ECHO, Inc. PB-251C Handheld Blower

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It’s a 2 cycle engine, it does not have a timing adjustment.

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The spark plug gap for all ECHO products is . 024″-. 026″ or 6mm-8mm.
The fuel is fresh ( > 89 octane : RON ) and properly mixed at 50 : 1 with “ISO L-EGD” or “JASO FC/ FD” 2 stroke oil.
The ECHO PB-580T gas leaf blower features a 58.2cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine with a tube-mounted throttle.
ECHO gas blowers run on a 50:1 ratio of gas and oil mixture.
Echo premium Power Blend TM Universal 2-Stroke Oil may be mixed at 50:1 ratio for application in all Echo engines sold in the past regardless of ratio specified in those manuals.
If your leaf blower does not blow air, it is possible that debris has been sucked into the blower housing, impeding the impeller from doing its job. If the impeller is loose or the blades of the impeller are damaged or broken off, it can also cause the blower to become unable to blow air.

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ANSWER : You can’t go wrong with 25:1. Common accepted best ratio for this item to give best life for the internal components.

Even though I have the carb. set in choke, and press the bulb many times, it doesn’t seem as if and gas gets through. I eventually put the carb. setting in Run and pull the crank many times before it starts. The blower is 2 years old, used on about 12 lawns per week. The problem stared in mid summer. Any suggestions? Thank You.
ANSWER : Here is a Link to one of my Luck!Jim

My echo pb-2100 gas blower has no spark and wont start whats anyone has an idea whats the problem
ANSWER : No spark sounds like the coil, but check the connections and any corrossion in the wires

I have an Echo PB251 Handheld Leaf Blower that I just installed a new carburetor on and it still won’t start – WHY?
ANSWER : Spark arrest in muffler could be clogged. Remove muffler and clean.

Where is the flywheel located on an Echo PB251 gas leaf blower?
ANSWER : Before you go through the trouble of dismantling the blower to get to the flywheel you should perform a compression test. 140 psi is ideal. Less than 100 its probably not worth repairing. Less than 90 it shouldn’t run.

Where is the coil on a pb255 hand blower – Echo 135 mph 390 CFM Gas Blower PB-250
ANSWER : Flollow the plug wire it will take you too the coil

Will only develop power (and run somewhat properly) when the choke is engaged about 90%. Starts fine.
ANSWER : Sounds to me as tho you may have a loose carburetor or another part that is letting air into the system. Check all bolts and screws for tightness. Also, you may need to clean the carburetor or put some cleaner in your gas. Not too much, only about a tablespoon, but check the screws/bolts first.

I have a Echo PB 2601 made a loud bang then stoped working.
ANSWER : Sounds like it has seized up. If the pull cord won’t pull then the motor is locked up. Did you run gas/oil mix for the fuel its a 2 cycle motor…