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Leakage From the Filter

You might want to check your spider gasket seals, o-rings, and valves for issues. Recalibrating these parts can help you remedy the problem. But if not, you will need to replace them with new ones.

A bit of water dripping out of your sand filter`s waste line after backwashing the filter is a normal occurrence. However, if this drip continues for a long time and/or the drip becomes more intense, you could have a problem on your hands. Typically, an old or damaged spider gasket is to blame for a leaking waste line.
Leaking Pool Filter – this might happen when the filter is under pressure or turned off. Decrease in Filter Pressure – check your filter pressure gauge; any gaps in the filter seal will cause the system to lose pressure. Reduced Water Level in Pool – especially for above ground pools.
Usually the cause for this is the small O-rings on your multiport valve rotor getting unseated or having debris get stuck there. In that case then the fix is quite simple, simply clean and reseat the O-rings (don`t forget to apply the silicone lubricant) and your leaking problems should be gone.
Amongst the three, the most common type of leakage is where the motor attaches to the basket housing. A home owner with basic mechanical skills can fix a leaky pool pump by finding the source of the leak and obtaining a new gasket or O-ring based on the brand and model of the pump.
A steady or high-pressure stream of water will likely indicate a bad gasket or o-ring. If the leak is coming from either of the pipes that lead into or out of the filter, the union seal or o-ring can be changed relatively easily.
The Main Causes of Water Filtration Leaks

With quick-connect fittings, you might find that the tube has not been fully inserted into the fitting, which can cause a leakage problem. Another common issue with quick-connect fittings includes a missing lock sleeve, which can also cause a leak in your system.

Backwashing a sand filter too often could lead to cloudy water. Assuming that your pressure gauge is functioning properly, resist the urge to backwash a sand filter until it`s climbed at least 5 psi higher than the clean pressure.

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Pump making growling noise – INTEX Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : This could be serious , ck that pump is full of fresh water , and theres no sign of sand in there , if theres sand you have a oring leaking or your aration fingers require replacment , use old nylon stocking or coffee filter on pump dish to see if any sand is getting out of filter

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Filter problem with hayward pool system – Hayward Pro Series Side Mount Sand Filter 30" S310s
ANSWER : You didn’t say what your exact problem was so troubleshooting with you might be difficult. Below is a link to the owners manual for these pool filters. You should be able to get your filter running properly using this.


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Why is my sand pump filter not cycling pool water; the intake line along pool wall seems to be clogged.
ANSWER : I had this issue on a hayward. Bottom line, look at the secondary filter on the intake. I had a huge amount of leaves in there. When you open it up clean the basket and let the water flow for a minute. Also, back wash your filter.

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Water is not filtering right so l want to know if l connected the hose right. show me how to connect the hose from the sand filter to the pool and the motor or generator.
ANSWER : Here is a copy of the users manual for these pool filters. It has a diagram for setup that should help you know where to connect the hose. http://www.backyardcitypools.com/images/bwp/carefree-manual.pdf

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How to prime a sand filter pump – INTEX Sand Filter Pump
ANSWER : It depends on the pump but most pumps have a filter bowl with a screw on cover – you need to fill this with water and start the pump. if the pipework connected to the pump and the filter are empty you will usually have to repeat this process a few times, but once the pump is primed it should start up without repriming in future – Hope this helps – Nigel

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My intex sand filter is shooting sand into the pool
ANSWER : You have a broken “lateral”. You will have to remove the sand from the filter, find and replace the broken lateral (pipe with slots in it in the bottom of the filter). When you are ready to refill the sand, put enough water in the filter to cover the laterals (several inches actually) to avoid damaging them as you fill.

Thanks for allowing me to assist you this evening @ FixYa.com

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Sand shooting back in pool
ANSWER : If you took “Pump” apart, you wouldn’t have found broken laterals. You will need to open up the “Filter” to find laterals. If sand is ending up in the pool, you either have a broken component within the filter or you have an overfilled filter tank and during backwash sand is lifted up into the valve, and upon returning valve position back to “Filter” the residual is blown back to pool via the return inlet. If this is the case that is why always follow label / owners manual directions as to Quantity of media to add. More is not necessarily always better!

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How do a fix an intex sand pump that will not turn on
ANSWER : The panel that Rove or pump control panel may have a problem, you may need to change the control system.
Cleaning and off or turn it on again.
Using an Above Ground Pool Sand Filter

Pentair Quad 60 Cartridge Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene Tank

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