ZRRY30550 Factory-Reconditioned 30cc 18″ Gas Hedge Trimmer

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A clogged carburetor is most commonly caused by leaving fuel in the hedge trimmer for a long period of time. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and cause the engine to stall or run roughly.
When your trimmer starts and runs on choke, it could be because the check valve in the gas cap is clogged. Start the trimmer and gently unscrew the gas cap halfway off. Turn the choke off and assess. If the engine is still running, that means the gas cap may be the culprit.
If over time you find your hedge trimmer does not idle as normal, this may indicate that your carburettor needs adjusting. The carburettor comes with a standard setting, this provides an optimum fuel-air mixture under most operating conditions.
The most common problem with a string trimmer is that the unit runs out of string. The string may also be twisted or loose on the spool. The cutting head may be dirty or the head outlet guide may be bent. An electric trimmer`s power cord, switch, or motor may fail.
If you cannot shut the engine down with the switch then you probably have a malfunctioning switch. Disassemble any covers you need to gain access to the switch. Check that all the switch wires are intact as well as at the ignition module. Remove the switch if all the wires are connected.
If the engine is not revving up and cuts out before you reach higher revs then you need to do the following checks: Fuel: Make sure it is fresh and correctly mixed (see `Starting Issues`). Air filter: Make sure it is clean and unclogged. Fuel cap: Make sure it`s hand-tight.
The first thing to do is to ensure that the battery is fully charged. If after charging the battery you are still experiencing the problem, then it may indicate a fault with either the battery or charger. The defective item will need to be replaced.
If your engine runs, but the trimmer blades do not move when the throttle is engaged, the clutch may be broken or improperly tensioned. The clutch is attached to the crankshaft, and engages the gearbox to start rotating once a certain rotational speed is reached.

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I’m having problems with my 223L when I cen get it started I have to run it with full choke once you open the choke it shuts down any help Please
ANSWER : Sounds like its getting fuel starved, look at fuel system and carb settings, may need a carb service.

Have a hedgetrimmer 123hd60 will start but when you give it gas to go cuts off
ANSWER : Sounds like a fuel starvation issue, check and clean carb.

Seems to start easily run for a few minutes and then slow and stop–bulb remains full –gas is good–have tried half choke in case too lean–did not solve–also seems possibly related to the angle I hold it at–seems to cut out quicker if blower tube angled more downward.
ANSWER : Your filter may be hanging up in the tank. you also my be losing compression

It starts and runs for a bit but as soon as it hits thicker grass it dies
ANSWER : Joe Hi there. Sadly your trimmer will struggle on thick grass as it’s not made for it. You could try moving the trimmer like a scythe. This will aid it as your cutting bit by bit.

Will cut off after five min of running .does it need a new coil
ANSWER : Check gas cap first for vent being plugged as this will create a vacuum in the tank and prevent fuel delivery. Test when problem occurs by immediately loosening cap and retightening to see if restarts right away you might even hear air going into the fuel tank.
If it doesn’t restart, possible coil. Coils are usually affected by the increase of heat when running having too high resistance in the electrical windings or possible moisture.

How to sharpen stihl gas power trimmer
ANSWER : Sharpen with a flat file. Its a long process as each tooth has 2 cutting edges. There are companies that will do this properly at cost.

Will only start and run in choked position, when throttle applied chokes out. If started with out choke and throttle position in low speed will start and run for 10 sec then like it runs out of gas.
ANSWER : I have your solution guaranteed, I fixed mine yesturday remove H L screw plastic caps and on high 11 threads exposed and on the low side 8 threads exposed. removing the plastic caps allows u further adjusting these wear out or move soo just take them things off and you will be rolling

ANSWER : Check the carb jets, they might be a gummed up!