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It is caused by excessive carbon deposits or engine sludge developing inside the crankcase. When the oil does not flow efficiently, excessive engine oil pressure will be created and cause extra oil to push through the PCV valve and into the air intake.
A Faulty Oil Filter or Oil Filter Leakage

It`s the oil filter`s job to parse these out and keep your engine oil supply free of contaminants. But when the oil filter is installed too loosely, it can start to cause leaks and allow oil to flow in places it`s not meant to be.

Oil filler cap or oil fill gasket is damaged or missing. Breather mechanism is dirty, damaged or defective. Piston ring gaps are aligned. Piston rings are worn.
Turn off the filter`s water supply. Check for any loose or damaged plumbing components and tighten them as needed. Check the filter housing for cracks or other damage, and replace it if necessary. Turn on the filter`s water supply to see if the leak has been fixed.
Leaking Pool Filter – this might happen when the filter is under pressure or turned off. Decrease in Filter Pressure – check your filter pressure gauge; any gaps in the filter seal will cause the system to lose pressure. Reduced Water Level in Pool – especially for above ground pools.
Gas leaks around the lawn mower air filter can indicate your engine valves are not working properly. If your engine has a fuel shut-off valve, ensure that this valve is closed when the engine is not in use.
Most commonly, this happens when the oil pan gasket or valve cover gasket are over-tightened. It can also happen when tightness is not evenly distributed. Another reason can be the improper attachment of the oil filter, as the engine oil flows continuously through it, and if it`s loose, you can experience a leak there.
When oil drips out of an air cleaner assembly, it is usually an indication that the air cleaner element is due to be cleaned, or changed.
A clogged filter can`t directly cause water leaks in a furnace, but it can contribute to leaking air conditioner problems if they share the same ductwork. Many central air conditioning systems are installed with the evaporator coil sitting on top of the furnace inside the main supply duct.
Over- or Under-tightening

Besides making it difficult to remove when replacing the oil filter, over-tightening can crush the filter gasket, causing it to leak. When not properly tightened, any vehicle part designed to seal against a leak will loosen from normal engine or driving vibrations and cause leaks.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Leak? As motor oil leakage is a serious issue, the service price is around $85-$155, but can increase depending on what`s wrong. Plus, there`s an added labor cost between $70 and $1120.
A wet air filter is not doing its job properly! Wet air filters result in less airflow and higher energy bills. They can also ultimately cause a blown motor or frozen evaporator. Lastly, they can cause mold issues and poor air quality, which can cause serious health issues.
Decreased fuel economy

A bad or dirty air filter restricts air flow, lowering the oxygen in the mixture. Your engine compensates for this by consuming more fuel to produce enough power to move the same distance or speed as you could with a clean filter.

If your car`s air filter gets damp, your engine won`t perform as well because water will take up the space meant for air to pass through. But if you run the engine for long enough, the moisture will not harm your car or engine at all. There you go.
The most critical engine oil leaks are those that starve your engine of oil. If you see a large puddle on the ground, don`t try starting your engine. You may not have enough oil left to lubricate your engine and can cause permanent damage that can only be repaired by an engine rebuild or replacement.
Oil toxicity: Oil consists of many different toxic compounds. These toxic compounds can cause severe health problems like heart damage, stunted growth, immune system effects, and even death.
A dry or non-oiled oil foam filter will trap only the largest particles. If the air filter element is foam only, it MUST be oiled and serviced regularly. Your foam filter requires replacement every 3 months or after 25 hours of use, whichever occurs first, more often under dusty conditions.
A mower engine will run without an air filter, however prolonged use without the air filter risks damaging the piston and cylinder.
It`s normal to have a few oil drips a few hours after an oil change. However, any more than that, and you`ll need to determine where the leak is coming from. There are several ways to determine if the leak is coming from the drain plug, such as the gasket part being worn or dirty.
Generally, oil leaks from oil pans are rare since they are tightly fitted. But any sort of damage or a loose-fitting pan can cause an oil leak. An oil leak can also happen if the oil pan gasket gets worn out, just like the worn-out valve cover gasket. Well, these were the common reasons behind oil leaks.
In an extreme case, the air filter will be so damaged that it will fail to prevent particles from entering the combustion chamber. Such particles are abrasive to the pistons, piston rings and cylinder walls, and will gradually increase engine wear and oil consumption, and also contaminate the oil.
As a rule of thumb, most average drivers should be able to go one to two years before needing a new air filter. A word of warning: Any mechanic who recommends a new engine air filter every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change (i.e., every 3,000-5,000 miles) is a red flag.
Naturally, your air filters should be replaced in case of any damage. However, to maintain the highest possible performance of your car, it is recommended to replace your air filters at least every 12,000 to 15,000 miles (19,000 to 24,000 km).

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A lot gas leaking coming from gas tank hose goin to carbureiro.
ANSWER : Those fuel lines have a track record of disintegrating, take pieces of each hose to local repair shop or dealer and get new fuel line usually called tygon and is yellow in color. Look how the hose is set up before taking apart maybe take pictures. Good Luck…

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I put to much oil in my weed eater, lot of blue smoke came out, then it stopped. if i pour some of the oil out and let it cool off will it be ok
ANSWER : Should be ok drain oil to correct level remove spark plug clean and dry plug,with plug out crank over to remove oil from cylender,make sure air filter did not get oil soaked if dry reinstall if wet replace. reinstall spark plug and start probably will smoke untill it burns off residual oil in muffler hope this helps

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My weed eater is leaking gas, and i dunno where from
ANSWER : Your fuel lines are probably old & brittel they are the first thing to leak on those sometimes they leak around the tank but they are really thin lines & they get hot from engine heat & dry rot easly replace both lines from carb to tank & the leak will be gone most lines are 1/4 lines in most cases

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My weed eater hedge trimmer runs for about 10 minutes and cuts off. It seems as though it is flooded, because it won’t start again until some time later. But it continues with the same pattern. I purchased a can of premixed gas/oil to make sure it was my mixture, to no avail. I have not replaced the spark plug yet, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Do you have any suggestions?
ANSWER : The plug can be the problem but also the air mix as well get the best plug you can

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Weed eater won’t run
ANSWER : Sounds like you may just have a dirty carburetor.Youwill need to disassemble the carburetor and spray with carb.cleaner.Make sure the small screen is free of debris. (Should be able to seedaylight through it.)Use a Den Tek Brush, (,to clean the small portals in carb. These portals can become blocked. Reassemble and start.If the carb. parts are more than 4 years old, you may have to replace them.If you need further assistance, just let me know.Jim

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I just bought a Weed Eater 22″ gas push mower. Do I mix oil with the gas to run, as I do not see an oil input? p.s. I purchased this at a yard sale.
ANSWER : If it has a dipstick or plug to check the oil in the engine you do NOT mix gas and oil.
Use regular unleaded gas only and use 30 weight detergent oil in the engine crankcase if it is low.

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How do you fix a broken gas line to gas tank that was previously glued but does not hold and leaks gas to a Poulan GE21 weedeater?
ANSWER : Buy a new gas tank! Are you serious! Or buy a new weed eater, if you can’t live without this one, those models are cheap, don’t waste your time.

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What ratio of oil and gas do I mix together? How do you start it? I bought the weed eater used.
ANSWER : If you bought it used, you can bet that they didn’t run it out of fuel before they stored it, so the gas evapoated out of the carb and all that was left was oil, so mix your fuel 8 to one eight parts gas and one part oil, you’ll have to hit the primer botton several times.

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