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To increase traction, pull the cable down toward the engine. To decrease traction, pull the cable up toward the handle. Then tighten the traction knob by turning it clockwise. Always tighten the traction cables in small increments and see how it feels.
Push the knobs until they are loose. Move the handle to the upper or lower height position. Pull the knobs until the square edges of each carriage bolt fits into its related square hole. Tighten the handle knobs as tight as you can.
The model number on your Toro equipment can be found on the model and serial tag, located in one of several places depending on your equipment type. Some products, such as riding mowers, have more than one tag-one for the rider or traction unit, and another for the attachment.
Recycler® Personal Pace® rear-wheel drive mower is powered by a durable Toro engine. The Spin Stop system safety feature stops the blade, but the engine keeps running so you can do things around the yard.
21462 Toro Recycler 22″ Personal Pace Rear Wheel Drive Mower with Bag on Demand. With our innovative Bag-On-Demand feature, you can switch from mulching to bagging in seconds with a flip of the quick-change lever – and the bag can stay mounted in either mode.
The traction control system (TCS) detects if a loss of traction occurs among the car`s wheels. Upon identifying a wheel that is losing its grip on the road, the system automatically applies the brakes to that individual one or cut down the car`s engine power to the slipping wheel.
Use a torque wrench to tighten the blade bolt to 82 N∙m (60 ft-lb). Important: A bolt torqued to 82 N∙m (60 ft-lb) is very tight. While holding the blade with a block of wood, put your weight behind the ratchet or wrench and tighten the bolt securely. This bolt is very difficult to overtighten.
This unit comes equipped with Triggerless Steering, which means there are no triggers to pull or levers to break. You can effortlessly steer by simply turning the machine, and the wheel intelligently disengages to assist you through the turn.
Lawn equipment (including lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and even trimmers and blowers) is designed to run at full throttle to give the best performance. Your blade will turn faster at higher throttling, which is essential to proper cutting.
The shift cable access hole is commonly located in the lever under the rubber hood. Pull it forward to expose the lever body. Push the cable forward at the closest point to the lever — the cable head will be pushed out of the lever body at the cable access hole.
A transmission shift cable (also called a shifter cable or any of the names listed above and even others that we may not have yet heard), is the link between the shifter handle and the transmission in a vehicle.
For a simple, straightforward way to repair a cord, fit it with a new plug. If you can`t find a new plug and wish to preserve the cord`s length, you could apply metal solder with a soldering iron for a stronger fix. Then, plug in your repaired cord to see that it works as well as a new one again.
wear and tear can occur two wires over time. but in many cases it can be easily repaired rather than having to replace the entire cable. a longer term solution is to heat shrink the cable. once you have positioned your heat shrink over the damaged area of the cable.
If the cord itself is frayed or has exposed wiring, you`ll need to replace the entire electrical cord. Replacing only the plug could leave you open to electrical shock.
Power cables transfer energy from a source to equipment. Control cables send signals to control the functioning of equipment.
SKU: 20332. This Toro 22″ Personal Pace Recycler lawnmower gives you powerful performance and lightweight agility. Powered by a 7.25 ft-lb Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton® EXi 163cc w/Ready Start® – no need to prime or choke.
Overview. Toro 21 in (53 cm) heavy duty commercial walk behind lawn mower with dual action single lever control system, blade brake clutch, 3 speed transmission, self propel rear wheel drive, commercial grade Kawasaki BBC ZS FJ180V engine.
Toro – Pull Cord – 22 inches – Lawn Mowers – Outdoor Power Equipment – The Home Depot.
Important: Your machine does not come with oil in the engine, but it does come with a bottle of oil. Before starting the engine, fill the engine with oil.

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Toro 6.5hp 22″ Recycler model#20072
ANSWER : John, adjusting the cable would have been my first suggestion as well, there are two screws accesible from under the deck to get the black cover off (one of them is in a corner and may be hard to see). Once you get the cover off you may be able to see if you may have a tension problem, belt problem, etc. Goodluck!

I have a 2010, 22″ Toro Recycler which has broken
ANSWER : I would take it back to where you bought it and demand they fix it under warranty and show you the proper way to stop it. Sounds like it was improperly set-up.

Need to replace pull string on lawn mower
ANSWER : How do i change the pulling string on my toro 22 recycler

What weight of motor oil does the Toro Recycler 22 take? The oil is getting low and I want to replace it with a correct weight.
ANSWER : Assuming a 4-cycle engine, SAE30 oil. NO multigrade, unless below 0F, in which case 0W30.

Toro recycler will start until primed gas is consumed.
ANSWER : I had similar problem and cleaned the spark plug and that seemed to have worked, but I think that may be a temporary fix because the engine still seems to be running unevenly. I feel that it must be a larger problem with the carb. If anyone can help this novice to adjust the carb or clean both carb and filter, or offer other solutions I would appreciate your assistance.

Toro recycler no spark
ANSWER : Pull the cover and check the wires for shorts but the coils do go bad

How do you replace the pull cord? – Toro Recycler 22" 149cc Personal Pace Lawn Mower w/ Blade Override
ANSWER : Take the top off the engine, the cover. take it to the toro place or where you buy your mower parts. bring everything, like the handle, the old rope etc so they can get the length right. let them look at the spring and the throwout dogs for the flywheel. buy what you need. if they are nice, they will put it on for you. if not, the spring, you will find is about 15 feet long, all wound up. if its unwound, you have to wind it back up. its easier to leave it with them and pick it up later. otherwise you get to assemble it and turn, hold, turn hold etc till its wound. you have to unbend the tabs to get it apart. you have to precut the rope to the right length,attach to the winder pulley, and leave the distance to the loop in the handle. pry off the handle cover and pick out the broken rope. when done reinstall your handle on the new rope, tie it, and reinstall the handle cover. set the engine cover on. fasten it in place, feed the rope up to the loop in the metal mower handle, unbend the loop slightly so the rope slips back in. i find budweiser helps

Will not start toro model143.026706
ANSWER : If it stopped running after hitting something with the blade check the key on the flywheel where it meets the crank