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What make year and model and is it 2 cycle?

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Regarded by scholars as his most puzzling work, The Garden of Earthly Delights provides a visual representation which expresses the fears that dominated life in the Middle Ages-the insatiable weakness of man for not resisting sinful physical temptation, and eternal damnation in hell as just punishment of lustful human
When closed, the painting depicts the “third day of creation,” a biblical milestone when Earthly paradise was forged by God. Painted in grisaille, it shows the world as a transparent orb filled with a monochromatic realm that accentuates the incandescently colorful world found within.
To put it simply, you should put a layer of organic material at the bottom of your garden bed, which will break down and enrich the soil. This can include compost, or woody material such as logs, dry wood, branches, and leaves.
The Garden of Earthly Delights: Meaning

On the one hand, what the painting is depicting is straightforward: the first panel represents paradise in the Garden of Eden before the fall; the central panel depicts a sinful paradise on Earth; and the final panel depicts the torments of Hell.

The song talks about Jesus standing by our side every single step we take. We often think that God is with us because we experience failure or hardship. We wonder why we are going through life with all of these. We question where God is when we need him.
`The Garden of Earthly Worries` is a presentation of four abstract sculptures which explore the imbalance of humankind in nature. Each of the approximately three-meter-tall fragments of a globe, represent different chemical compounds that contribute to our changing climate.
making strawberries a symbol of hypocrisy and “death concealed beneath a smiling appearance.” For Gibson, The Garden of Earthly Delights is a deceitful place, an “illusion whose alluring forms conceal death and damnation.” These strawberries are likely to bite back.
Bosch`s Garden of Earthly Delights is a triptych, meaning that it consists of three parts—a central panel with one hinged wing on either side. Closed, the triptych depicts a translucent sphere encompassing earth, sky, and sea.
The first option for filling your beds is a simple soil mixture. As you may have guessed, this is the simplest route you can take. Fill your bed with a 1:1 mixture of topsoil and compost mix, then lightly combine with a rake or shovel.
Many art historians believe that the triptych is meant to be read from left to right, which tells the story of Eve`s creation, humanity`s Fall, and their eventual way to Hell as a punishment.
It is thought that the rabbits in this panel symbolise fecundity, or population, while the dragon tree represents eternal life. The pink fountain in the center of the panel symbolises the flow of divine energy from heaven to earth, and throughout the triptych Bosch uses pink to represent divine influences.

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Dont know what type of oil to use – Toro Power Lawn Mower
ANSWER : Put straight 30 weight motor oil in it. Not 10W30 or any multi-viscosity oil. Straight 30 weight motor oil. If you’re doing a complete oil change, then you may want to use Synthetic 30 weight, which will last longer between oil changes and also make your engine last longer (but it costs more too). Best of luck to you.James

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What kind of oil in the oil tank and how much for the remington electric pole saw ?
ANSWER : Bar & chain oil is the best. You can use regular or synthetic. Some say you can use atf (auto transmission fluid) or sae30 oil. I use bar & chain oil.

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I have a husqvarna 137 chainsaw. The problem is with the bar oil. When the saw runs oil is flowing but where the rubber corner piece which allows the oil to flow out of appears to be just dripping the oil straight out. It looks like it should fill a small reservoir behind the metal plate and the oil then moves upwards where the chains drags the oil through the oil hole on the bar which is moving outwards as in the top chain on the bar. However the chain-brake area is just getting messy with oil splattering all over and the bar not actually getting oiled. I have fitted a new metal plate to see if the corner of the original was not sealing properly but that has not helped. The bar holes are clean. Any suggestions as I can’t see what it could be?
ANSWER : It’s the rubbers. I had the same problem with my 137 and 141. The rubbers shrink over time and the oil never makes it up the channel. The replacement part is one piece and less prone to leaking than the original 2 piece design.

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Ms 170 leaks bar chain oil out bottom, no oil on chain
ANSWER : Your clutch drum bearing has gone bad, letting the clutch drum to move around and cut into the oiler behind it, so now it just pumps the oil out that hole. You have to get that fixed to use the saw, otherwise you’re going to cause catastrophic damage to the saw very soon.

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2700 Series Presser Washer, and I need to change the “engine” oil. There on two oil “yellow” fill point, and the manual talks about changing the pump oil. How exactly do I change the engine oil?
ANSWER : Look for a drain plug on the base of the engine.Take the fill cap off also, and it’ll drain easier.

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My husky 455 rancher is not oiling the chain properly. I have tried to clean all the oil ports on the bar and saw but it still is hardly pumping any oil to the chain. What could be the problem? How does the oiling system work?
ANSWER : The problem is very likely to be a clogged but more likely faulty internal oil pump (especially if your chainsaw is old).Hope it helps.

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Oil appears to have come out of the oil filler cap. Is this a sign of overfilling the oil, or something else?
ANSWER : Id definitley say its over filled. try checking the dipstick

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Where is the oil drain plug – Troy Bilt 5.5hp Self Propelled Mower
ANSWER : You probably dont have one!

The best way to drain is to warm up the engine *(to suspend the dirt and metal and get the oil flowing) Then tip the mower to the side with the oil filler with the dipstick removed. The oil just pours out!
Get a dog dish sized bowl and catch the waste oil for disposal.

Good luck and be careful!

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