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Take front cover off and adjust the stretched belt

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A dirty carburetor is the most common cause of a stalling snowblower engine when the auger is engaged. Cleaning the carburetor and fresh gas will fix the stalling.
The auger blade or blades collect the snow and throw it out of the chute. If the blades get worn they will not effectively throw the snow. Visually inspect the blades for excessive wear and replace if needed.
Friction between scraper blades and their clearing surfaces causes the blades to wear and leave more snow behind. If you start seeing more snow left behind your snow blower, it`s a sign you`ll need to adjust your scraper blade.
A broken shear pin is the most common reason the snowblower auger won`t turn properly so replace any broken shear pins. Worn or loose belts also prevent the snowblower auger from spinning. Check and adjust the belts and replace any broken or worn belts when you see the snowblower auger not turning.
If you hear grinding sounds, it may be due to your grill`s auger being off-center in the auger tube. Check if the auger is centered in the auger tube. If the auger is not centered in the auger tube, center it. Check if the auger is warped.
The impeller propels the snow through the chute. If the impeller is not jammed or broken, the snowblower won`t blow the snow. If the impeller is broken, replace it.
Storing a Snowblower Outside

However, it`s always best to store your snowblower in a clean, dry area, so consider keeping it in a storage unit if you don`t have a garage or shed. It`s time to breathe a sigh of relief—you`re done fighting mounds of snow for another year.

Outdoor Storage

Leaving your snowblower outside and exposed to the elements is not a good solution, even if it`s properly covered. If you ever had to, make sure it is covered and safely off the ground to prevent water damage from melting snow or rain.

Cover your snowblower in storage

But it`s important to cover your snowblower. Doing so will protect your machine from dirt and dust. You can use a canvas or tarpaulin to cover the machine. But if you have the budget, you can buy a heavy-duty snowblower cover if your snowblower didn`t come with the accessory.

Go ahead a place your hand on each auger in turn; they may move slightly; that`s normal, but they should not be free to spin. What is this? If you can spin it, your shear pin has sheared.
On average, an Auger Monster rotor can last ten or more years with proper care and maintenance.
On a cool grill, remove the grates, drip pan, heat baffle/shield, and hopper to see the auger parts. If the auger has pellets stuck inside the auger shaft and is not turning, it is most likely jammed.
The average pellet stove auger feed motor will last approximately 6-8 seasons running fairly consistently in season during moderate to severe climates. Same goes for agitator/stirrer motors used in select multi-fuel stoves. We have seen some go 10+ years, and some go in under a year, but the average is 6-8 seasons.

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I was able to start my 5HP Toro but it is running rough. It wouldn’t start at first so I drained the gas and put in fresh. After several pulls it started. I started it because we are expecting a snow storm. The way it is running I’m fear that when it has a load on it will die out. Is there something I can do to clear up the problem?

Toro 5 HP Snow Thrower – Couldn’t find on product list so I put in lawn mower.

ANSWER : Try taking off the fuel bowl and check for debris or ice in it.If there is hardly any fuel in it you may have a plugged or pinched fuel line,try blowing back through it[might get a littl gas in your mouth],turn off the fuel and remove the line at the carb and the tank.If niether of these pick up a new spark plug and try that.

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Starts and stops starts and stops blowing snow, is the belt lose or waren or streched ? model 3650 6.5
ANSWER : Take the black cover off of the side (left) and look at the belt. It is probably worn out.

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Snow blower wont start
ANSWER : Clean the fuel out and the carb , make sure you are getting spark close the choke to start then shut if off or it will foul the plug

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Toro power max 724 – auger lever wont stay engaged when the drive lever is engaged
ANSWER : Adjust the cable for the auger , easy

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My toro 1128 OE snow blower wont throw snow the auger turns but the thrower doesnt rotate. Does anybody have any suggestions
ANSWER : I have a toro 98 cc powerlite snowblower model 38182 it was running fine one day then bog down and died after that i cant get it to start it has a good fire on the plug plug isnt very wet it pops threw carb once in a while help

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Vibration when auger is engaged in Toro 726 oe
ANSWER : Be sure to check pulleys for a rock or anything else lodged in there
then check rear bearing for alot of play up and down

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Toro Max 1028LXE Snow Thrower will not travel. Engine runs great, and the two stages of the thrower works but will not move. It was working for about two hours but now it isn’t
ANSWER : Thank you for the reply. with the belt drive take a ruler and push the belt down you can use your finger as a referance point if you can push it past the half inch mark the belt needs to be tightend you can do that by adjusting the belt tensioner thats done by losening the bolt that holds it in place then moving it so there is no more then half an inch of play in the belt and retightning the bolt. and if the tensioner is at its stops then the belt needs replacement.

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Left auger does not engage/spins freely
ANSWER : The shear pin is sheared off. Somewhere along the auger, you’ll find a hole drilled all the way through it. The shaft inside also has a hole drilled all the way through it. Compare the two augers – the holes are USUALLY in a straight line with each other (when one is up/down, the other is also up/down).

Get a replacement shear pin (DO NOT use a hardened bolt!) and put it through the holes when the auger holes are lined up with the axle holes.

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