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It appears that for some reason, the connection at the extension cord, overheated. Could be caused by: 1. a problem with the vacuum unit (bearings, jamming up, something like that)
2. The extension cord itself was defective. Could have been abused, moisture could have broken down the “contact” or the point of contact or blades of the extension were loose and caused excessive current draw at that point, overheating the device.
Or, it could have been a factory fault with the extension.

Plug your blower into a good receptacle, and see how it runs. If it is
sluggish or not coming up to speed, the problem could be in the unit.
Check manufacturer’s recommendation for extension cord size and length.

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Your electrical outlet may have melted due to an overloaded circuit. Worn out wires or the wrong wire size can also melt your electrical outlet. This is why it`s so important to hire one of our licensed electricians when you need electrical work done.
Extension cords can overheat and cause fires when used improperly. Overheating is usually caused by overloading or connecting appliances that consume more watts than the cord can handle. Damaged extension cords can also cause fires.
Make sure the cord is unplugged from any power source. Cut off the old plug from the cord, using wire cutters. Cut off any damaged portion at the end of the cord. Slide the new plug over the cut end of the cord and out of the way for now.
Avoid Using Damaged Extension Cords

Exposed cords, frayed wires, or cracked plugs can cause an extension cord`s electrical flow to become uneven. This can cause a short circuit, which can trip the circuit breaker and potentially cause shock. Don`t risk using a damaged extension cord.

I have a burnt plug socket; can it be fixed? If you have a burnt plug socket then it is normally possible to replace this for you. Sometimes the wires that attach to the rear of the plug socket are also burnt or damaged and, in this case, it is necessary to repair, rewire or make safe the wires behind.
Hot temperatures often cause the cables to overheat. In particular, they increase the resistance of the cable conductors by forcing them to expand, making the flow of current through it more difficult, making the electrical cable less effective up to the point of it stopping working.
If the cord does come into contact with water, it can easily short out and cause a fire. When using an extension cord in wet weather, be sure to: Keep the cord away from sources of water. Plug the cord into a GFCI outlet.
Circuit Overload

Sometimes outlets are overburdened with appliances, loaded power strips, etc., and the demand is beyond what the electrical wiring was designed to carry. When this happens, the wiring will become hot and possibly ignite or melt anything that comes into contact with it, including the plastic outlet.

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I have a Toro Super Blower Model 51591, and need a replacement power cord. None of the online catalogs show this as being for sale. Can you recommend an alternate source?
ANSWER : You probably won’t find one (at least I haven’t). But if your cord was damaged in the same way as mine (at the base, where it goes into the unit), I will be happy to share with you DIY fix that worked for me. Email to [email protected].

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I bought a Toro ultra electric blower vac (model 51599 a year ago but never used it. Now that I need to use it I can’t find what I did with the instructions. What do I have to do to attach the vacuum bag?
ANSWER : Common sense tells me it is not that hard you probably do not need an instruction manual, does life come with a instruction manual O Yeah the Bible. Believe in yourself review the situation, think it over you can do it!!!!!!!!!

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Problem is my hardly used Toro Blower Vac is getting no Power
ANSWER : If you’re Toro electric blower is slowing down, throwing sparks, or not starting you may need to replace the carbon brushes. Replacing brushes and cleaning commutator early can prevent damage to motor armature!

There are Electric Motor replacement carbon brushes on E-bay for all three motor sizes (7 AMP, 10.5 AMP, and 12 AMP) of Toro Leaf Blowers (Toro Rake and Vac Super and Ultra Blower Vacuums)
Search E-bay for: “Toro Blower Carbon Brush”

– 12 Amp leaf blowers Toro Super (Old model 51552) through Toro Ultra (New model 51609).
– 10.5 Amp leaf blowers Toro Old through Toro New model 51573.
– 7 Amp leaf blowers Toro model 51586 and other Toro 7 amp blowers.

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My Toro Super Blower works fine & then I notice smoke at the cord
ANSWER : Sounds like your blower is drawing to many amp`s for the cords your using for this

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My toro model 51599 ultra with metal impeller began to overheat and shut it self off… is there a reset switch…this happened after moderate use
ANSWER : If you take it apart there is a little spring on the bottom of the motor. When overheated it “trips” and looses contact with a wire. Need to reset the spring.

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Vacuum works, but blower doesn’t
ANSWER : Make sure that the vacum houseing on blower is closed all the way and/or snaps shuts to engage for blowing once you have removed all vacum attachments.

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The blower is incredibly noisy and starts shaking when I turn it on. It just started doing this while I was using it, it was fine before that one moment.
ANSWER : I would check and make sure there isnt debris in the impeller and that the impeller is tight. Also there may be 4 motor mount screws behind the impeller that have worked loose and are rubbing on the impeller- if so tighten with lock tite.

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ANSWER : I assume you me It required an oil/gas mixture and was run on straight gas. Depending on how long it was run with no oil, It is very possible that the piston walls are scored or some other form of major damage was done. If it stalled after running with straight gas for a while this is probably what happened. Just try starting it with fresh gas/oil mix as called for, Then go through and make sure it is not flodded and the spark plug is clean.

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