is problem is very eratic and will at times correct itself and return to normal speed. Also when it is slowed way down in movement it is very difficult to manually adjust the backgauge.

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Common reasons your breaker keeps tripping include circuit overload, a short circuit, or a ground fault.
Overloaded Circuits

The most common cause of a tripped circuit breaker is an overload in that circuit. Each circuit is only intended to carry a certain electrical load, and if it exceeds this load, it will cause the breaker to trip.

If it doesn`t trip immediately but trips later when your devices power up, it means that you have an overloaded circuit. An overloaded circuit happens when you pull more amps than your electrical system can handle.
To help determine what caused the problem, unplug all the items on the circuit before resetting the breaker. After it`s reset and rested for a few minutes, turn on or plugin items, one at a time, to determine what may have caused the overload.
The simple answer is that, YES, circuit breakers can go bad, so your suspicions may be well-founded. Just like any other essential device in your home (e.g. your water heater, HVAC system, etc.), circuit breakers can quit working properly. That said, don`t begin replacing your circuit breaker just yet.
To fully reset the breaker, you will need to turn the breaker all the way off and then back on before it will hold. If the breaker trips again you may have a short circuit or overloaded circuit, which will need to be checked out by a local licensed residential electrician.
Tripping Circuit Breaker

When moisture corrodes wiring and other electrical contacts, short-circuiting occurs. Humidity causes a current increase in your home, tripping the circuit breaker. Water droplets in appliances such as refrigerators and hairdryers lead to high wattage.

A circuit breaker can fail without tripping and is an indication it needs to be replaced. It can also mean there are wiring issues with the circuit itself, such as exposed/loose wiring, overheating, and unregulated voltage.
The average lifespan of a circuit breaker is about 30 to 40 years. However, this doesn`t mean you shouldn`t check your breakers every once in a while. There are several signs to watch out for that can help you get ahead of a broken or outdated circuit breaker. How do you know if a circuit breaker needs to be replaced?
The most common reasons why you have no power to the outlet even when the circuit breaker is on include faulty circuit breaker, GFCI issues, bad wiring, and hidden switches. You can try fixing these issues yourself given you have experience. Otherwise, hire an electrician.
Check for overload

If the breaker trips immediately, even with nothing plugged in, it`s likely you have a short, not an overload. If the breaker holds, go back to the room and start plugging things in and turning them on one by one. After each item, pause, then do the next one.

Circuit overload is a common reason for circuit breakers tripping, and you can prevent it from happening by simply running fewer appliances at the same time on that specific circuit. The best long-term solution, however, is to have an electrician update your home`s wiring to add additional circuits.
While there is no direct rule for how many outlets you can have on a 15 amp circuit, you should not have more than 1440 watts of power plugged into those outlets at one time.
The average lifespan of a circuit breaker is about 30 to 40 years. However, this doesn`t mean you shouldn`t check your breakers every once in a while.

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The backgauge on my Polar-Electromat 72 is running very slowly. At times it will bind up so badly it pops the circuit breaker on the cutter. This problem is very eratic and will at times correct itself and return to normal speed. Also when it is slowed way down in movement it is very difficult to manually adjust the backgauge.

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ANSWER : No response to clarification.

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Find manual for briggs and stratton 19.5 turbo to adjust the carburetor
ANSWER : Go to and get your free manual.

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My brush cutter keeps cutting out why
ANSWER : Is your fuel mixed correctly.? Do you still have good compression.? Is the choke leaver stuck on.?

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I have a troy bilt riding mower. I put a new battery in it last summer. This yr., my son left the key in on positon when he got done cutting the grass. Naturally it killed the battery, I jump started the mower and cut grass for 4 hrs., but the battery did not charge. What could the problem be?
ANSWER : It may not be charging due to a bad connection to the battery or to the generator on the engine. The generator on the engine may be going or has gone bad.I hope this helps.

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Where can I get an owners manual for a troybilt bronco tiller? I think the tiller is 5/6 years old
ANSWER : You should ask the people you bought it from, but if you can’t find them you can look around on the ‘net to find other people with the same machine.

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Seems to start easily run for a few minutes and then slow and stop–bulb remains full –gas is good–have tried half choke in case too lean–did not solve–also seems possibly related to the angle I hold it at–seems to cut out quicker if blower tube angled more downward.
ANSWER : Your filter may be hanging up in the tank. you also my be losing compression

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Where can i get the washer that hold the blade flush to the star-gear under the mower. A flat washer do not work and allows the blade to flop. None of the small engine repair shops care Ariens parts..When I bought the mower I never recieved a owners manual with a parts list who do I contact for one of those too. Thanks for your help, by the way my name is Eric
ANSWER : Get them direct

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When mower is running engine speeds up and slows down, is there any adjustments, no manual chokeyou hold bar down to start
ANSWER : Hi kurt simmond..

Sounds like you have dirt/debris in your carburetor jets or fuel passages.Be sure to check your fuel tank for water and dirt/debris, if there is water/debris in yoiur tank then you will need to clean your tank.Also check you fuel line condition after a while they will degrade and need replacment.Make sure you are getting spark at the spark plug, to do this:Remove your spark plug and check to be sure you are getting fire at the spark plug.You do this by grounding the plug on the head of the engine and pulling the crank rope, if you are getting spark then:Check/Clean/Replace your fuel filter if you have one, normally they are located in the fuel tank of weedeaters.Also make sure you are using fresh fuel…and oil mix if your using a two cycle mower or weedeater with the oil to the right mixture and not too much oil as it can cause hard starting.If the mower/weedeater is over a couple of years old, then I recommend that you buy and install a new carburetor repair kit,because the diaphragm will get hard and that will cause it to be hard to crank.Sounds like you will need to clean the carburetor or replace your carburetor internal rubber parts like the diaphgram and O rings.I recommend that you use a laquer thinner type cleaner to clean and dissolve the laquer build-up in the float and needle jet passages.Be sure to remove all plastic and rubber parts before using the laquer thinner because it can dissolve the plastic parts and render them unuseable.Be sure to use compressed air to blow out all the fuel and air passages.Be careful when blowing out the passages, because there are sometimes small rubber type seats in the bottom of some of the passages.Sometimes you can get by with priming the carburetor or using starting fluid and letting it run a few times like that and it will flush the gunk out of the jets,but most of the time you will need to rebuild the carburetor.Keep in mind that the float for the carburetor must be level when you go to reassemble the carburetor or follow the instructions you get with the carburetor kit.When you clean your carburetor and remove the jet screws, you will first need to lightly seat the jet screws.But before you lightly seat the jet screws count the number of turns it takes to seat the jet screws from their original position.Be sure to mark the turns down on a piece of paper.That way when you put the jets back in, you know to lightly seat them first and then turn them back out to their orginal position before you started.Once you have your carburetor rebuilt that should solve your problem.
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