Motor speed under load too slow

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Droop is the decrease in speed that occurs when the governor output shaft moves from the minimum to the maximum fuel position in response to a load increase, expressed as a percentage of rated speed. If instead of a decrease in speed, an increase takes place, the governor shows a negative droop.
How Mechanical Governors Work. A mechanical governor uses flyweights to create a force based off of crankshaft speed which is balanced by the force of the governor spring. The top engine speed is varied by increasing the spring force to run faster or decreasing the force to run slower.
The governor itself uses a rotating mass applied against a spring to adjust the carburetor throttle shaft and to regulate the engine speed around a set point established by the throttle lever position. Consequently, the first step in governor inspection is checking for any signs of malfunction.
To control engine speed, a mechanical governor uses gears and flyweights inside the crankcase to detect changes in the load and adjusts the throttle accordingly.
A governor does the job for you by detecting changes in the load and adjusting the throttle to compensate. Your small engine contains either a mechanical governor, a pneumatic governor, or an electronic governor. The main difference between the three is how they detect speed.

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The RPM’s are to high and I can’t not turn them down. I tried to adjust them by turning the adjustment bolts. NO LUCK
ANSWER : You need to adjust the governor spring. Did you recently do some work on it? If so, you must have got that particular spring on wrong. What hp is your motor?Jim

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I need to know how to adjust the governor on my MTD model 31A-62EE729 snowblower with a 179cc motor
ANSWER : Lossen the nut on the governor shaft, and move the arm toward the carb while holding the arm in this position turn the shaft counter clock wise and tighten the nut. and you are done. GOOD LUCK

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How do you adjust the valves on 13.5 hp tecumseh mower engine
ANSWER : Type in( video how adjust valves 13.5hp tecumseh) in Goggle.

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I have problem with pulles an my craftsman 17 hp 42in

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Missing oil dipstick
ANSWER : Hello:

You can Purchase a New Dipstick from your Local Small Engine Service Center or Online.
Hope this Helps.

Good Luck



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17 hp b/s will only run with choke on – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : Your Mixture is too lean. or you have Fuel starvation. Check you carburettors needle valve, float bowl, and Mixture control.

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Tecumseh 16 hp ohv adjustment
ANSWER : It is always best to have the exact model number of the engine you want to work on. Here is a helpful link:

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Fuel will not go to carb.take fuel line off and crank it over the fuel pours out of the line, the only way it starts is if you pour gas into it directly
ANSWER : Carb float valve stuck not letting fuel into carb body sometimes a light tap on carb may free it up or may have to be removed and cleaned and or float may need to be repaired or replaced

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