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Check that the filter on the little weight at the end of the fuel line in the tank is clean. If it still does the same after that, you will need to strip the carb and clean out all the passages and jets, and the needle and its recess. There is a little filter that you must clean but be careful that you do not loose it. It is under the cover with the valve plate below it.

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A clogged carburetor is most commonly caused by leaving fuel in the string trimmer for a long period of time. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the engine to stall.
Fuel Filter and Gas Cap

The trimmer can sputter and stall if it isn`t getting enough fuel, and that can happen simply because the fuel filter is dirty. Fuel filters are inexpensive, and it`s more practical to replace a dirty one than it is to try to clean it. On most models, it`s in the gas tank or on the cap.

Spark Plugs. Another common reason your petrol strimmer won`t start could be the spark plug. It is recommended to replace them frequently as a buildup of debris on the electrode may reduce the spark stopping the fuel mixture from igniting.
The petrol/oil ratio must be 50:1.
over time the arrestor can become clogged with soot which may cause the trimmer engine to stall. you can try cleaning the arrestor with a wire brush. but you may need to replace it with a new.
The air filter or exhaust port may be blocked. The trimmer may need lubrication and cooling fins or air passages may be blocked. A cordless trimmer`s battery or charger may be faulty.
When your trimmer starts and runs on choke, it could be because the check valve in the gas cap is clogged. Start the trimmer and gently unscrew the gas cap halfway off. Turn the choke off and assess. If the engine is still running, that means the gas cap may be the culprit.
McCulloch 100ml bottle of 2-stroke engine oil. Specially formulated for 2-stroke garden machinery including hover mowers, trimmers, brushcutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and garden vacuums. Mix contents with 5 litres of unleaded petrol for a 1:50 fuel mix.
Mixing Your Fuel

Your strimmer runs off a mix of semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil and unleaded petrol (40:1). Our petrol tools come with a measuring jug with guide lines. Find the side marked 40:1, add your petrol to the first line and your 2-stroke oil to the second.

1:25 = 1 part oil + 25 parts petrol, or 40 ml oil per litre of petrol when using other brands of oil.
If you realise that your mix isn`t right, the best thing is to stop your machine and drain the fuel. Mix some fuel that is at the correct ratio, clean any air filters and make good. If it is an incorrect mixture over a prolonged time then it`s not good news.
In carburetors that employ a power valve there is still a metering jet that controls the majority of the fuel control, however there is also a small valve that opens under wide open throttle conditions to deliver extra fuel for maximum power.
If you realise that your mix isn`t right, the best thing is to stop your machine and drain the fuel. Mix some fuel that is at the correct ratio, clean any air filters and make good. If it is an incorrect mixture over a prolonged time then it`s not good news.
If the line is too thick or too thin it can continuously feed the line. Make sure you are using the correct line thickness rated for your machine. The trimmer head is the unit that houses the spool, cap and spring, and lever (in some models).

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I have a John Deere L118 Limited Edition (w/ 20 HP B&S engine), which I purchased about 8 years ago. It ran well with few problems up to late this summer. I believe the problem started when I accidentally filled the tank with some stale gasoline – the tractor turned over, but would not start. I drained the fuel tank and filled it with fresh gas, but it still would not start. When I use starter fluid, the tractor starts for 4-5 seconds, and then cuts off. I installed a new fuel filter. The connections in the fuel line seem tight, so while the problem might be the vacuum fuel pump itself, I do not think it is due to a leak in the line. I disconnected the fuel line at the carburetor — fuel flows through the line at start up. But when I put the fuel line directly into the air intake (with some starting fluid), the engine still cuts off in about 4 seconds. I am not sure if the pump simply is not drawing enough fuel into the carburetor. I understand that, if it is a problem with a safety cut-off, the engine would not start at all (even for 4 seconds). My thought was that the problem may be a gummed up carburetor, but that would not explain why the tractor does not start when I feed fuel directly into the carburetor. Any thoughts about other things I can try before bringing the tractor to a mechanic?
ANSWER : Just take the carb bowl off its easy one bolt on the bottom of it get the old gas out flush all old gas out of tank and line then it will run trust me i know

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Spark plug firing order – Farmall Tractor C ,super Av, Complete Gasket Set
ANSWER : Firing order for 96 lincoln mark 8, 4.6 liter

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42 inch mower cuts uneven, what is the problem?
ANSWER : Several things here could be the problem. Check to see if mower deck is level, measure distance on both side on a level surface. Check tire’s for low air. If you’ve replace the mandrel’s lately, some have a left & right side & if not put back together properly this will cause uneven cutting

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Why will my1994 bravada not start?
ANSWER : Very possible your new pump went out again, or was not installed correctly. Check fuel pressure. If you know electrical you can jumper the relay to run the pump. On some GM models I have seen a test wire for the pump underhood.

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Ts800 have spark and fuel but will not fire
ANSWER : I found a critter made a mud nest in the exhaust and completely blocked it. After stripping the saw I couldn’t find anything wrong mechanically.
As I put the exhaust on nearly kicked myself when I looked up the little pipe and found the problem
Now I just want that day of my life back

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Mower keeps cutting off… It seemed like water in the gas. so I took fuel line off , but no fuel is coming in from the tank. Is this a top draw? Why am I getting no fuel
ANSWER : It should have a gas tank under th seat and it has a fule pump that pulls the gas up to the carb that dosent mean the pump is bad you may need a carb kit

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1999 ford expiodition
ANSWER : Use a pressure gauge to check pressure at the rail. Change fuel filter. Replace fuel pump if needed.

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I have a 1994 Ford Fairmont Ghia V8 which will not start, there is pressure in the fuel line up to the engine but no fuel, what could be my problem? The car has done 180K.
ANSWER : Is there a pressure regulator on the fuel rail? Is the fuel pressure correct and is the volume of fuel correct?

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