, the motor of the door opener makes a series of clicking noises. Please advise what to do.

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You can contact our Customer Service team on 1800 638 234 for assistance. If the Merlin Garage Door Opener has a fault, Merlin will send one of our dedicated, in-house field service technicians to either fix or replace your garage door opener.
Press and hold the yellow learn button on the garage door remote until the unit flashes. This step will wipe the remote`s memory of all transmitters. 3. Press and release the yellow learn button, then press the remote button on one of the remotes you wish to use to operate the garage door.
To learn a button to operate the opener:

Press the desired remote button for control of the opener, wait 1 second, press the desired remote button for control of the courtesy lamp. The courtesy lamp will stop flashing once learning is com- plete.

After placing fresh batteries in your remote, if the door still won`t respond, then the signal between the remote and opener transmitter may be disrupted. Two common causes for a signal interruption is if your remote is out of range or the opener receiving antennae is damaged.
If it isn`t responding to the remote, try changing out the remote`s batteries, or changing out the remote completely if necessary. You`ll also want to make sure that your remote hasn`t become “deprogrammed.” (If it has, you`ll need to take a look at your owner`s manual.) Make sure your door isn`t locked.
The most common cause for remote not working is dead batteries. So, check the batteries first! Access the batteries by opening the panel on the back. If your device has screws, remove them and open the panel.
Perform a Power reset: Un-plug the TV power cord for 60 secs (or 2 minutes for Android TVs) and plug back in. Alternatively, for Android TVs perform a reset by holding down the power button on the remote control for 5 seconds.
The problem is usually either due to a blocked path between the sensors, dirty safety eyes, loose wires at the sensors or at the motor head, bad sensors, or bad motor control board. The transmitters (remotes) will not work to close the garage door if any of these issues are present.

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Steelcraft garage door opener opened but will not close. Motor hums but door does not move.
ANSWER : Ensure proper installation. Ensure gears in main control head box are not worn out, The main drive flat gear is plastic in a lot of these openers. Replace main gear unit are rebuild it.

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I need to replace my car remote control for my Craftsman garage door opener. Model # on my door opener is 13953603.What kind of remote can I get and where. Sears tells me they don’t make them anymore!


ANSWER : Google “61LM”. You will find it or its equivalent for sale on the internet.

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When the furnace kicks on the blower makes a noise like the squirrel cage or what ever is rubbing against a side, but after it gets going the scraping noise stops and then again when the furnace shuts of and the blower motor is coming to a stop it make a scraping noise Can I grease it or adjust it, or is it just buy a whole new assembly?
ANSWER : Sounds like it is off balance may check it for objects or loose bolts or screws that hole it in place

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The remote control for the Merlin P230T has stopped working. Replaced the battery, still not working. If I oush the remote button a few times, the motor of the door opener makes a series of clicking noises. Please advise what to do.

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When the door opens it slams into the unit I did adjust it almost all the way out and it still slams
ANSWER : Are you sure you are adjusting the limit controls and not the force controls.. depending on the age of the opener the limits controls are on the side and the force controls are on the back and they are blue. If you are adjusting the limits and nothing is changing you then either have a bad limit rack or circuit board. I just changed out a rack a little bit ago.

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How do you change the passcode on a keyless garage door opener?
ANSWER : There are buttons on the rear of the main unit to do this.

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I have 2 problems with my Craftsman Garage Door opener:
1. I have a 2 door-garage & 2 remote controls
Both remote controls can open one garage door (since they were originally programmed). They cannot open the other garage door even after following all the steps to reprogram them to the non functional garage door. However, when I point either remote control key to the big black box on top, the yellow light from the box blinks. However, the garage door will not open

2. About the same door: Whenever I close the problematic garage door, the door would immediately go back up as soon as it touches the ground. I have to keep tweaking with the manual switch on the wall to finally get the garage door closed.

What I need to do?

ANSWER : I can’t help you on programming.
If the door goes up as soon as it touches down, it is going too far down.
Locate the adjustment on the box on top. There should be four adjusters:
Door down amount more or less
Door up amount more or less
Force down more or less
Forch up more or less.
Turn the Door down amount toward the “LESS” or “-”
Let me know how you do.

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Craftsman half hp garage door cliks then buzzes lights come on but nothing happens . I have a older model that doesent have light sensors and I can turn gears and motor by hand to lift door so nothing seems to be broken mechanical wise. thanks for any help
ANSWER : The main gear in the main control box plastic gear is stripped. Remove door opener main box and inspect. It can usually be ordered or rebuilt.

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