Have been told that carburetor needs to be replaced. Isn’t the trigger assembly separate.
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Yes it is a trigger with a cable going to the carburetor. when you squeeze the trigger you should see the butterfly on the carb move. if not some thing has broke. or cable has come off the track. better get a second opinion on that. sounds like someone wants to sell you a carb.

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The fuel filter might be clogged. A clogged fuel filter is most commonly caused by leaving old fuel in the leaf blower. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog the fuel filter and cause the engine to stall.
A leaf blower that won`t start at all may require fuel. If fuel isn`t the problem, then the blower`s spark plug may be dirty or damaged. Remove the spark plug, and wipe it dry with a clean rag. Crank the engine several times with the starter to clear the combustion chamber, and replace the spark plug.
If your leaf blower does not blow air, it is possible that debris has been sucked into the blower housing, impeding the impeller from doing its job. If the impeller is loose or the blades of the impeller are damaged or broken off, it can also cause the blower to become unable to blow air.
What you may be experiencing is that, when accelerating, the intake manifold vacuum is decreased. Vacuum is used to change the vents from defrost to dash to floor. With a loss of vacuum, the system defaults to the defrost position.
The “Bog” simply means the engine is not receiving enough fuel when you go to wide open throttle. While there are other issues that may cause similar reactions within the carburetor, often the problem can be traced back to the accelerator pump system. Incorrect adjustment is the typical culprit.
Mechanical or electrical issues are the two main categories of industrial blower fan failure that can completely stop the fan. Faulty belts, loose pulleys, insufficient power, inadequate wire size, blown fuses, and other issues can occur in these areas.
The clutch engages the clutch pads to spin the trimmer head. If the clutch assembly is defective, the clutch will not disengage the clutch pads, and the trimmer head will continue to spin, even at low speeds. If the clutch is defective, replace it.
Sometimes the spark arrestor screen can become clogged up itself. Common symptoms include lack of power, especially under load; poor acceleration; engine won`t come up to full RPM; and higher than normal “spit back” through the carburetor.
These screens help prevent heated gases from escaping the internal combustion engines. In many countries, these screens are a mandatory requirement for not just all leaf blowers, but most internal combustion engines, such as cars, motorcycles, chainsaws and other lawn and garden equipment.
The fuel lines on your blower carry fuel from the tank to the engine. If these fuel lines are obstructed, it can`t allow the proper amount of fuel to enter the engine, which will cause it to run for a short time, but ultimately stall out. You may be able to clean out the fuel lines and solve this problem.
A plugged or improperly adjusted carburetor can cause your leaf blower to start, but then immediately die. Over time, especially if fuel has been left in the leaf blower for a long period, some of the fuel will evaporate and you will be left with a thick, sticky substance that can ultimately clog the carburetor.
What`s more, HD2 air filters can be easily cleaned and reused multiple times: just spray the removed filter with STIHL Varioclean, leave the detergent to take effect briefly, then rinse and dry the air filter before reinstalling it.
Sometimes when using a back pack blower in dryer (low humidity) and dusty environment, the air movement creates static electricity that will discharge to the operator. Using the blower in high humidity will help to alleviate this shock as well.

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How to adjust my throttle cable on my backpack blower br 550 sthil
ANSWER : The cable has streched out
you may need to shorten it to get an adjustment range

you could always look up the manual
it tells you how to do this in it

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Where should the s on the flywheel be set
ANSWER : S = spark
so needs set to where the pickup coil is

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Br500 wont start – Stihl Br550 Br500 Backpack Blower Fan Wheel 42827003400
ANSWER : Fuel filter inside the tank and inline
bad start stop switch
bad carbiration
bad spark plug {burned}
bad ht cable
bad magnito coil

take your pick and rull them out one by one

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Want run unless choke remains on – Stihl Bg72 Leaf Blower Intake
ANSWER : Probably fuel starvation.Wrong fuel air mix settings on the carb. Damaged carb diaphragm.

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Run for a second a quits – Stihl BR400 Backpack Leaf Blower
ANSWER : 3 things you need for an engine to run.

Spark, Fuel, Compression.
Check you have all 3 and that they are GOOD. I suspect its a fueling issue, Either Its not getting to the carb or not getting to the cylinder.

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How do I reconnect ,my throttle trigger for ms 260
ANSWER : Remove the top cover on the handle, there is a screw in the bottom of the handle end. put the on off switch in the choke position all the way down, connect rod to throttle on carburetor then slip it into the hole in the trigger. replace operator presence lever making sure the spring is in the notch on the side of it, while holding it in place reinstall the top cover.

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Will not run at full throttle unless you block the blower tube then it will.
ANSWER : To rich adjusted ? H adjust a little clockwise until it get some more RPM but it must not run too high because of piston damage and it shall run too hot. ask your dealer because of warranty because the carburetor is

Specifically tuned for cleaner emissions and oft fixed for a short range L + H or totally blocked for motomix or aspen alkylat fuel .

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Manual stihl BR 420 – Stihl BR400 Backpack Leaf Blower
ANSWER : Http://

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