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Nozzles are the core element that creates the mist. Misting nozzles spray water in the form of tiny droplets, following which flash evaporation takes place to cool the area.

Place nozzles every 8-10 feet around the perimeter of your yard. For nozzles on your fence, use slimline tee nozzles. For nozzles that will be above hard surfaces such as a deck or concrete, use Hago tee nozzles to prevent drip stains.

Low pressure mists

Other designs of fog nozzle require pressures of at least 3 or 4 bar to operate. L series nozzles will spray at pressures as low as 1 bar making them ideal for situations where maintaining higher pressures is costly or technically difficult.

For moderate and/or humid climates, orifice in 0.1m to 0.15mm size is recommended. For very dry and hot climates 0.2mm misting nozzles can be used. Orifice comes in ceramic and stainless steel materials.
Hydraulic nozzles only use liquid pressure, whereas pneumatic nozzles use air and liquid pressure.
A nozzle is a device that increase the velocity of a fluid at the expense of pressure. A diffuser is a device that increase the pressure of a fluid by slowing it down.
Water usage of a misting system simply depends on the type of system used, but it is said that between 600ml and 800ml of water is used approximately per minute.
Check the Tube

Instead, it`s likely your spray bottle isn`t spraying properly because the tube has disconnected from the nozzle. To check this, poepping says to push down on the sprayer. If you can press down with ease, but the product isn`t coming out, it`s likely a disconnect with the tube.

Causes: The probable cause of an insufficient mist may be because of a damaged nozzle, inadequate water supply or damages in the unit as a whole. Inadequate water together with the worn, clogged and damaged nozzle may prompt the misting unit to give out little or no mist at all.
Low pressure mists

Other designs of fog nozzle require pressures of at least 3 or 4 bar to operate. L series nozzles will spray at pressures as low as 1 bar making them ideal for situations where maintaining higher pressures is costly or technically difficult.

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Bent blade spool
ANSWER : You may need a puller

Broken pullcord the pull cord on my cub cadet push mowersnaped and broken and we put it back in and know it wont wind back in
ANSWER : Yeah I got the same problem. My pull cord broke in the first season. On my own once the plastic cover is removed, 4 phillips screws, the cord housing is secured by 3 10mm nuts. Remove them and lift out the housing. On my own unit the spring had also slipped out of the mount on the shaft securing the assembly (another 10mm socket nut will loosen that) and I had to resecure that first, then wind it up before making the knot.. I used a Briggs and Stratton cord from another (truly dead) mower and have had no problems since then.

My mower blades disengage when operating.
ANSWER : Not sure of your question, but if you mean, they start when you flip the switch and then disengage but the switch stays up.. you need to check two things. (1) The out put of your alternator, read the battery with a volt meter before you start it, then start up the engine and read the voltage again should be a higher reading with the engine running. 12.4 vdc with the engine off – 13.7 vdc with it running. (just an example). Next will be your seat switch.There is a switch under the seat if you are not sitting in the seat the blades should turn off. so the switch could be out of its socket, or broken.

I have a Ryobi RHT 2660DA Hedge trimmer that will not start. I have tried the following things;
1. Replacing the spark plug. There is a good spark on both the old and new plug.
2. Adjusted the carburetor as suggested.
3. Put a teaspoon of fuel into the spark plug hole directly. Does not even try.
4. Tried easy start in the spark plug hole directly and into carburetor. No joy.
5. Took off carburetor and cleaned a suggested. No joy.
6. Replaced the available diaphragms (4 in all). No joy.
7. Replace carburetor with a new one. Same result.
8. Checked compression which was only about 50 per square inch.
9. Checked tightness of crankcase screws. All tight.
10. Replace crankcase gasket. Still same compression result. Again no joy.
11. This machine is about 5 years old but only used about 5 or 6 times so should not be a wear problem.
12. Replace mixture (did this early on in the sequence)
13. Took off exhaust which was full of fluid. Cleaned and dried, but to no avail.
14. Stripped unit down as I started to believe this was a timing or compression problems, but I cannot get the bottom clutch unit off (do not know how to remove it as it looks like an interference fit on the shaft. As a result I cannot get to the flywheel to see whether the key way or key has sheared or the timing has somehow moved.

I am now at a lost of a way forward. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. At the moment I am left with what is an expensive piece of junk.

Need to replace fuel lines on my Troy Bilt gas hedge trimmer. Where can I get replacement fuel lines… or better yet… what size are the lines and where can I buy a few feet of the lines. Note: I have reviewed the parts assembly and it would seem to indicate I have to replace the entire handle assembly (Part #1) instead of just buying replacement hose(s). Any help to resolve my issue would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance
ANSWER : Replacement fuel lines should be readily available at your local lawnmower repair shop. Your TroyBilt hedger uses fuel line that is 3/32″ (2.4mm) interior dimension, 3/16″ (4.8mm) outside dimension, with a 3/64″ (1.2mm) wall dimension.
Most manufacturers don’t offer replacement line, only fuel tank assemblies. Find your local shop, and try to get the TYGON brand…it is yellow. Tygon lasts the longest. You should be able to buy it by the foot for less than $2 per foot. You will need 2 feet of hose to replace both lines.

Make sure to clean the in-tank filter when replacing hoses.

Good luck.

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower pull Cord broken
ANSWER : There should be four bolts holding the cover on that houses the pull cord assembly take the bolts out look inside you should see the rest of the broken cord at the other end there is a spool that the cord rolls up in to pull the cord until it stops the other end of the cord is a not in the cord pull on the knot the broken peice should come out turn the spool 2 times in the direction that is against the pressre while holding the spool in place feed the new cord in through the whole that you pulled the broken cord out of then tie the cord in a knot wind the rest of the cord up then feed the other end of the cord through the new pull handle tie the cord in a knot put the housing back on

Model #2166 – pto belt 954-3055A replaces 754-3055A …
this belt literally falls off when blades ren’t engaged. Any way to adjust tension? A $47 belt ought to fit!
Book says its 5/8 x 112.4 Lg …. Loppy n Sloppy!

Trying to replace the pull cord , can’t get last housing off to get to coile up old cord , the shaft has a nut on the end that the auger screws into but i cannot get that piece off as there is no where to put a wrench to stop the turning of the engine shaft so i can torque the nut in the other direction to get it off , what do i do to get this pull cord replaced?
ANSWER : Use an impact wrench it will hit the nut so fast it will loosen it befroe the engine car turn over