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Need diagram on the installation of belt want to do it myself

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954-04045 Deck Belt Replacement for Cub Cadet LT1042 – Compatible with 754-04045 42 inch Mower Deck Drive Belt.
Your Cub Cadet LT1045 comes with two belts that, over time, will need to be replaced as their rubber ages.
Sometimes also referred to as pitch length, this is the total (circumferential) length of the belt, as measured along the pitch line. Put simply, this is the pitch (see #1) multiplied by the number of teeth the belt has. For example, if your belt has a pitch of 10 mm and 32 teeth, then your pitch length is 320 mm.
Your LT1045 model is fit with a single cylinder Kohler engine. Perfect for large lawns, steep and even uneven terrain, your 18-inch turning radius will keep your lawn looking professional year-round.
There are two belts you need to be familiar with when talking about car maintenance — the serpentine belt and the timing belt. The serpentine belt winds through your engine and carries power to several key components, including the alternator, air conditioning, and power steering pump.
Burned or Glazed Side Wall: As the mower belt continues to get used, the belt will wear down. As a mower belt wears down, the side wall of the belt will begin to look burned or glazed. This is another sign that your belt is worn and needs to be replaced.
A common cause of belt breakage is excessive grass clippings on the deck. Grass clippings can work their way under pulleys and deck covers, causing series problems. Make sure to clean off your deck after every mower use and follow manufacturer recommendations.
Hydrostatic. Hydrostatic transmission helps provide smooth operation, no shifting, just push the pedal and go.
An easy way to determine belt size is to simply “add 2″ to your off-the-rack trouser size. For example, if you wear a 36” waist trouser, then a 38 belt size will be a safe bet. Most will find this simple formula works best for pants worn at a traditional height–close to the natural waistline.
Apply the following formula to determine a new replacement belt length: Belt Length = 2C + [1.57 x (D1 + D2)] + 1-in. C = The distance between the Center of the motor and fan shafts. D1 = The Diameter of the small pulley (where the belt actually rides on the pulley).
The deck belt on your riding lawn mower connects the crank shaft to the lawn mower blades, causing them to turn. If you notice cracks forming in the rubber, consider changing your deck belt. To avoid interruption while mowing, change the deck belt before it breaks.
For most vehicles, the belt should not be able to be pressed down more than ½ inch. If it can be pressed lower, then the belt is too loose.
Wrapping a tape measure around the entire belt while on the conveyor will give you the Outside Circumference length. Measuring around the head and tail pulleys while the belt is off will give you the Inside Circumference length.
LENGTH: Length is measured diagonally from one tip of the blade to the opposite tip of the blade. It is important to measure the length correctly. Measuring from end to end will result in the wrong blade length. All length measurements must be made diagonally.
The outer turning radius necessary for a passenger vehicle making a a 180° turn should be between at least 24`-25`6” | 7.31-7.77 m based on the circular path made by the front overhang of the car.
Every man needs at least one formal belt, preferably 2-3 more formal belts if possible. More formal men`s belts are usually made from leather or faux leather. They also tend to be skinnier and have a less prominent belt buckle. It`s good to have at least one black leather belt and one in brown as well.
Use a cloth measuring tape (not a steel one) and wrap it around the outside of the belt. You also use a thin string to take this measurement and place it on a steel tape to get the correct length. Next, for “A” Belts (1/2” width) subtract two-inches from the outside measurement to select the correct V-belt.
Worn belt ribs and a misaligned belt can result from an improper installation that can cause an annoying chirping sound. Timing belts are known to occasionally have a ticking sound as well that can stem from low engine oil or other issues.
Notched belts can use the same pulleys as cross-section standard V-belts. They run cooler, last longer, and are about 2% more efficient than standard V-belts. Synchronous belts (also called cogged, timing, positive-drive, or high-torque drive belts) are toothed and require the installation of mating grooved sprockets.
Overall the Kevlar v belts are stronger and standout as the primary choice for several applications.
The belt has a glazed or bu​rned sidewall.

Look at the belt edge that contacts the pulleys. If it appears shiny, glazed or burned, it will need to be replaced.

If a belt is not tensioned properly, it will ride too loose or too tight on the pulley. A belt that`s too loose on a pulley will cause slippage, which leads to heat build up from friction. This heat will damage your rubber belts and cause the belts to crack and break.
The Cub Cadet XT1 LT42 is powered by a Cub Cadet single cylinder 547cc engine equipped with IntelliPower™ technology that creates a consistent mowing performance for users challenged to cut through thick, wet heavy grass. 42-inch stamped, 13-gauge, twin-blade deck with 12 cutting positions.
The maximum forward speed is 5.5 mph and the maximum reverse speed is 4 mph. There is no suggested cutting speed for this Cub Cadet XT1 LT42E riding lawn mower.

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How to replace the drive belt on a 2006 cub cadet 1045 hydrostatic xsmsn tractor. It is not included in my operator’s manual. I need directions on how to replace the drive belt on my 2006 cub cadet. It has the hydrostatic transmission. My operator’s manual wants me to take it to a dealer to have them replace it.
ANSWER : Use the link below to download the manual for free.

Cub Cadet zero turn. Cannot get the blades to turn when PTO switch is pulled. Belts are fine and attached. Please help.
ANSWER : I had the same problem. there was a short in the relay just before the wire gets to to back pulley assembly.

How to speed up reverse – Cub Cadet Op's Manual Model Lt1042 Lt1045 Lt1046 Lt1050
ANSWER : Only way is to change pulley size on pump / has built in gear

Cub Cadet 1525 belt diagram
ANSWER : Attached is the blade diagram for correct placement of the deck belt. There is some bleed through from the back page, but you can see the direction of the belt. I have a 1525 mower for the last 11 years, still running and going. Hope this helps!

I have a cub cadet LT1042 and it is 3 years old…we have replaced the pto 2 times and replaced the belt 7 times what is the deal
ANSWER : You have to have something rubbing under there that isn’t supposed to be, crawl under the tractor and watch the belt go around by hand, if you can turn it. Maybe see what is frozen up, in the wrong place, Gotta be a belt guide is rubbing or a pulley is not spinning. The PTO should last 20 years, all i can think is they got it too tight to start, .010″ min, that is tight, and you must be in Florida picking up a lot of sand? If it was under any kind of warranty, I would raise a big stink about it. Those PTO’s are not cheap. And the belt has got to be $20. I wouldn’t go to a dealer for the belt, unless it is really special, just match it up at the auto parts store, for half the price of dealer. Hope this helps.

My drive belt broke on my LT1045 Cub Cadet lawn tractor and I cant fine a diagram to put a new one back on. Is there anywhere online that I can find a diagram that shows me how to run the new one.
ANSWER : My cubcadet is a LT1042. A 2004 i think. I need a daigramof the drive, so I can take it off and put a new one back on. Thank You.

I need a belt diagram for cub cadet 3235 mower deck preferably free as this is for our church.
ANSWER : Type in your model number to your search engine. find your model, and your diagrams will be there.
hope this helps.

I have a LT1050 cub cadet and my blades won’t engage, i have checked and i have 14.1 volts at the clutch, what do you suggest?
ANSWER : When you say you have 14.4 volts to the clutch, is that measuring voltage from one terminal to ground? or between terminals. If you actually measured at both therminals, then a bad ground would not be an issue. With mower off, remove wires from clutch terminals. With ohm meter check resistance between terminals, if you have none, then clutch is bad. Also check each terminal to ground, it should be open to ground.