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Need engine model number.

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Valve Clearance Tips

Recommended valve-to-piston clearance is generally 0.080-inch minimum on the intake side and 0.100-inch minimum for the exhaust valve. The exhaust needs a little more clearance because it expands more with heat.

Running Clearance 0.025/0.063 mm (0.0010/0.0025 in.)
0.070 mm (0.0028 in.)
Clearances differ for the two valves and typically range from . 002 – . 004″ to . 005 – .
Too much clearance means the valves will likely clatter and, over the long term, cause damage to the valves, camshaft lobes or rocker arms. If there`s too little valve clearance, the valves won`t fully close, causing excessive heat, and the engine will lose power.
This is the total volume remaining in the cylinder at the end of the piston stroke. This consists of the volume between the end of the piston and the cylinder head, in the valve ports and the volume in the suction valve guards and the discharge valve seats [26].
Running Clearance 0.013/0.0555 mm (0.00051/0.00217 in.)
If the valve clearance is too tight, then the valve will open earlier and close later then intended. If it too loose, the valve will open later and close earlier. The effect of setting the valve lash too tight can result in the valve not fully closing on the seat.
Tappet clearance, also known as valve clearance, is the small gap between the rocker arm and the top of the valve stem (Yoke). Engineers can observe and adjust tappet clearance only when the valves are in a closed position and the engine is cooled at the compression stroke.
Rule of nine

With any given valve open, count what number valve that is from the front. Subtract that number from nine. Whatever number you`re left with is the valve you`re in position to set. So, with number 1 rocker opening its valve, you`ll be setting clearance on (9 minus 1), number 8 valve.

To do that on a four-cylinder, eight-valve engine, use the rule of nine. Counting from the front of the engine if number eight valve is fully open, subtract eight from nine and the answer is one, so adjust the clearance on valve number one. If number six is closed, then adjust number three and so on.

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Valve adjustment intake/exhaust – Craftsman Kohler Courage 26 hp 54" Garden Tractor (CA) ()
ANSWER : I’ll bite, what’s your question Mike? If you are looking for a how to, you can probably find it at the manufacturer’s website, without going into too much detail however I can offer you a general approach.- Remove the front hood of the mower and the shroud if it has one.- Disconnect the carb, and exhaust and move it aside.- Remove the Spark plug- Carefully remove the valve cover in the front of the engine.- Look up the proper valve adjustment settings for your model.- Get the engine at top dead center.- Take measurements and adjust the valves accordingly.- Clean the valve cover itself, and where it’s going to be seated.- Apply a thin coat of gasket sealant, put the cover back on.- Wait for the sealant to bond (depends on manufacturer specs_- Fire it up.Keep in mind, this is a general guide, see your manufacturer’s manuals and technical diagrams for more details.

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Wshat is the valve clearence for a 24 hp briggs and stratton engine model 446677 type 0470E1 code 050405yh
ANSWER : About a mm or .004″.

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Missing oil dipstick
ANSWER : Hello:

You can Purchase a New Dipstick from your Local Small Engine Service Center or Online.
Hope this Helps.

Good Luck



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Engine cuts out when engaging clutch or engaging blades..
ANSWER : Lift the seat and make sure the connector is firmly plugged into the seat switch

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Will any other engine fit a craftsmen 26 hp lawn tractor other than the kohler
ANSWER : Yes there are 2 other options.
Briggs and Stratton, and Onan.
Here is the information. You will need to have your output shaft size.

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Have a 20 HP twin cylinder KOHLER engine on CRAFTSMAN mower.
ANSWER : Did you check your gas? Generally a loud popping sound indicates water in the fuel. If there is one carb hitting and one not, the one not hitting may be full of water. Drain the carb bowls. Drain the tank. Clean the spark plugs and try it.

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How to remove clutch kohler 23 hp command series?
ANSWER : Remove the bolt… if it still doesn’t come off the safest way is to put a sacrificial bolt back in and use an air hammer to hit the bolt as the clutch slowly comes off… pb blaster helps a lot

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Can I add an hour meter to my Crafstman 917.289340 lawn tractor with the 22 HP Kohler engine? Found a part #401763 for a different model Craftsman. Will it work?
ANSWER : Yes, you need to find a wire that is hot (12vdc) when the engine is running, tap into this wire and hook to the positive side of the hour meter and the other will be a ground. This will keep track of engine hours only. If you want complete total hours, any hot wire with the switch on will work.

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