARB> to or three times I see nothing wrong with,, I over looking something..NOTE when you try to sped engine. trys to kill out..BUT if chok is closed 3/4 way the engine will pick up more my carb st
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Sounds like the carb is still not right or the unit is low on compression – you need 90 lbs min

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A string trimmer, also known by the portmanteau strimmer and the trademarks Weedwacker, Weed Eater and Whipper Snipper, is a garden tool for cutting grass, small weeds, and groundcover.
A machine that is a grass trimmer.
String trimmers are used to trim the grass in tight spots that a lawn mower can`t reach, like along a fence, under decks, or near delicate plants and shrubs. On the other hand, lawn edgers are used to clean up borders along sidewalks and driveways.
Technically, Weed Eater is a brand, not a tool. The tool we`re talking about is a string trimmer. Much like Kleenex is a tissue and Sawzall is a reciprocating saw, the brand name is synonymous with the tool type.
The dominant name in the UK is Strimmer.

Or a combination of the words string trimmer. Its closest competitor for popularity to strimmer in the UK is line trimmer.

The most common American equivalent term is Weed Whacker (US) though there are many variants regionally including weed eater and weed whipper. Similar meaning: Weed Whacker (US), edge trimmer, line trimmer, whipper-snipper, weed whip.
4. a person who alters his or her opinions on the grounds of expediency.
n. A portable power tool used for cutting weeds and trimming lawn edges, consisting of a long handle and a motor that spins a short length of nylon string at high speeds.
For landscape pros and homeowners alike, a weed eater, also known as a weed wacker, weed trimmer or string trimmer, is essential to creating the manicured lawn everyone wants. It lets you abolish weeds, trim grass in places a lawnmower can`t reach and create clean edges around driveways, walkways and other areas.
The two main types of string trimmers are gas-powered and electric. Gas string trimmers are cordless, powerful, have two-cycle engines and require a mix of gas and oil to operate. These are often considered the best string trimmers for grass.
A trimmer mower uses just two wheels and they are oversized to roll well on terrain that doesn`t get as much attention as a typical lawn. To adjust the cutting height of your lawn mower, you pivot the wheels so they either raise or lower the deck.
synonyms for trimmer

On this page you`ll find 26 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to trimmer, such as: mower, cutter, grass cutter, push mower, and riding mower.

If you refer to a young person as a whippersnapper, you disapprove of them because you think that they are behaving more confidently than they should.
whipper snipper (plural whipper snippers) (Australia, Canada) A string trimmer; a strimmer.
a hedge trimmer (also called hedge clippers, hedge shears, shrub trimmer, or bush trimmer), a stand-alone manual or powered garden tool, or (rarely) a tractor-mounted machine.
It allows you to trim, shape and style facial hair, at the ease of your washroom. You can use trimmers on your beard, moustache and side burns and with some variants (called clippers) even on your head.
A trimmer can be your new best friend if you want to get salon-like skin at home without risking cuts, nicks, infections, or rashes. Trimmers for women are ideal even for removing hair from the upper lip, underarms, and pubic regions.
Manual clippers were invented between 1850 and 1890 by Nikola Bizumińá, a Serbian barber. While they were widely used in the distant past, the advent and reduction in cost of electric hair clippers has led to them largely replacing manual clippers.
South and West States Prefer Weed Eater.
1. arborist. noun. a specialist in treating damaged trees.
Why do I need a weed eater? Weed eaters are an indispensable power tool in the DIY lawn maintenance tool kit. These handy machines help homeowners and lawn pros cut down grass and weeds in areas that a lawn mower just won`t reach.
Strimmers cut the long grass and weeds that a mower can`t reach. They`re great for cutting in tricky places, such as around the base of a tree, the corner of a lawn, or on steep slopes. Depending on their power and their blade material, they can also tackle woodier growth like ivy, brambles, and stinging nettles.
I recommend using a string trimmer (weed wacker) or Dutch Hoe to trim weeds or perennials in unwanted areas instead of weeding by hand. If taller perennial plants are invading your paths or larger areas outside your garden, cut the stalks before they get too tall with a string trimmer or Dutch hoe.

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Auto feed doesn’t work
ANSWER : Take the end apart and make sure the line is not getting bound up or is not over filled to where it can not move freely

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How to check coil on weedeater
ANSWER : Get a cheap spark checker at your local auto parts store.

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Need string for Homelite trimmer (Model UT20042)
ANSWER : Genarally the size of line for that size of line trimmer is 2.0mm

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My petrol weedeater/trimmer wont start – Ryobi Three Trimmer Combo
ANSWER : A few easy steps does it spark if not change the plug
if it doesnt spark now it could be a split in the HT lead so change that
Make sure u have clean petrol/oil mix
If still no luck check the on/off switch for rust or water
if damaged clean

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Hard to start and will only run on choke or partial choke
problem is probably due to a fuel flow problem or clogged air filter, but could be caused by
the insulation of the spark plug breaking down when it gets hot. Try
changing the plug and if this doesn’t work have a look at these tips: this helps!

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How do you put on new trimmer line on a dual feed weedeater
ANSWER : Enter you machine’s model # @ and download your user manual. They will explain this better than I can and have diagrams you can look at to assist.

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How do you take off the spool head of a craftman weedeater and replace it with a precut line head?
ANSWER : You can remove the spool by pulling firmly on the tapper button to remove it. The spool will then be exposed and can be replaced. reinstall the button by snapping back into place.

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My trimmer slows down when applied to material to cut; on its own it runs fine. its electric & feels like its going to stall when you’re cutting. what gives?
ANSWER : Take it apart and clean the slip rings and brushes

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